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There's no way to hide the corruption anymore. Now, our nation depends on everyone's ability to see the truth and stop twisting it.

This is a very interesting take on hollywood.

America is the world's last stand for freedom. If we fail, the world will never be the same.

Inspirational video

Uncovering the Truth! The X22 Report keeps getting purged too, so let's help him out and repost it for him.

wow, this gets scarily close to reality

Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters and a mob of democratic lawmakers cheer for and practically drool over testimony from a whistleblower computer programmer testifying that there's virtually no way to stop massive voter fraud if we use voter machines that are programmed to create opportunities to rectify or change votes, especially if they are connected to a central tabulation machine.... sound familiar?

You can see the guilt in this guy's face. He's feeling the pain and remorse of doing something out of emotion that he now regrets. I am sure this video will start popping up everywhere. I've had it since the day after. Still trying to figure out what room or building he was in when he recorded himself.

Texas woman arrested for Voter Fraud and she is naming names. No, really, she already named the names of the politicians and judges on this video. Must watch this!

This video must have some truth to it because those who are afraid of it keep removing it. Let's see how long this platform can hang with Planet Lockdown! This will help you understand the New World Order and the Great Reset and explain the mysterious coin shortage that suddenly came about during the fake pandemic.


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