From Monty Python's Flying Circus, Season 3 Episode 6 titled "The War Against Pornography"...
Does your Brain Hurt? Call the best! Gumby M.D.

Even in the aisleways of LACC, there's something to see. Such as this amazing Midvalley the Hornfreak cosplayer playing familiar tunes from certain people's requests. Mine was "Shine" from Hellsing, he was stuck at first but myself and someone else sung the song, and that helped him get on track! I appluad this guy for giving us another memorable AX memory! ^_^


Inspired after seeing a similar AMV made by Sailor Death, this was one of the few AMVs featuring Final Fantasy, a game series to this day I still love! Using the original "Land of Confusion" by Genesis, not the Disturbed version(LoL!), made a pretty good FF9 video out of all the FMVs for the game!


Because we just need to have a Mortal Kombat AMV under our belt if only at least once. I got interested in the anime Shamanic Princess after seeing an AMV using the series to Sarah McLaughlin's Silence from a group called TokyoDance. Anime itself was okay & after seeing more than a few MK AMVs, I decided to give it a shot. Timed some good scenes at certain spots & some good syncs. All in all, it was okay for the time.


Love, Humor, Pathos, Wrath, Heroism, Horror, Disgust, Supernaturalism and Peace. These are the nine different states of Navras, and of a musical score synonymous with the Matrix Movies. Up until this Multi-Editor Project (or MEP), I had found time before with Christmas MEPs until I joined this. My segment was from 3:01 t0 3:49, but this is a harmonious fusion of 9 different editors piecing together their segments to display the states as only we could, plus Matrix was awesome!


Comedy is a tricky thing, and sometimes it can fall flat, but you can't blame someone for trying, especially me. With a bunch of various sources ranging from Love Hina, Excel Saga, FLCL & Trigun to name a few, I made a comedy video with "hits" in mind cause pain is funny, right?

==Note: If you want to skip the lil video intro, go to 0:36==

One of my personal best AMVs Ive made. This AMV is about the relationship between Chibiusa & Helios in Season 4.

I made this video a way long time ago when I was fresh to AMVs, and at the time Sailor Moon Super S was premiering on Toonami.

This was inspired after watching "The Road to El Dorado" on DVD & seeing the actual music video of "Someday out of the Blue" in the extras. So, I was quick in making this, as I had most of the AMV pictured in my mind. All in all, I made a fantastic tribute to these two. I was also motivated because Chibiusa was my little sister's favorite character in the series.

Original Upload - Feb. 2001

Well, here it is. My first ever anime music video, and it was started with two things, the track from the Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack, I Disappear, performed by Metallica, and clips from Dragonball Z scrounged from the internet. The end result, my first taste of absolution & completion of an AMV.

For a long time I was unable to upload this because many sites frowned upon Realmedia formats, but a site which I recently closed my account allowed the format to be converted. Therefore I am now able to display this for you to see! Enjoy!

Original upload date: July 2nd, 2001

- Yes! I know the intro is long. It was Jesmaster inspired, if you know that name. But don't worry, you can skip to 00:35 to get straight to the video. -

After a little while of making AMVs from clips scrounged on the internet & from tracks extracted from my CD library, I finally got a few tools to extract from my DVDs to put together more clearer AMVs compared to my earlier works. One such was this AMV, pairing Vision of Escaflowne to Aerosmith's "Fly away from Here" from their "Just Push Play" Album.

At the time, I only had the first 2 volumes of Escaflowne, so for the most part those episodes had little to use considering the theme I was going for, but I did cheat a little using the footage from the bonus music videos from the extras. Regardless I made a good AMV and even though it wasn't what I had envisioned (and I risked spoiling the series too) it turned out rather well.

-- Upload Transfer from my Youtube Channel --

Long before I made this video, I made an Ah My Goddess AMV to Olivia Newton John's "Magic" from the movie soundtrack Xanadu, however after awhile I didn't seem to like the idea after it was done. So I decided to try it again, but I chose to take more pride in the selection of the song.

It wasn't until I happened to listen to the Alabama album "For the Record", I happened to listen to one of the last tracks, noteably "She ain't your ordinary girl". The instant I heard the song, I knew I had an AMG AMV in the works.

