... during a "shock trial" on the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford.

AwakenWithJP: Find out all the horror of teaching critical race theory to kids! Should critical race theory be taught in schools? Does critical race theory create racial divide or racial unity? Can you teach love and acceptance through division? Find out as you view all the beautiful horror of teaching critical race theory to kids.

Full video @ https://youtu.be/HCkx_x9FLJ8 (9:30)

Stacey Abrams now supports voter ID. Yup, the same Stacey Abrams that has argued against popular voter ID provisions for years.
Shot: Stacey Abrams yesterday said voter ID provisions are a fundamental part of the voting system and no one has ever opposed them:
“No one has ever objected to having to prove who you are to vote. It’s been part of our nation’s history since the inception of voting.”
Chaser: Stacey Abrams called provisions that provide free IDs or require voters to prove who they are “punitive” as recently as April 27 when baselessly smearing Georgia’s common sense voter integrity law:
“Voters without a driver’s license or state ID must surrender their personal information and risk identity theft just to receive an absentee ballot, and then there are 200,000 Georgia voters who don’t have either ID and the punitive free ID that is not free when you factor in the cost of transportation and the cost of underlying documents…you can read the full list of objections to SB202 at StopJimCrow2.com”
Why the sudden change of heart?
Is it because poll after poll shows the vast majority of the American people support voter ID provisions? Is it because she realized she was in the wrong?
Who knows, but what is clear, it’s too late for the Atlanta small businesses that lost $100 million in revenue because of the boycott fueled by Abram’s baseless claims.
It’s time for Democrats to stop their bad-faith attacks on voter integrity provisions – apparently even Stacey Abrams thinks so.
Via: https://gop.com/stacey-abrams-cant-stop-lying

DeSantis challenger Nikki Fried bombs on CNN when presented with actual data about Florida’s remarkable recovery from the pandemic.

Dr. Pierre Kory criticizes the focus on having pharmaceutical companies develop new, patented drugs to combat COVID-19 when there are less profitable ones already on the market.

Sen. Ron Johnson: "Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives because of the politicization of COVID ... the media got their guy elected, and now they're not going to admit that they've been wrong."

'Auntie’ Maxine Waters unfurled a true ‘conspiracy theory’ on CNN Saturday. Absent any corroborating evidence whatsoever, she baselessly accused the Trump campaign of organizing the Capitol riot.
Waters was invited on by Jim Acosta, who recklessly allowed the partisan left-wing California Democrat to unfurl a real stemwinder about Jan. 6, all with the sole intention of smearing her political enemies.
“We’re talking about the Proud Boys. We’re talking about the Oath Keepers. We’re talking about the KKK,” Waters said. “KKK. We’re talking about Q Anon.”
This is the first anyone has ever heard about ‘the KKK’ being at the January 6th insurrection. If anyone has any videos of rioters in white hoods breaking into the Capitol building they are encouraged to forward those to the FBI.
“Right,” Acosta agreed without batting an eye, “But some of these Congressmen on the Republican side, Congresswoman, you know, Congresswoman Waters, are saying it was the FBI, now they are saying it is the FBI.”
This is not accurate. Congressmen such as Louis Gohmert, Republican of Texas, is asking whether FBI informants or undercover agents penetrated the actual far-right groups that showed up at the Jan. 6th Capitol riot and did nothing to thwart them. Big difference. Then again, this is CNN. Accuracy is not the network’s strong suit.
“They can say whatever they want to say,” Waters said. “You know. One of the things that we know is that we need a commission. And they are opposing a commission to find out who all was involved. Where did the money come from to send busloads of people in? Who supported them in all of this, and where was the organizing taking place?”
“I am told that there was organizing taking place right in the Trump campaign,” Waters baselessly claimed. “And so if they really concerned about why our capitol was invaded, and why there was an insurrection, they would support a commission to find out.”
“But they don’t want to know, because too many of them side with them, and support what they have done, and they are not going to call them to task for it,” Waters ridiculously argued. “It is outrageous what happened to us that the Capitol of the United States was invaded by domestic terrorists, and they don’t want to live up to it, and admit what took place.”
More @ https://beckernews.com/maxine-waters-goes-on-depraved-rant-im-told-capitol-riot-mob-was-organized-by-trump-campaign-39816/


Re: Protesting Coronavirus tyranny.

... If you're an American wondering 'what foreknowledge and involvement did the FBI have in January 6th' ... you're gonna get lies."

