Rayford reveals the shocking and radical Gospel message for the end times that gives hope even to those who have accepted the Mark of the Beast!!

The Antichrist reveals himself to the Pope in this chilling chapter of Survivors, the apocalyptic end time novel that portrays the Pope and the Antichrist as two key end time figures.

See how the Pope succumbs to the demands of the Antichrist of the apocalypse as he discovers the true nature and identity of Dangchao, the United Nations Security Council leader.

Now that they know who the Antichrist is, the radical movement of end time believers must decide whether or not to take matters into their own hands and assassinate the final world leader. Will they be able to uphold their principles in these testing times?

Rayford confirms a suspicion he has had for the last three and a half years regarding the identity of the two witnesses of the apocalypse (Revelation 11), presumed to be end time prophets in the spirit of Moses and Elijah (or Enoc and Elijah). Watch how the fire breathing prophet is revealed just as the Great Tribulation kicks off!

While Antichrists and False prophets promote peace and security on a global scale, the twelve tribes underground movement takes advantage and uses the opportunity to evangelize to the world. How long will it last?

The twelve tribes learn how to survive without the microchip implant and refuse to accept the Mark of the Beast. This chapter of the radical apocalyptic novel Survivors will do much more than entertain you. It will give you an insight into the level of commitment that is needed to prepare now for the end times.

In this chapter of this end time novel, construction work on the third temple in Jerusalem begins, and the twelve tribes receive another clue as to the identity of the Antichrist.

In Soul Harvest, chapter 11 of Survivors, the end time audiobook based on the book of Revelation, the twelve tribes start gearing into action, attracting new members and carrying out a world wide outreach campaign.

Rayford has gained invaluable experience after several months of working with the Jesans in England, which has placed him in a leadership position within the tiny community. World events take a new turn, with plans being made to rebuild the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, and six individuals from different Christian denominations are looking to Rayford for answers. But when they all come together at the flat in London, they quickly learn that those answers are much more different (and uncomfortable) than they expected.

In Chapter 6 (Counting The Cost), Rayford meets with the rest of the Jesans in order to learn more about their predictions on world events. But he soon learns a lot more than he had expected, and these new revelations will be the beginning of a radical new life for him...if he chooses to accept it.

In Chapter 4 (Searching), Rayford studies the pamphlet given to him by Reinhard at Heathrow Airport, and finds that it is lacking in answers...or is it? He contacts his daughter, Chloe, and learns that his wife and son have left the safety of their home to find Jesus, which is exactly what Reinhard said would happen. What else have the Jesans predicted?

In the third chapter of the exciting end time apocalyptic audiobook, Survivors, Irene shocks everyone by doing exactly what Reinhard had warned Rayford that she might do.

The new Jesan recruits are learning just how difficult overcoming our differences can be, but with God's help, they will soon become the leaders of the final worldwide movement of peace and love that will shock the world.

In Chapter 5 (On The Road To Montana), Irene's faith in her pastor, Vernon Billings, begins to falter, as she witnesses his growing un-Christian attitude and behaviour. But Irene has always been a follower; how can she stand up to her spiritual leader? She will need to make a difficult choice to determine where her own faith lies. Will she put her faith in her pastor, or in God?

In Chapter 7 (Refugees), Irene and Raymie begin to face the long, difficult trials of radiation sickness, but in the process, Raymie discovers a side of himself he never knew existed. Meanwhile, global politics begin to undergo the most radical changes in history. Will these changes bring true peace, or further destruction?

In Chapter 8 (Reunion), Chloe and Rayford are finally reunited after a very difficult period of separation. Rayford has important things to tell his daughter about his radical life changes, but how will Chloe respond to Rayford's new way of life, which so much of the world simply cannot understand? Meanwhile, Irene and Raymie have been released from their camp in Canada, and are on their way to meet Rayford and Chloe in London.

Left Behind is the first chapter of the powerful end time apocalyptic audio book Survivors. What if those who thought they were prepared were not?

In this first chapter we discover a typical American family forced to wake up to a reality they never expected to happen.

Are we ready for such an event ourselves?

Survivors is a radical end time apocalyptic novel that doesn't water down the message to make it more palatable.

Follow the main characters in this exciting story that shakes the typical mainstream churchy vision of the end times, and throws them into a context where they are forced to reconsider many of the pet doctrines they once held onto.

Will they lose their faith? Or will they discover the real thing and overcome the great trials that will face everyone in the end times?

In Foretold, the second chapter of the end time apocalyptic audio book, Survivors, a strange little man catches Rayford Strait’s attention when it becomes clear that he knew the attack on the United States was being planned well before it happened.

There is much controversy about “The Most Hated Teaching of Jesus” (i.e. that we must forsake everything we own to be a Christian, as written in Luke 14:33). “A Voice” will field questions from viewers in a live chat this weekend. You are invited to attend and participate.


