Every year we get loads of new games coming out, and, every year it seems like I care less and less about them in general. The industry seems to be going too generic. Everything seems like the same premise, the same plot. Nothing new, except for publishers finding creative ways to squeeze money out of gamers. Let's further discuss this weird point in my life and how do you feel about it?There's no soul in games anymore!Show Notes:Cold Brew Coffee ReviewLatest gaming newsWhy new releases don't excite as much anymorelatest gaming dealsGaming Deals:XCOM 2Civ VINo Man SkyJust Cause 4Grand Theft Auto 5Monster Hunter WorldAmid EvilSoldier of FortuneSoldier of Fortune 2Unreal 2Unreal GoldUnreal Tournament GOTYSTRAFESpace Exploration SaleBanner Sage SaleWarhammer 40k GalduisThe Mean Greens - Plastic WarfareCiv VI - Gathering Storm

Rage 2. It’s a game no one expected to get a sequel. The first Rage was fun, but, no one saw this coming. A new developer is creating this interesting open world game full of enemies to kill in creative ways. Find out if it’s as good or better than the first game. Plus, Steam Summer Sale is here! Hide your wallets! Plus, I’ll taste some coffee and the latest gaming news.Rage 2 Combat is fun, but, the driving is boring. Very boring.Show Notes:Tasting Hotel Coffee (yes, I’m traveling)Latest gaming newsSteam Summer SaleRage 2 ReviewGaming Deals: Far Cry New Dawn RE 2 Kingdom Come Deliverance Total War: Warhammer 2 Dark Souls 3 Sniper Elite Franchise Divinity Franchise No Man Sky Middle-Earth Franchise Batman Franchise Shadow Warrior Franchise

It's the second half of my in-depth review of Anthem. Today I'll be reviewing the rest of Anthem and giving my final verdict. Agree or Disagree?

Social Media. It's the one topic everyone talks about, but, no one knows how to fix it. Calls from both sides claiming how bad it's gotten and business caught in the middle trying to decide which side is "right."As a private citizen you don't have to engage.Show Notes:Tasting Laughing Man CoffeeSocial Media LandscapeThe problems with Social MediaHow to Fix itThe New Platforms and Possibilities 

E3 2019 is here! That means gaming publishers releasing their slick gaming trailers for gamers to get excited about. Except, this year, was ok, Sony skipped out on the press conference and there was something different about this year's show. Find out why I thought it was a mediocre event and how to cure toxic behavior in gaming communities!Games are competitive and that means aggression comes out. The only way to cure it, is to stop having gamers compete.Show Notes:Tasting Groundworks Cold BrewOpera GX ImpressionsE3 ImpressionsEABethesdaMicrosoftUbisoftSquare EnixPC Gaming ShowHow to fix toxic cultureGaming Deals:Fallout 4 GOTYPreyDOOMWolfenstein: New OrderWolfenstein: The Old BloodDishonored 2Dying Light The Following Enhanced VersionDark Souls FranchiseHunt ShowdownBattalion 1944World War 3GOG Summer Sale

An in-depth review of the most hyped and criticized looter shooter of 2019. Anthem is a game with lots of potential. Does the story and character development match up?

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There are some many digital distribution sites, it's hard to keep track. Most are vanity programs that only showcase a publisher's game. As more publishers flock to getting their own digital distribution site up and running, is it worth installing them? Or are they just a waste of digital space?One of the most robust digital distribution platforms out there.Show Notes:Apex Season 2 Battle Pass is coming soonMicrosoft is bringing more games to SteamAnthem gets a patch and the developer finally communicatesGames to reviewWarhammer: ChoasborneHell Let LooseCall of Duty: MW TrailerOrigin, worth installing on your computer?Gaming Deals:FuriBattalion 1944 3 Bioshock InfiniteWitcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTYDivinity: Original Sin 2Metro: Last Light ReduxMetro: 2033 ReduxX COM: Enemy UnknownDevil May Cry 5VerdunHitman 2Watch Dogs 2Between the Stars

Starting or upgrading a podcast can be hard. Choosing the right tools can be difficult. This week I dive into what tools for hosting a podcast, content creation, launching a live video, websites, and on demand printing companies.There are a lot of options, it's finding the right one for you!Show Notes:Tasting Don Francisco Blueberry CoffeeWhat audio software to sueWhat photo editing software to useWhat photo manipulation software to useWhat video software to useWhat VFX software to useWhat hosting site should youWhat website service should you useWhat on demand printing services should you

There are some many digital distribution sites, it's hard to keep track. Most are vanity programs that only showcase a publisher's game. As more publishers flock to getting their own digital distribution site up and running, is it worth installing them? Or are they just a waste of digital space?Every menu button is to a website. What's the point of this?Show Notes:Microsoft and Sony team up for cloud gamingEpic's massive sale is on now and refundsCheck out Russia 2055Steam Link is available for iOSIs Bethesda's digital distribution worth installing?Gaming Deals:Resident Evil 7Monster Hunter WorldResident Evil 2Dragons DogmaDying LightRage 2Wolfenstein: Young BloodPC Building SimulatorSpec Ops: The LineXCOM: Enemy UnknownBioshock RemasteredKilling Floor 2Rising Storm 2: VietnamRoad RedemptionMiddle-Earth: Shadow of WarWorld War 3XCOM 2Fallout 4Borderlands 2Metro: Last Light ReduxGrim DawnThe War of Mine

Controversies are always going to happen. The problem is, most advertisers/marketers do not care if it doesn't affect the bottom line. They say how terrible it is just to get leverage on a company.

Topics Discussed:

Facebook Showdown Custom Audience in Ads Advertisers are not going to leave Facebook Why this is an ethical problem Google My Business Now Has Offers GMB has a business description Adwords Releases New Keyword Planner Tool Instagram Opens up Shopping Tags for more businesses Interesting Research on Instagram hashtags and more SnapChat adds more features to Snap Map Like this podcast? Support me on Patreon and MakerSupport

Seriously, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, can you make one intelligent decision? This year is not your year. Facebook has a massive problem, and people are finally taking notice. I feel like the village idiots finally got the power they always wanted. It's going to be an interesting show.

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Facebook and the terrible mess The reaction to the Facebook mess Twitter's unclear rules Who is running this business? YouTube is going to piss off people What you should do about it. Like this show? Support me on Patreon or Maker Support.


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