Five weeks on, Elliot works his way up within E Corp, turning in lower executives and convincing a middle manager to start digitizing the paper records while secretly moving the rest away from the Stage 2 building to an E Corp warehouse. Scott Knowles is arrested for Sharon's murder. Joanna goes on television saying she will always love Tyrell; Derek kills her and Mr. Sutherland kills Derek. An unknown source releases another fsociety video. Dominique and the FBI put pressure on Darlene, revealing the prison phone call Elliott made to Tyrell. Darlene stays over at Elliot's, but Mr. Robot emerges and scares her. Phillip Price has every necessary nation except China on board for Ecoin. When Price tries to threaten Zhang with the UN vote to let China annex the Congo, Zhang reveals his hold on Angela. Zhang wants Stage 2 to commence on the day of the vote whether they win or lose, to punish Price. Elliot lets Mr. Robot out during a therapy session where he tells Krista that he and Elliot were compromised. Lenny returns the sick dog. Elliot realizes Darlene bugged his computer and goes to Darlene's FBI safe house.

Zhang intends for Elliot to die once his work for the Dark Army is complete. In a panic that Elliot might die, Tyrell calls used car salesman and Dark Army agent Irving. Elliot wakes up a week later in a room with Angela. He finds the firmware hack building empty. Darlene shows up and pumps him for information, but he lies and says Tyrell was never involved. With the power still out, she takes him to an underground hacker tournament with fiber connections. He shuts the backdoor into E Corp, but Dark Army agents force them to leave. Irving shakes their FBI tail and Elliot thinks he has called off Stage 2. Thinking his revolution made things worse, he asks Angela for a job at E Corp to fix things. That night, Mr. Robot emerges and Angela takes him to work with Irving and Tyrell, creating another way to advance Stage 2. Angela plans to manipulate Elliot along like Mr. Robot does, believing in Whiterose's plan to undo everything E Corp has ever done and create a new world.

The presenters head to Mozambique on a mission to bring fish from the capital of Maputo to the people of Bingo, using three vehicles they modify for the task — May modifies a Mercedes-Benz Estate with a Perspex tank filled with sea water, Clarkson modifies a Nissan Hardbody truck with an ice machine, and Hammond modifies a TVS Star motorcycle with an attached rack. Along their 200 mile journey, the group endure the terrain and the breakdowns their vehicles face, before facing one more problem when they arrive at their destination.

The presenters head to Canada to with three small SUVs — Clarkson in a Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, May in a Range Rover Velar P380, and Hammond in a Porsche Macan Turbo Performance Pack — to prove that they are useless in a series of tests that include timed laps, and a towing race up a mountain. Meanwhile, Clarkson reviews the new Tesla Model X at the Eboladrome and on the road, and Rory McIlroy competes against Paris Hilton in the last "Celebrity Face Off".

The presenters build two different amphibious vehicle — one based on a Rolls-Royce Spey, and the other using a Bond Bug — to see if they can break the UK speed record for vehicles of this class during the Coniston Power Boat Records Week. Meanwhile, Clarkson conducts a comparison review of the Jaguar XJ220 and the Bugatti EB 110 Super Sport at the Eboladrome, and Penn & Teller compete against Dynamo in "Celebrity Face Off".

Starting in Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France and ending in Barcelona, Spain, Hammond and Clarkson attempt to prove that two modernised classics — a Jaguar XK SS and a Aston Martin DB4 GT — are better than a modern Honda Civic Type R driven by May. Meanwhile, Clarkson reviews the Ford GT at the Eboladrome following the Niagra Falls race, while Nick Mason and Stewart Copeland compete in "Celebrity Face Off".

Clarkson takes a look over the rivalry between Audi and Lancia in rallying, by showcasing two of their most renowned cars in rally motorsport history—the Audi Quattro, and the Lancia Rally 037. Meanwhile, Hammond heads to the Eboladrome to review the Lamborghini Huracán Performante before pitting it in a drag race against May's Ferrari 458 Speciale, the pair look into ingenious methods of refuelling, and Anthony Joshua competes against Bill Goldberg on "Celebrity Face Off" to see who is the fastest amongst them.

The trio head to the State of Colorado, to establish Jaguar's reputation for reliability by purchasing a selection of its classics—Clarkson brings along the XJR, May buys an XK8 convertible, and Hammond takes with him a Mark X. The trio take their choices for a road trip from Grand Junction to Telluride, taking part in a series of challenges, but soon face issues that include two of the cars having to be replaced by a different set of Jaguar classics. Meanwhile, Kiefer Sutherland and Luke Evans face off as the latest guests competing to see who is the fastest amongst them.