What makes this AMV unique to me is that normally AMG AMV's are usually couples AMVs revolving around Keiichi & Belldandy, however I focused primarily on Belldandy for this video, cause let's face it, the video was all about her. It was the best concept I had come up with, and it certainly made up for the botched "Magic" video I made before. Unfortunately, the only down side to this video was that I started to experiment with filters & transparencies in Adobe Premiere. Some shots were good under these experiments, and some weren't(and I left it that way too -_-! d'oh ).

Despite some of the setbacks in this AMV, I still love the concept. Belldandy was one of those "impossibly-perfect" girls and she deserved her own video. This is one of my personal best AMVs because of this.

-- Upload Transfer from my Youtube Channel --

This was sort of a fast AMV for me, but this was a nice break from doing sentimental AMVs.

I was inspired after playing too much GTA: Vice City on PS2 & then from another AMV I viewed I learned that the group "Bowling for Soup" had made their own version of the same song by the group "A Flock of Seagulls".

Considering how much footage I had to work with, I thought I wouldn't have any problems, though some scenes did click in my mind. This AMV in my mind isn't one of my better ones, but it has a catchy tune & I still believe it's worth some recognition.

-- Upload Transfer from my Youtube Channel --

This was the 2nd trailer parody I tried and it featured the trailer audio of Universal's Van Helsing starring Hugh Jackman & Kate Beckinsale. I had to admit, with a movie by the guy that directed the Mummy movies, it was an amusing movie, but it was well made too. Kinda what you would expect if you're into those kind of movies.

Anyway, when I made this trailer parody, I immediately envisioned D & Alucard in this kind of setting, and D kinda looked like Van Helsing as well. It was fairly easy finding the right scenes, and eventually I threw in some Chrono Crusade footage to fill the gaps.

-- Upload Transfer from my Youtube Channel --

Ever since I was a kid, one movie from the eighties that I loved was the Neverending Story. I sorta paid tribute to this through this AMV. The idea happened when I somehow got my hands on the MP3 of Limahl's "Neverending Story". During my early days of AMV making, I made this.

The AMV started off strong, and before too long, I had everything mapped out, but originally I was going to settle for only Final Fantasy footage, but then I also threw in Chrono Trigger & Lunar footage(Lunar had to be a must because Nall reminded me sooo much of Falkor the luck dragon.) All in all, it was the same, because I using FMVs & game cutscenes, it was about reviewing each scene and deciding what goes where.

-- Don't mind the logo that stays throughout the video. At the time I was worried someone would take my AMV and claim it's theirs, as I saw a bit during that time. This was long before Youtube. --

-- Upload Transfer from my Youtube Channel --

Anyone remember Lunar Silver Star Story way back when it was released on Sega Genesis CD? This version comes from the deluxe Playstation release.

For me, Lunar SSS was addicting when I played it back when Genesis was still on the market, and it was even more awesome that it was re-released on PSX. This was the first AMV I made using PSX footage exported, but it wasn't easy.

And now as of February 2010, this game was redone once again and brought to the PSP. It is so awesome how this simple RPG is honored.

Most people say that this AMV is a couples AMV (pertaining to Alex & Luna), but I respectfully disagree. This was actually nothing more than a tribute video, but I will admit there wasn't much to work with unlike Final Fantasy FMVs, but I worked with what I had and in the end made a great AMV, especially with the song selected, "Heroes" by the Wallflowers.

-- Note: The Ingame cutscenes used came from the PSX version. --

--Upload Transfer from my Youtube Channel--

One of my more dramatic-heavy AMVs. I made this mostly because I was feeling down, and I decide to let some of it out by making this AMV. I had the "All that you can't leave behind" album by U2, and I particularly loved this song.

To me, this song was basically about taking all the negative feelings, and just accepting it and moving on, thus the "Walk on" message. Findng scenes that matched wasn't too difficult, as I had most of the series memorized, and I knew immediately what could go where. I felt better after making this video, and I even submitted this AMV to a couple of conventions. The ones I know it made an appearance in AMV contests were Ani-magic '04 and Nekocon 7.

Basically, just leave your troubles in the past, and move on with your life, that's the message this song gives. And this AMV is one of my personal best made AMVs of which I am proud of!