CNN’s Pulse of the People panelists decry the “religious mentality” of forced vaccinations, justifying why they are putting civil liberties and personal beliefs ahead of doing something because “the world says it’s the right thing to do.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: "You know what happens when someone fails at their job? They need to be fired. Kamala Harris is failing America..."

A team from NBC News claims that the fight over critical race theory in schools is not due to grassroots action by parents, but is being fuelled by conservative special interest groups and dark money. That parents have formed networks, obtained support, and are working together to try to fight racist indoctrination in schools is an issue, apparently.
For NBC News, these parents wouldn't have a leg to stand on if it weren't for the corporate influence of "seasoned GOP activists" who seek to do battle with school boards. They slammed those who are working hard to make sure kids aren't taught to hate themselves and their country. The tone is one of simple surprise, "how could anyone be against antiracism?" This fabricated stupor is the common refrain from those seeking to uphold this divisive ideology.
Authors Brandy Zadrozny, Tyler Kingkade, and Ben Collins cite 165 parents groups that have grown over the past year to take on everything from remote school, to masking restrictions, to critical race and gender theory, and they seem to think parental involvement and various levels of support is a bad thing.
What's really happening here is that the forms of grassroots civic action that have bolstered leftist causes for years upon years are now being taken up by conservatives, and the left doesn't like it one bit. In fact, they seek to discredit this work, saying that it's being fueled by dark monied interests, and not being pushed forward by concerned parents furious over the decline of American education and fearful for their kids.

Article - https://thepostmillennial.com/nbc-news-is-really-upset-that-parents-are-fighting-back-against-critical-race-theory/

Don Lemon to parents who are skeptical of having critical race theory taught to their children: “That’s the whole thing about what privilege is. People don’t like to have their pleasure interrupted. Their peace interrupted … stop making it about you."

He even managed to sneak in a hair sniff. While Hyena Harris cackles.

Ty Smith, a parent who hosts a weekend radio show in central Illinois, blasted Critical Race Theory (CRT) in a blistering short speech before a crowded district school board meeting, the latest in a growing chorus of frustrated parents who view CRT as an ideology that flies directly in the face of the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King.
Smith began by sharing a personal story from his childhood, in which he and other kids on public assistance were forced to go last to receive lunch during grade school. Smith says, even though he was just in third grade, this caused him to become frustrated at his friends and stop talking to them.
He believes CRT has a similar, faulty mindset. “I’m mad at them for something that wasn’t even their fault… they weren’t looking down on me,” Smith explained. “They didn’t think they were better than me. I’m the one that came up with those false perceptions of what my friends were. Not them,” he said, pointing out the divisive nature of CRT. “Critical Race Theory is pretty much going to be teaching kids to hate each other, how to dislike each other…
Smith disputed some of the central tenants of CRT. “You’re going to deliberately teach kids, ‘this white kid right here got it better than you because he’s white’? You’re going to purposely tell a white kid that black people are all down and oppressed? How do I have two medical degrees if I’m sitting here oppressed?” he said to loud cheers from the crowded meeting.
“No mom, no dad in the house. Worked my way through college, sat there and hustled my butt off to get through college. You gonna tell me somebody that looked like y’all white folks kept me from doing that? Are you serious? Not one white person ever came to me and said ‘well, son, you know you’ll never be able to get anywhere because the black people'”, an incredulous Smith argued.
He went on to explain that currently, black Americans are being told they won’t be able to make it because ‘the white man is going to keep you down’ but his own story proves that narrative is false. “Well how did I get where I am right now if some white man kept me down? How am I now directing over folks that look just like you guys in this room right now. How? What kept me down? What oppressed me? I worked myself off the streets to where I am right now and you’re going to sit here and tell me this lie of Critical Race Theory? That this is the reason black folks can’t get ahead, because of white folks? Are you kidding me? I can’t believe we’re even talking about this.”
Smith closed out his impassioned comments with remarks about Dr. Martin Luther King, saying it’s the “complete reverse” of MLK’s message of judging people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.
“When February comes around, don’t talk about Martin Luther King. Don’t talk about Black History Month if you’re pretty much going to pee on his grave with this nonsense.”

Article - https://www.faithwire.com/2021/06/14/how-do-i-have-two-medical-degrees-if-im-oppressed-man-blasts-critical-race-theory-with-powerful-speech/

Police officer Sicknick died of natural causes the day after January 6, per medical examiner.

"People are liking me more now than ever before, but I think that the reason is they're watching what's happening with our country."


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