Checking in to say Happy late new year, and chat about plans for the year in the garden!
Sorry for some of the sound, as my mic was lower and my hands clapped a few times covering my words. So I said CHICKENS! I am getting chickens! :)
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Found something funny (to me!) because I had waited so late to collect the seeds on my Rainbow Chard. So showing you that and Collecting seeds from Chard (similar with Beets and Spinaches).

Today I am creating Slug traps and Watering assistants to help in the garden using plastic drink bottles. So don't throw them away or in recycling: Use them to help your garden thrive!


Some methods to planting on your tomato seedlings as they get bigger!

Sharing my 10 Favorite Vegetables to grow, with two bonus. Also trying out the Lidl compost growing disks, while replanting cucumbers!

Start getting your seeds ready! you can start planing in January for indoor plans. First time trying the coco mixture for seed starting! Doing a comparison with normal potting soil and the coco mix using beets!

Merry Christmas everyone! Just sharing a couple spiffy things I found that might be good idea for gifts, what I will be looking at over Christmas break, and just wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

How to save your seeds from Zucchini (applies to Butternut Squash, pumpkins and Spaghetti Squash), Peppers, and Tomatoes.
Recorded back in August 25, 2021.

Time to harvest our potatoes. This includes seeing how the Potato tower I have been testing! So we've got the Potato Project pots, grow bags and the tower!

Feel free to add your own potato growing tips in the comments below!

Part one of Seed saving series; Onions and Spinach and bonus of Poppy flowers! This includes two types of Spinach (perpetual and Apollo), as they seed slightly different types of pods.

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This is a video about growing tomatoes in a grow bag setup. This the way I do grow tomatoes in grow bags. I am using a drying rack for support for these tomatoes. The Thumbnail is what they currently look like! They are huge now!!

This video is about 2 months late! Many apologies!! I needed to edit this one, due to interruptions and just tidy it up in general! I tried one application and sort of worked but then it had the watermark... I did look at purchasing that software but their charging scheme was odd. I finally thought I'll take a look at iMovie... and here we are! :)

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Showing the progress of the potato project containers.

This video is a lesson on growing tomatoes in containers and general tomato growing advice.

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Cover Image borrowed from https://www.thespruce.com/

I have done the planting; Show the plant layout.

I am trying Squarefoot gardening! Here is a brief introductions and showing my plan to see how sqft gardening can increase my garden yield this year!
A brief over view of what Squarefoot gardening is, plus my list and layout.

Second portion of the previous video - Doing the Potato Tower, mainly just wrapping up the video!

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Recorded 1 April 2021 - Today, I do the Potato tower, as introduced in the last video! This is in two parts, as I somehow accidentally stopped recording (didn't notice for like 2 minutes! LOL!)

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Recorded 27 March 2021 - Update on the Potato project and a nifty find for potatoes

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Recorded 7 March 2021 - Short tour of my veggie patch, pointing out the various materials I have used to make my beds.
Apologies for the vertical filming.

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Just a quick chat about soil (potting, multipurpose compost, etc) and methods of using cut-off vegetables and ensure planting. This wasn't planned, but thought I would get my thoughts out there to help others, as i was planting out my cut-off leeks!

I mentioned Carrots: Companion planting with carrots: good with salad greens, beans and peas - also radish and onions. I think I also read somewhere once they are quite good with squash as pest control. So Carrot tops may be good planting with those. Or use that list planing out non-cut-top carrots! :)

Container growing potatoes in small spaces is easy! Create your own potato project; you don't even need many seed or starter potatoes. Starter potatoes can include just potatoes you have that have started to sprout eyes.
You will need stackable plastic pots, a sharp knife/razor, some compost and a seed potato or two. (in this set up, depending on size, you don't need more than 4. 2 to 3 is perfect! On one example, I have a large baked potato sized potato that has sprouted... That can be by itself in a grow bag container or pot.

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Today I will show you various ways to use your milk jugs in gardening!
Items i did not cover: you could also make a bird feeder (may work better with US Milk jugs). Feel Free to share any other ways you have used milk jugs for any of those who are interested!

Addendum: I meant to say small NAIL not Needle... and a big NEEDLE.

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Continuation of Planning and such! No cats interrupting this time!

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Since I was inspired by the sunshine today, I have made a bonus video planting out my stacking pots into a kitchen herb tower.

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Welcome back! Begin thinking and planning your garden! Think about the things you want to grow; think about the space you have available for growing. Do your research on what types of plants vs your space you will grow. This is part 1, due to my cat interrupting my feed! So Part 2 will shortly follow!

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