This song was inspired by 120 Bpm's and the cords from the Joy Division Song Ceremony. Finally the inspiration for the title and the highlight came from Mr. Biden himself.

A collection of videos showing the cringe nature of encouraging vaccines in America.

In the last week of April 2021 the evidence that masks are not effective is overwhelming. Featuring my song from Soundcloud:

In 2021 who needs naval assets. All you need is some nice dramatic music, strong good looking men with uniforms , drone shots of your one existing aircraft carrier and whalla..... you have the strongest military.

With everything being censored and all the news toxic, I have been learning how to produce and make music. Here is my latest song along with some nice scenery.

Dreaming of Blue Skies - Music Video to my original song on SoundCloud channel:

BLM and Antifa get together to destroy more things in Portland on April 17th 2021. Enjoy the shitshow.

Work B**ch remix 2021, Cheers to Britney, official version is much better, this is the Sarcasm version suited for 2021.

Is it love or is it just propaganda? At this point it does not matter, the people are in love with him.

A collection of videos and photos from people that are have taken the fear of #covid19 way too seriously. Our society has moved backward in 2020.

Another day another riot in America. Everyone is so emotional.

More riots, more destructions, more looting.

I started making electronic music a few years ago. Since in 2021 there are very few ways to express yourself due to censorship, music is the last bastion of free expression. I hope you enjoy my song and my video. Here is the link to the original song on my SoundCloud Account.

A Brooklyn Center police officer fatally shot a man during a traffic stop Sunday afternoon, inflaming already raw tensions between police and community members in the midst of the Derek Chauvin trial.

Relatives of Daunte Wright, 20, who is Black, told a tense crowd gathered at the scene in the northern Minneapolis suburb Sunday afternoon that Wright drove for a short distance after he was shot, crashed his car, and died at the scene.

Protesters later walked to the Brooklyn Center police headquarters near N. 67th Avenue and N. Humboldt Avenue and were locked in a standoff with police in riot gear late Sunday night. Officers repeatedly ordered the crowd of about 500 to disperse as protesters chanted Wright's name and climbed atop the police headquarters sign, by then covered in graffiti. Police used tear gas, flash bangs and rubber bullets on the crowd.

National Guard troops arrived just before midnight as looters targeted the Brooklyn Center Walmart and nearby shopping mall.

Looting was widespread late Sunday into early Monday, spilling into north and south Minneapolis. Reports said that stores in Uptown and along Lake Street were also being looted.

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott said he was issuing a curfew order. Precautions were being taken into Monday, with Brooklyn Center canceling or closing all school buildings, programs and activities.

This is my 3rd and final video. There is so much material out there. This woman is evil, virtue signaling tyrant.

The 65th annual Eurovision Song Contest is well represented with woke symbolism.

When we compare states, countries, counties, territories, regions which implemented different level of measures like masks and closures we should see correlation? However, we do not. Data clearly points that Masks are not effective.

I have been researching the Corona virus since I heard about it in January 2020. I heard all sides, I looked at all studies. I concluded that experts were wrong, they were biased by the crowd, financial gains, etc. However, after 13 months of Corona virus in the west, we now have real data. The only true experimental data is the actual data, when comparing different lockdown/mask measures.

After 13 months the data shows no correlation. When you respond to the politically motivated crown on Twitter, you get a consistent response. After a while its totally predictable. Here is my video showing my top ten:

1). You get blocked
2). Appeal to the authority - cdc, studies, main stream media.
3). New Zeeland has no Corona
4). Trump
5). Attack the man
6). There is more than just dying .
7). Sweden.
8). Appeal to hypocrisy

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All of these tweets were replies from my Twitter profile. @pdxfato.

The level of virtue signaling by the left is just over the top. I wanted to immortalize this moment of stupidity with the most appropriate song for the moment Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit.

This is what true Nazi's look like in 2021.

The Corona virus dance. Cheers.

Another month another video showing the only data that matters. Real data from CDC and EUROMOMO. If you are a rational person and look at this data, how can you conclude the masks are effective. With a backing track Xanadu.

I stumbled up a real racist with super left ideology in my reply's to #oregon governor Kate the Hate brown. Enjoy the nice song by The The - I have been waiting for tomorrow all of my life.

The tyrant of #oregon says open schools (BTW last in the USA). Portland School board (1 out of 6 says) that we don't need to be perfect. Because being perfect is the sign of white supremacy. In the end #portland got a 1 day of instructions per day, while muzzled, separated and disinfected.

With the woke sports not interesting, this year I turned my attention to the world cup of music the Eurovision. Its a song contest with 40 European countries sending a delegate. There have been some famous winners, like Abba in 1974. I listed to all the songs, multiple times. This song is growing on me.

I dont hate any human. HOWEVER, there are two humans that come really, really close. First is my tyrant Kate the hate Brown, 2nd is the so called Dr. Fauci. He is wrong, however now he cant lose face.


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