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Fighting Like Pokémon's

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2020-2024 DiegoGoanimator Presents

Daisy tells Violy, Classic Caillou, Little Bill and Kou to Help Her, And Simon Runs away until Simon got arrested

Caillou was Crying because Daisy is Extremely Broken

(Comment Poor Caillou😢)

When Caillou is at market buying groceries, Simon comes to Caillou's House To Torture Daisy, but Until, Caillou calls Simon's Mom and He got grounded for what they have done

My intro featurings @ChocoThe_Cat and Daisy because I like both of them

@samster5677 was teaching about I-Ready Lessons until Loofy and Simon Called Caillou Bald, Even though he is not bald, and Loofy said Caillou has a Tiny brain, and same with Daisy. And Lenan and Leefy had a Plan to Desployer on Daisy's mouth and 4 of the Troublemakers went to jail and got grounded

Simon wants to see if Daisy, and he gets caught by BF, and the Babysitter name is Baldi, Baldi grounds Simon until he beats the game. He cries like a MOTOR CAR,

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Well, Daisy was dreaming about getting chased by Null but she throw stuff into null and gets attacked, but until, Caillou tells daisy to wake up so she can go to Chuck E Cheeses

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The reason it says late is because, The power supply from the computer got fried because it got too much dusty, But My dad replaced it and it's working all right, I can say that, Happy Late Birthday to @ChocoThe_Cat

(Ft. @samster5677 , @ChocoThe_Cat and @borisanimate5929 )

@samster5677 - Joey, (Brian when Raging)
Claire - Ivy
Caillou - David
Dora - Julie
@borisanimate5929 - Paul (Eric voice not working)
Rosie and @ChocoThe_Cat - Salli
Emma - Emma
Jennifer - Karen
Principal - Geriant

@borisanimate5929 and Boris-Paul (Eric Voice doesn't Work)
Caillou - David
@borisanimate5929 Caillou- Ivy
Dora - Julie
@GoTubeYT -Brian
Simon - Simon
Emma - Emma

Lesson: Never swear in class or else you will be suspended.

@2020-2024 DiegoGoanimate Productions

The reason why because she gets bullied all lot on YouTube or IRL Because she gets hated because they betraying, bullying, and Cyberbullying because of this.

(Note I still like ChocoThe_Cat)

ChocoThe_Cat, If you see this, I love you very much.

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Try the free video editor CapCut to create videos! https://www.capcut.com/t/ZmFVE4rDm/

For @ChocoThe_Cat

@ChocoThe_Cat , @BellaandIsabellaJustStopThis and Leo from Little Einstein is now with Teams

But The Only Issue is the Character Elimination Season 1 is Delayed once again until it's February 1 but I am making characters so, I am planning to do it.

Choco's Adventures-@ChocoThe_Cat ,@HazelMarilynRose , @StepDownYuna , @Hearts-Are-Adorable , Luz Noceda, Bohdan, Luni, Claire, Alan, Agnes, @Melody_loves_killing , @FieryUnikitty12 , Yuna, @LeafyTheWolfAwoo , Hunter

Sierra's Happy Club-@BellaandIsabellaJustStopThis , Flaky, Lumpy, Cuddles, Petunia, Nutty, Classic Caillou, Classic Rosie, Caillou, Rosie, Flippy, Mime, Daisy, Ginger, Giggles

Leo's Spacerockets: Leo, Quincy, Annie, June, Super Why, Alpha Pig, Wonder Red, Princess Presto, Mario, Luigi, Dark Bowser, Bowser Jr., Kamek, Goomba, Baldi

2020-2024 DiegoAnimateMaker Copyrighted. All rights Reserved

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