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Those taking the jab will be dead soon

Interesting to say the least

For those who do not trust browsers


biden and xi team

Looks like it's easy to create false dead bodies everywhere too

USA inc is dissolved

hollow heads

such creative people in this world

Great song

People are not required to have anything injected into their bodies

Colder day for the rally ... hours before the unlawful arrest of Pastor Art and his brother Dawid.

The bogus order was not served legally and the corrupt judge who created order without a complete ITO and missing affidavits.

Treason at its finest

Pastor Art and brother Dawid released from illegal arrest,

Looks like the order he was arrested is null and void. The judge who published the order is corrupt to the bone and will be terminated soon.

Wonderful world wide event

The instructions are shooting blanks

He calls the people he serves useless eaters. Go figure!


All those who swore an oath including the police must wake up, stand up and protect the people from the tyrants.

Nice rally, 30 or so people were dropping off flowers for mothers day, The police stood down when they realized they were going to be portrait as villains.

They did start to group up and move into the rally participants The group just went on their march and the Police were all stunned, all dressed and nobody to arrest. The scampered to their vehicles and tried to catch up with the walkers.

Rally at the courthouse to show the corruption

The place the actors playing biden harris pelosi meet

Another potential video to be taken down by facebook

Both Freedom Groups were at this rally
MSM was inside to capture unqualified and unquantified words he was spewing .... some of the papers had reporters taking pictures.
Time to dispose of Kenney and Hinshaw.

Reasonably nice day for a rally. Great speakers once again.

Viruses for dummies 101


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