Hammond travels to Dubai to test out the Ripsaw EV2 around the city and the surrounding desert, while May heads to the Eboladrome to try out the Volkswagen Up! GTI. Meanwhile, Clarkson creates a Ken Block-styled film entitled "Farmkhana" complete with outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage of the filming, and Bill Bailey and Dominic Cooper compete in "Celebrity Face Off" to see who is the fastest amongst them.

The trio head out to Croatia, to combat criticism that their programme is too "scripted", by making a completely "unscripted" film—as part of this film, Clarkson and Hammond focus on comparing the Audi TT RS and the Ariel Nomad through a drag race and a rally stage, while May turns up with Lada Riva and sees how good it can work as a fire engine. Meanwhile, Hammond tests out the McLaren 720S at the Eboladrome, the trio host an awards ceremony for "Conversation Street", and Michael Ball and Alfie Boe compete to see who is the fastest classical singer amongst them.

Clarkson recreates a jet set lifestyle, as he finds out what it is like to drive the new Bugatti Chiron, taking it on a journey from Saint-Tropez to Turin via the Alps, with a drag race along the way. May heads to Majorca to test out the Kia Stinger GT in a race against longboard riders along a mountain road. Meanwhile, Hammond and May invent a new motorsport for relieving office workers of lunchtime boredom, the trio take a look at festive motoring gifts, and Hugh Bonneville and Casey Anderson compete to see which of the two is the fastest driver.

The trio engage in race to see who can get from Manhattan, New York City, to an observation tower overlooking the Niagara Falls—Clarkson opts to win the race in the new Ford GT, while May and a recovering Hammond seek to beat him using public transport. Meanwhile, Clarkson takes a look at the Mercedes AMG GT R before handing it over to new test driver Abbie Eaton for a timed lap around the Eboladrome, and Kevin Pietersen competes against Brian Wilson in "Celebrity Face Off" to determine who is the fastest driver amongst them.



The trio head to Switzerland to see which supercar, either from the past, present or future, is best, Clarkson represents the past with a petrol powered Lamborghini Aventador S, May represents the present with a hybrid powered Honda NSX, and Hammond represents the future with an all-electric powered Rimac Concept One. On a journey amongst the Swiss Alps, the trio check out museums around Lucerne, conduct a drag race, and then compete in a hill climbing race at Hemberg. For the brand new series, the trio introduce a new segment called Celebrity Face Off, with Ricky Wilson and David Hasselhoff becoming the first guests for this segment to compete to see who is the fastest amongst them.

The trio remain on the shore of Loch Ness for their next episode. Heading over to Germany, the trio decide to take a road trip on the Romantic Road, in order to review a selection of British 4x4s—May tests out the Bentley Bentayga, Clarkson drives a Range Rover, and Hammond reviews the Jaguar F-Pace. Travelling across Germany, Bavaria, and Austria, the pair pass by several places with humorous names linked to sexual actions, before eventually ending their journey at a quarry, whereupon each conducts a timed lap to see which car is the fastest. Meanwhile, Clarkson heads to the Eboladrome to review the new Lexus GS-F.

The trio pitch up their tent in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for the final episode of the series. Clarkson compares his retro Volkswagen Golf GTI against May's futuristic BMW i3 to see which is the better—past or future—including testing them with a drag race and taking them on a road trip from London to Dartmoor. Meanwhile, the Porsche 918 Spyder takes part in two drag races within Dubai to determine if it is faster than the Bugatti Veyron and a 1900 horsepower Nissan Patrol, May is tasked with taking part in the sport of Off-road Winching, and Hammond travels to Michelin's proving grounds in France to learn how to drift and then prove his skill against professional drifters, followed by a series of outtakes showcasing how skilled Clarkson and Hammond are with drifting cars.

The trio set up on the shore of Loch Ness, Scotland, for their next episode. Heading to France, the presenters seek to prove that second-hand Maseratis are a good purchase, by each buying a specific Maserati they think will prove their point—Clarkson buys a Biturbo S Coupé, Hammond chooses a 430 Saloon, and May selects a Zagato Spyder. The trio put their cars through a series of tests, before embarking on a road trip across Northern France, finishing in a race to the Port of Le Havre. Meanwhile, Hammond heads to the Eboladrome to try out the new Fiat Abarth 124 Spider.