00:06:21 - How do we love our enemies?
00:08:00 - Why did you start this chat?
00:09:20 - Do we have to sell all that we have and give the money away?
00:10:35 - The only way I can follow Jesus is to become homeless?
00:12:24 - What are your thoughts on the Sabbath?
00:16:00 - What about "render to Caesar"?
00:18:48 - How can we be Christian in today's world?
00:21:35 - Are you homeless?
00:22:12 - Do you think these videos may turn people away from God?
00:23:13 - Do keep the Torah and other Jewish laws?
00:24:29 - How do you understand Ephesians 4:28?
00:27:34 - Can I use government assistance while living by faith?
00:28:57 - Is the charismatic church "The Great Deception"?
00:30:25 - Is "forsaking all" equivalent to manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven?
00:32:40 - How to present the gospel correctly?
00:34:12 - Is "living by faith" like missionary work?
00:35:06 - Where are you located?
00:35:33 - What is your name?
00:35:57 - My personal testimony on living by faith.
00:40:05 - How do you explain Jesus is the way, truth, and life?
00:40:46 - What is the best way to reach non-Christians/people who aren't ready to live by faith?
00:42:08 - How do you look after medical needs?
00:43:55 - Comment: not everyone needs to forsake all and live by faith.
00:45:08 - Can we/should we link up with others?
00:48:35 - What are some practical life lessons on living by faith?
00:50:34 - Do we need to obey Old Testament laws?
00:52:11 - Comment: Jesus had a house in Capernaum.
00:53:39 - Comment: Paul doesn't support "forsaking all".
00:55:15 - Comment: Jesus did not do away with the law.
00:55:50 - Comment: We have to use money sometimes.
00:57:04 - If we all forsake everything, where do we live? What do we do?
00:58:58 - How do you know you're saved?
01:01:07 - Do you believe the lost books are inspired by God?
01:03:51 - Is there a true (physical) church?
01:05:15 - Does living by faith mean dropping out of school?
01:07:11 - What are the different worship God?
01:07:55 - How to interpret the verse that slaves should obey their masters?
01:10:29 - If we are all trapped, then is the only solution for all of us to forsake all and support one another?
01:13:19 - I'm scared. Does that mean I'm rejecting Jesus?
01:14:45 - Comment: Paul had to bring money to the early church.
01:15:58 - Will the government take my kids if I forsake all?
01:17:29 - Am I "indebted" to my boss?
01:18:07 - Comment: I'm afraid of being alone.
01:19:54 - Should I take a spouse even if they're not a Christian?
01:21:00 - What if my wife is not a believer? Do I leave her and my kids?
01:24:25 - Comments on Babylon.
01:25:20: Comment: If a person doesn't work, they shouldn't eat.
01:26:49 - Comment: I think baby steps are needed to serve Christ.
01:28:17 - If we're buying and selling, have we taken the mark of the beast?
01:30:35 - My wife wants to leave me for wanting to live by faith.
01:31:15 - Can I speak to you one on one?
01:31:40 - Comment: we need to get off-grid and farm.
01:33:23 - Was Jesus teaching the disciples or the multitudes in Matt 5?
01:35:16 - Didn't Paul make tents?
01:38:45 - Comment: Paul's letters are equal to Jesus.
01:40:22 - Does God want families to split up?
01:41:30 - Would the community go out to preach the gospel?
01:42:58 - Comment: The KJV is the only way to go.
01:44:45 - How do we explain that slavery is bad when scripture supports it?
01:48:08 - What challenges can we expect at first? Which virtues should we bring?
01:49:45 - Is it wrong to pray out loud (re Matthew 6:5)?
01:52:07 - What are your thoughts on the books of Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilee?
01:53:33 - Do you distribute tracts in the streets?
01:57:15 - How are you doing this channel if you've given up everything?
02:00:00 - What are your thoughts on hell?

This is the third of a three part series on the theological debate about grace vs works for salvation. Christians debate this topic ad nauseum, without resolution. Are we saved by grace alone, or do we need some kind of "holiness" in order to be made right with God. Jesus’ teachings may just be the key to resolving this.

This is the second of a three part series on the theological debate about grace vs works for salvation. Christians debate this topic ad nauseum, without resolution. Are we saved by grace alone, or do we need some kind of "holiness" in order to be made right with God. Jesus’ teachings may just be the key to resolving this.

This is the first of a three part series on the theological debate about grace vs works for salvation. Christians debate this topic ad nauseum, without resolution. Are we saved by grace alone, or do we need some kind of "holiness" in order to be made right with God. Jesus’ teachings may just be the key to resolving this.

During this coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Christians and non-Christians alike are suddenly taking an interest in prophecies about the end of the world, and whether Covid-19 is a sign that the antichrist is about to start persecuting Christians or that the rapture is about to take place. But if you know much about the end times, you'll know that a viral pandemic, in itself, has nothing to do with the world ending. This video is an attempt to set people straight on how things are predicted to happen in Bible prophecy.

"Jesus died for your sins"...you hear it all the time, but it's a teaching which is almost always used to justify a lifestyle that actually OPPOSES Jesus. The forgiveness of sins that was paid for through Jesus' death on the cross is indeed a wonderful gift, but it requires something from us too. Please watch this video if you really want to know how to be saved by Jesus.

This is a recording of what I wanted to say in the last Live Show.
I answer the questions that were sent in via email while we were struggling with our various technical problems.


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