Proof the fact checkers are not independent.
Proof this is censorship
Proof misinformation comes from them
Ever thought to ask why they are lying to you?

Lorraine UK tV The media trying to let us know how good the lockdown has been for the planet. More propaganda and lies
Caught out again.

Listen to what she says doesn't sound like a slip. She pauses and says it quite determinedly New World Order comes into force at 12 pm midnight. This is Australia remember what happens in one part of the world, They test it their first, If you comply it gets rolled out to the rest of the world.
Just like the bullies at school,
Name call, don't react
Push you around if you don't react
They take your dinner money.
Because yo didn't react.

Come on how can anyone be this stupid. If you are so brainwash you are now brain dead.
Does this not wake you up to the propaganda of the state. This is complete stupidity.

Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.
2 weeks to flatten the curve, now running into its 2nd year.
Get the vaccine you will be able to go on holiday, £5,000 fine for anyone leaving the country without a good reason. Holidays are not essential.
Act like you have the disease, its better for everyone.
You are not healthy you are asymptomatic.
How many times do they have to fool you before you realise this has nothing to do with health this is about tyrannical control of the masses.

If you do not think the BBC is a propaganda machine for the world governments
If you think the BBC and other mainstream media report the truth.
Think again this is absolute proof they not only lie to you but have been lying for years.


Think how many really sound stupid to the vast majority who we are trying to come to our side of the fence. Lizard people? Comeon. It's not her its CGI Really. No wonder people are calling us conspiracy theorists.
So lets get real understand the language used and how the media twisted that language.
Quote from media "The Queen, who rarely talks about her own health, added: "It didn't hurt at all.""
Her actual words Quote "As far as I can make out it was harmless" She has perfect English and she is talking in the past tense.
Why would she THINK it was harmless.
But then she talks about letters she has got from people, (do you really think she reads these personally? No she has staff for that)
Quote "It was very quick, I have had lots of letters from many people who've been surprised by how easy it was to get the vaccine, and it didn't hurt at all.
So she isn't even telling lies here, because she is saying the people in the letters say it doesn't hurt at all.
Notice also in the text on the screen they put a full stop and capitalise the And. In an attempt to make it look like that sentence has finished and she starts another. NO!!!! This is not correct Grammar you never start a sentence with And Remember she had the best English education.
This is far more realistic and believable. We all know the media lie and twist the words. Most of the majority think the same but if you cannot debunk what is said and use off the wall statements in the hope of debunking it to the majority you are just a crazy and they will believe her more. It is your right to say what you want I cannot contest that and will not stop you. This is just using reasoned advise in an attempt to get others who are on the fence to our side ASAP not push them over to the other side, because to side with what we think would make them the same as us. If we don't we are in Deep Shit.

Two parts to this together. first part a guy who experienced this. Second part An official review of Police actions, This is not known media do not tell us even the MP can only state this is disgusting there is nothing he can do about it.

DNACPR Do not resuscitate orders are now common place.
But today NHS staff are going door to door convincing elderly confused people
This is best for them. This is now your new normal.
Is it going too far when a Doctor is caught attempting to kill patient. Nurse calls her out.

Again Government slipping up.

I found out about this in June from a internal document at the FDA website. Stating the CDC in USA had not isolated the virus.
This was then conformed from a Freedom of information act, Document At the DHSC, UK top scientist also admit they have never isolated the virus.
The Chinese CDC now also confirms they too have never isolated the virus. So if it has never been isolated it cannot pass Koch's Postulates test
Which means the virus has never been found and never existed.

Tony Benn simplest explanations are the best

So I first saw back in June the CDC in SA could not or have ever isolated the Sars-Cov-2 virus. If it cannot be isolated it cannot pass Koch's postulates.
If it cannot pass this test it cannot scientifically be deemed a virus. But nobody wants to listen.
Then I found DHSC in the UK also confirmed they do not have an isolated virus.
Now confirmed by the Chinese CDC they too cannot isolate the virus. So the Top Medical Scientists in the world al over the world, with the best medical test equipment money can buy. Cannot find the virus. What is the answer The virus doesn't exist. So the big question what is all the fearmongering and restrictions about?

This is supposed to be an interview promoting the narrative. all going well until 1.48 why does the expert refer to sterilization in about 60% of the population. You can see John Snows reaction hoping he will say something to redeem himself. but ultimately cuts him short.

Occam's razor look him up. More evidence Gates predicted a pandemic in 2015 it was not a prediction. It was a known fact. listen to this from his business associate Fauci. 2017 he just say they might be he said there no doubt in anyone's minds there will be a surprise outbreak within the term of administration. meaning within 2 years. This was filmed in 2017.
After learning what Occam's razor means. answer this question
But also take into account Gates, his business associate Fauci, and Obama had all "predicted" this.
1 They had a time machine and could jump to 2020 and jump back to warn us.
2. God spoke to them
3. They have psychic abilities
4. Pandemics are frequent and usual like earthquakes and Volcanos, anyone could have predicted it.
5. They created the pandemic that is how they knew it was going to happen
6. They knew they were setting up a control scenario on the basis of a viral pandemic and it was all planned.

Multiple choice which is the most likely answer?

Back in march Fauci CDC and the WHO all stated do not wear masks they will not protect you they may in fact damage your health.
Fauci also stated the known science Quote "In the History of infectious diseases asymptomatic transmission has never been the driving force of a pandemic"
What changed The Political environment, not the science. Now look where we are. Trust the science not the scientist with an agenda.

You cannot get the virus from a vaccine the state and the so called experts say That is a myth.
They are the scientists. Telling you the new science you are supposed to believe.
You must ridicule anyone saying anything different.They are telling you misinformation.
The reality is you can it is not a myth that is the real science. This is the proof the reality.

Bill Gates live on TV actually stating the safety of the vaccine will be compromised. They will be taking short cuts in the testing so It will not be fully tested when you are vaccinated making you the guinea pig. They (the manufacturers) will not know. If it will harm or even kill you. They will not know if it actually stop you contracting the virus. or even transmitting the virus. They will use EUA's emergency usage authorisation. Which means they can in exceptional circumstances, roll out the vaccine and bypass the safety testing process.

Lets play them at their own game. Being honest I would think as he had gone into hospital with pneumonia, it is most likely he died from that. But all the papers insist covid must be in the headline so lets make sure people know it that is the case then full facts they jabbed him too. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

People are stupid. they

You know when something doesn't feel right. Americans wants this guy to be their commandeering Chief.Really?

20th Jan 2021 be ready for the truth.

How true is this of today.


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