The trio host their next episode at Nashville, Tennessee. To help save dying coral reefs off the coast near Barbados, the trio attempt to shore them up by dumping the shells of five car bodies to help them rebuild, but soon face issues from losing most of the bodies they bring, leaving them to attempt to complete their job with the body of a Land Rover. Meanwhile, Clarkson travels between Wales and the Eboladrome, as he gives an extensive review of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

The trio set up their tent for the next episode, near Stuttgart, Germany. Clarkson attempts to make a "proper" car by combining classic car bodies with the chassis of a Land Rover Discovery, whereupon he tries out his creation by taking his fellow presenters for a trip to Chelsea Football Club and later seeing how much it fetches at a car auction in Kensington. Meanwhile, the presenters take a look at ingenious charging methods, May heads for the Eboladrome to review the new Honda NSX, and Hammond tries to make some post-apocalyptic creations that his colleagues soon destroy via different methods.

The trio continue their journey in their modified buggies, finding themselves heading for the Namibia-Angola border. Starting out at Windhoek, the group contend with rough roads and harsh off-road terrain, and traverse a crocodile infested river, whereupon they soon come to the conclusion that their producer might have been right about beach buggies, when they find themselves within sight of their goal.

The trio find themselves taking on a special challenge arranged by their producer—prove that beach buggies are not poor vehicles, by each making one to their own specification, before taking them one thousand miles (1,600 km) along Namibia's Skeleton Coast. May bases his on the original 1960s buggy design, Clarkson opts for his to be fitted with a V8 engine, while Hammond upgrades his with rally grade suspension and off-road tyres. In the first part, the trio journey towards the shipwreck of Eduard Bohlen, cross the harsh terrain and sand dunes of the Namib Desert, and make for the capital of Windhoek.

The trio set up their tent for a festive episode, within the forests of Saariselkä, Finland. Hammond and Clarkson get into an argument over which is the best - the new right-hand-drive Ford Mustang GT, or the new Ford Focus RS - reviewing their respective choice before seeing which is the fastest around the Eboladrome. Meanwhile, May talks about the historic 24 Hours of Le Mans rivalry between Ford and Ferrari, which gave birth to the Ford GT40 and the Ferrari P3, while the trio take a look at a selection of festive motoring-themed gift ideas.

The trio continue to host the programme in Whitby for the fourth episode. The presenters take on the challenge to make their own environmentally friendly car bodies using the platform of a Land Rover Discovery, before tackling an 11-mile road trip to a dirt track to race against three normal cars. Meanwhile, Clarkson performs a comparison test between the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and the BMW M4 GTS at the Eboladrome.


The trio set up within the port at Rotterdam, Netherlands for the next episode. Following an argument over the best affordable roadster, the presenters travel to Morocco for a road trip in the roadster they prefer - Hammond arrives for the trip with a Mazda MX-5, May seeks to prove that the Zenos E10S is the best, and Clarkson puts his trust for enjoyment in the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. Along the way, the trio engage in a drag race, weigh their cars, and then conduct a timed lap of each car on a specially made circuit at Atlas Corporation Studios in Ouarzazate. Meanwhile, Hammond and May make their own version of Battleships, using old cars as the "ships" and several G-Wizes as "missiles", and play their game to see who has the keenest strategy to win.

The trio host their next episode within Whitby, United Kingdom. The presenters take on a tour of northern Italy, travelling across the country in a car of their choosing - May takes the Rolls-Royce Dawn with him, Clarkson travels in the Aston Martin DB11, and Hammond occupies the driver seat of the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. The group begin at the Palio di Siena horse race, exploring art in Florence, racing each other at the Mugello Circuit, visiting the Lamborghini Museum and Piazza dei Signori, Vicenza, and finish off their tour in the city of Venice. Meanwhile Hammond and May fulfil a bet from the first episode during their hypercar reviews, by destroying Clarkson's old home in Chadlington, Oxfordshire as part of the wager Clarkson lost.

Notes: The demolition of Clarkson's Oxfordshire home was scripted for The Grand Tour, as it was scheduled to be demolished at the time of filming for this episode.

The trio set up their tent on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa for their next episode. The presenters find themselves undertaking a SAS-style military training exercise per their producer's instructions, escorting a "VIP" to an important location while tackling a review of the Audi S8 Plus. Meanwhile, May takes part in the specialised South African motorsport of "Spinning" and finds out how to compete in it, while Clarkson tests the Aston Martin Vulcan at the Eboladrome.


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