Taken from the 1993 classic Bruno drop.

Pongos monologue from a classic movie.

From the Dick Cavatt show . . .

Richard Burton on the Dick Cavett Show in the 1980s

Ole Rankster pongo hits the TV ads with his 1993 classic taken from the Apathy Radio show.

Old slapper macca takes on the Duck in 1993

The last shot at the Jackpot!

Apathy radio's flange

Tudor sings the George Formby classic . . .

The woodwind ensemble. . . .

Apathy radio gives example Number 1.

The lads chat about Simon Mute the bonkers bible bash.

The Lord rips apart the latest sounds . . . .

The lads talk about the latest on the soaps . . .

Palmer productions 80s naughty VHS videos.

Only £1.44 a can.

Andy Pendlebury hits the corner

Sunshine Jones gets smacked in the face when Bowen knocks the boom arm of the DJs mic.

A new single from Jimmy as played on apathy radio.

Classic fuzz from the Welsh rock band in the 90s.

Pongo has a new aftershave for his boss biss.

Pongo's machine breaks down taking his winnings.

Pongo and his mate Jeff Lynn hit the studio for this 70s classic.

Pongo hits the Albert where he is in hock with Adge.

Pongo is playing the old 1990s slots at a pub in west Wales called the farmers arse.


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