After a round-up on illegal aliens at Brad's apartment complex, he's torn between doing the right thing and not going to jail.

In this episode, Brad tries to bone an older woman who is famous on Instagram. Robert falls in love with a cam girl from Chaturbate and tries to propose.

This is the pilot episode for Dinner With Brad. In it, Brad and Robert meet their new racist neighbor...a black Hebrew Israelite by the name of Rodney.


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Do you like tacos? Do you like the racism? Do you like Mexican Hooters? Then you will love Dinner With Brad. Follow Brad and Robert as these two buddies trying to navigate the complex social and political realm of Austin Texas in 2019. From immigration, racism, dating apps, nothing is off limits for these two.

This show is set to go 6 episodes but with your support, we would love to keep it going. Thank you for watching!

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