Jane King interviews Richard Heart, inventor of Hex and Pulse coins, and Rick Shaddock of the Digital Coin Association at NASDAQ Studios.

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[email protected] :
Today is an auspicious day for another digital currency donation to MIU.
as crypto currency embodies the Qualities of the Science of Creative Intelligence
such as Do Less Accomplish More, and Infinite Correlation.

This will be a 1 million Pulse coin donation to MIU by Dr. Lawrence Farwell,
a Harvard graduate, a PhD in Neuroscience, Karate expert, and TM Teacher.
He is the inventor of the truth detecting Brain Fingerprinting technology.
He also mined 17 Bitcoins.

Pulse is a new coin that is 4 times faster to send and receive than ETHereum,
and over 100 times faster than Bitcoin
with transaction fees under a penny. Pulse was invented by
billionaire Richard Heart's development team that created HEX coin
last year, which went up 1000 times so far. Pulse sends beats of blocks
of transactions through the Internet around the Earth every 3 seconds
in a way that is electricity-efficient.

Bitcoin and Ethereum pioneered the Proof Of Work technique
whereby over 1 million computers work in competition with each other
to guess a random number, for the right to process a block of transactions.
Computers in the Delegated Proof of Stake technique work in cooperation
taking turns to process the transactions, which is much faster.
This makes Pulse Chain the sustainable block chain for the future.

Bitcoin and Ethereum use more electricity than some countries!
So Pulse may well become more valuable. Pulse coins are now under $1 each
as was Bitcoin in 2009, and Ethereum in 2015, now over $30000 and $2000
respectively, So we hope this donation of 1 million Pulse will be
even more valuable than 1 million dollars.
FIDCA helped over 30 Fairfield citizens invest in Pulse at least 26 of them purchased
1 million, for a total of $520,000,000 - that's over 1/2 a Billion added to our
our local economy"

Clip from KITCO News and Richard Heart

Paul Stokstad, the Director of Alumni at Maharishi International University
in Fairfield, Iowa, will be accepting the donation on behalf of MIU.

Rick Shaddock, who gave the first Bitcoin and Pulse donations to MIU
is a Colgate University computer science graduate and Master of Arts
in Education from MIU
and Director of the Fairfield Iowa Digital Currency Association,
will be available to help Paul and Dr. Farwell regarding the steps
of how to take your Pulse. :)

Donation of enough Hex coins to get 1,000,000 PLS coins during the pre-launch sale, called the sacrifice phase. 900 Hex at $.15 = $135 x 8000 = 1,080,000 PLS at least.

MIU Alumni Director Paul Stokstad managed the donation from the Fairfield Iowa Digital Currency Association representative Rick Shaddock.

Pulse is the new coin from Richard Heart and his crypto development team as a new, faster, electricity-efficient version of Ethereum, presently the #2 coin after Bitcoin. ETH is presently around $2000, so a better version may go even higher. Even at $1, the 1 million Pulse may be worth $1,000,000.

Jai Guru Dev and
www.Pulse.Info - a local chapter of the

Dave in Washington has the biggest Bitcoin mining operation in the USA.

Rick sets up an Antminer S3 for mining Bitcoin

Raam coin on Waves.Exchange was launched on May 14, 2021
for educational and entertainment purposes.

Fairfield Iowa Digital Currency Association

No promise is made whether it will levitate or not in value.

Jai Guru Dev

June 24-28, 2021
A good time was had by all.

Sacrificing 1000 HEX via www.Pulse.Info for a possible 10000 PLS per $1
There is no guarantee, but that is 10,000,000 PLS.
If PLS get to 10 cents, that is $1 million dollars :)

Raja Raam likes the idea to reincarnate the Raam as a digital currency
April 17, 2014 in the Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge
Rick: Good evening Raja Raam
Raam is the name of the currency that Maharishi said would be "the fondest currency of the Age of Enlightenment."
Much time and energy was put into making the Raams. However there has been some lack of fullness in its application. Not ven the M.U.M. Book Store uses the Raam.
Raja Raam: This is one of the things we have on the board, to get a solution and ideas.
Here is an idea. We have a Fairfield Digital Currency Users Group which meets on Saturdays at Revelations (3:00 pm) We discuss Bitcoins, Litecoins and digital currency, which may be the digital money of the future. We have a proposal to present to have the Raam reincarnated a digital currency - RaamCoin (applause)
Raja Raam: Very good
Raam (paper version) has been based on the US Dollar, which is gross relative matter. Digital currency is based on the finest relative in the form of impulses of electricity. It has many qualities such as infinite correlation, and is very easy to use.
Raja Raam: This is how our Raam can rise like Bitcon in society.
Rick: OK. I talked with Raja Stanley about it, and Raja Felix. They'd be the ones I should talk with?
Raja Raam: The may be talking to you.
Rick: Ok. Thank you. impoved audio April 27, 2014 backup

Donating coins to

Rick Shaddock reports at the Phoenix Center in Fairfield, Iowa

How to use a paper clip to keep the power supply for your Bitcoin miner going.

The Millionaire TV show featuring Betty White as an Iowa waitress who becomes rich

Dr. John Hagelin (PhD Physics, Harvard): asks Maharishi about the importance of the Raam for world peace.

Jane King interviewed, on her Innovators show at the NASDAQ studios in New York City, Richard Heart about and Rick Shaddock about the Digital Coin Association

24:20 Richard announces cool idea which became

HEX was around 1 cent on March 11, 2021
and rose to about 40 cents by August 2021.

Jane King's Innovators Show at NASDAQ Studios in New York City interviews Tony Sousa and Rick Shaddock about

KTVO TV of Ottumwa Iowa news about Fairfield Digital Currency

Richard Heart gives many hours of free YouTube chat videos on a variety of topics, usually digital currency. We asked him about Transcendental Meditation. He is familiar with Ray Dalio who says TM is the secret of his success.

Original video:
September 16, 2017 when Bitcoin was $3000
8 hours long! China banning bitcoin? Bring it! Richard Heart, the meaning of life, and winning at it

Proposal to MIU: How to donate for the Golden Dome renovation via Bitcoin. In 201 when BTC was about $600.

Fairfield Iowa Digital Currency Association is a member of the Fairfield Iowa Chamber of Commerce. This is an update for our membership.

James Moore of KRUU-FM interviews Rick Shaddock about Bitcoin and digital currency.

Fairfield Iowa Digital Currency Association joins the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce and is interviewed on KMCD Radio.

Fairfield Iowa Digital Currency Association offers free information at the First Friday Art Walk in Fairfield, Iowa.

Dr. James Fetzer interviews Rick Shaddock about Digital Currency


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