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BREAKING: Protests for the removal of the govt are now starting in Italy. Europe is turning into a powder keg. Holland is ready to explode, the farmers and fisherman are expanding on the Canadian trucker Freedom Convoy 2022. They blocking off all the police and public buildings. The Police cannot leave their compounds because of the farm equipment and barricades at their doors and gates. The police are now shooting at the farmers.


I Interview Vascular surgeon & Professor Dr.Hsiang And Co About The Vagszz S-C-A-M

York N. Hsiang, MB. ChB., MHSc., FRCSC., was a Professor of Vascular Surgery at the University of British Columbia and Consultant Surgeon at the Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver, B.C. Born in Taiwan, educated in the United States, New Zealand, and Canada, Dr. Hsiang has diverse interests in vascular engineering, vascular biology, lasers, and clinical epidemiology. Dr. Hsiang was the former Director of Surgical Research in the UBC Department of Surgery. He also has a special clinical interest in wounds and served on the Board of the Canadian Association of Wound Care. He is taking the infamous Bonnie Henry who is the head of the health authority in BC, Canada to court along with other members of the health community.

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Bad cops demonstrating how to treat people like wild animals.

Sadly dies of cancer. NOT COVID.

BETRAYED bulk prices, Printing in Canada, Shipping to 7 Countries, 700M deaths, CMHC CEO resigns, No Summer?, Leave Canada winter, UPRISING North Arica
Todays talk is on: First BETRAYED videos, Using Monographs, Xi Jinpings Book,1st time I spoke out about pharma harm, Cr Rory + Economy, SATYA GRAHA, Injured children
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June 29-I Interview The Maker Of The AC50 Browns Gas Hydrogen Machine For The Human Body
I bring George Wiseman on to discuss the importance of hydrogen in the human body and how disease and colds starts with lack of hydrogen. Don't miss it!
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"Anita Krishna"
Anita, Canadian Journalist, worked for Global News in Vancouver for more than 20 years. She has worked for three major Canadian networks. She now hosts her own channel on Rumble, called AKStraightSpeaks.
Should be an interesting conversation!
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Wednesay, June 29, 2022 Susan Standfield Justice For All The Morning Show

Ya But... poliricians, Reporting Horgan to law enforcement, Amazim Polly, Using Betrayed to fundraise in Canada, Drug Trafficking, MRNA delivery, Subpoena Richard Fyfe.

ANITA KRISHNA is a journalist based in Canada. She worked for Global News in Vancouver for more than 20 years and has worked for three major Canadian networks

This version has all the audio... The version being re-uploaded to Facebook will have white noise over the music.

"Tamara's arrest is a repeat pattern. Deny-Divide-Distract. It's effective. Keeps us in damage control & anxious. Tamara & others will be rewarded for their sacrifice on all our behalf. Every time they stomp on us, & we don't take the bait, we become stronger."

Fast Pitch star and record holder Sam Forbes AKA 'Slammin Sammy' wanted to travel to his games so gave in and took the injekk-tion as mandated by Trudeau. He was a healthy and super fit star until he took the Pfyyyzer gene th$rapy wherein he suffered 9 strokes and his daughter's life came to a crashing standstill trying to nurse her famous dad back to health. The story of what happened to him in the hospitals should be made into a horror movie. Amanda Forbes who is a well known Canadian hero for her tireless truth telling will tell all on my show.

Norbert Orlewicz, is Today's Guest with Travis.

Norb is a digital entrepreneur and marketing specialist. His diverse background and interests in feedom theatre, religion, spiritual journey, personal growth, philosophy, business/entrepreneurial background should make for an interesting interview.

5G Script is part of the agenda.

The WEF Disguised everything under the Covid-19 heading. Every Sub Agenda is hidden through many layers as they're all connected to reach their main Agenda...

It's all there. It's no 'Conspiracy Theory'!


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