--Upload Transfer from my Youtube Channel--
Original upload/release date: 3-15-2002

This AMV was to be the first of the so-called "Children Trilogy" I had planned to do AMVs for Asuka & Rei, but they never got started. Could say the world got in the way(since I was focusing on college & preparing to enter the army at this point). In an era of "Linkin Park Z" videos, I took a gamble with the song choice, and chose a Linkin Park song that wasn't used at the time. The end result was a pretty well made (at the time) rendition of the character Shinji Ikari in the "mindf**k version" as I call it.

--Upload transfer from my Youtube channel--
Original upload / release date: First version sometime in 2001. Final Version - 8-09-2003

My second AMV ever made. Back then I had no video capture software/hardware of any kind, but with Adobe Premiere Pro, I started to begin making AMVs. After my first which was DBZ, I chose the 2nd idea starting with seeing the music video of Filter's Take a Picture, and it didn't take long to pair it with Sailor Moon. This meant scouring websites that had clips from the show and then finding the right combination. This was one video where I wasn't satisfied with one version and kept redoing until I had this final version. All in all, a well made video for my second AMV overall.

-- Upload Transfer from my Youtube Channel --
To this day, this is the best AMV I have made, and the only AMV that has won something.

The game Fatal Frame 2 was one that I thoroughly enjoyed on my PS2, and one of the few games I dared to play in the dark! Unlike Resident Evil series, this was something that actually made you jump, and you actually had to think too. Then I one day pick up the album for Freddy Vs. Jason, and I hear the song "How Can I Live" from the group Ill Nino. When I heard it, I knew I had a perfect anime/song combo. The hardest part was the footage, as it was very limited. I learned how to extract the FMV sequences, but it wasn't enough, so I extracted the Promo Trailers that were on the disc as well, and the rest....well, I improvised. And the result was this!

It was a surprise when I got an award from Nekocon 7! I enjoy making AMVs when I can, but it's something else when your work is appreciated like that! In a way, it can be appreciated without, but back then it was something! Anyway, here's my best work, "Crimson"! Enjoy!

-- Upload Transfer from my Youtube Channel --

Around the same time I made the "Crimson" AMV, I also created this AMV Trailer parody, but since I was devoted to Crimson, I was a little lazy, but I thought the beginning part stuck the way it was, considering that the actual movie scenes were blurred and in a fuschia color anyway.

With what editing I did when it picked up after "It's being unleashed", it was all about finding the right scenes. I studied the trailer and tried to find the right scenes to go at their places. In the end, it wasn't bad for my first trailer.

-- Upload Transfer from my Youtube Channel --
I DID NOT MAKE THIS AMV! -- About a year or so back, I attempted to start an 80's AMV MEP Project through an AMV forum, but unfortunately it did not fall through. Which was a god-awful shame cause I wanted to see it through.

One member didn't wait to see if the project was a-go, and she whipped this AMV up in a week using the Sailor Moon Movies. It's been sitting on my laptop's hard drive for so long, and I personally loved it, so I decided to show it off and give credit where it's due.

And now, without further ado, a Sailor Moon AMV to Olivia Newton John's "Xanadu" created by Amo-chan!

-- Upload Transfer from my Youtube Channel --

Original Debut Date - Nov. 16, 2009

During my early days of making AMVs, I made a unique AMV using Evangelion footage focusing on the most unique topic that was never attempted on AMVs, and that was Instrumentality...thus I made this masterpiece, coupled with one of the greatest songs performed by Aerosmith, "Dream On".

Recently, I suddenly decided it was time to attempt and share this with the Anime Expo con goers of my unique vision, so I resolved to enter this at the Anime Expo 2009 AMV Contest, however the original had poor picture quality, so I chose to completely remake this AMV.

All in all, besides improving video quality, I believe I made this version a whole lot better and am content with it. It was a shame that it didn't make the finals at the contest, but this is a video that I'm proud of nevertheless.

-- Note: For anyone that has seen the previous version, please note that my "restoration" was not 100%, for example, if you guys remember the text messages like "What do you fear?" and "This is the beginning of instrumentality.", those came from the DVDs when ADV first distributed Evangelion. So there's a huge difference between then and now. --

-- Neon Genesis Evangelion is the property of Gainax & Hideki Anno.
The Song "Dream On" is performed by the group Aerosmith & the property of Columbia Records --


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