This weekend, we will be having a live broadcast concentrating on the general subject of prayer.

0:00 introduction & dedication
2:20 prayer
5:20 praying to self
6:22 common questions
7:00 comment
7:45 look at the Lord's prayer
8:50 our father
10:30 kingdom come
11:02 daily bread
12:10 forgive us our debts
13:15 lead not into temptation
15:05 thine is the kingdom
16:25 comments & questions
18:00 private prayer
20:45 approaching God
23:25 conversational prayer
24:35 legs to prayers
26:45 praying with friends & family
28:15 praying over people
29:20 purpose of prayer
30:32 hard to pray
32:50 spiritual intercession
35:00 what to ask for
38:00 direct prayer?
39:30 mind-reading God
42:00 reason for prayer
43:05 hell
43:55 mark of the beast
44:30 healing
45:38 women speaking in churches
47:00 bad thoughts & prayer
47:55 help my unbelief
49:05 breaking up Lord's prayer
50:30 take cup away
52:05 explanation of prayer
53:30 Christian leadership
55:00 praying the Lord's prayer
56:15 worldly things
1:00:20 praying for wisdom
1:03:35 meal time prayers
1:06:25 homosexuality
1:08:50 long-winded prayers
1:09:45 conclusion

What is the real purpose of prayer?
What does God want us to be asking for in prayer?
How does he want us to pray?

A Voice in the Desert Live Stream on Hearing from God. Topic Menu Below:
0:00 introduction
4:50 8 ways God speaks
6:55 our conscience
9:25 godly advice
11:40 direct revelations
18:20 circumstances
21:00 coincidences
24:00 desires
26:45 miracles/signs
31:40 testimony from Derek
32:40 Eucharist
35:30 testimony from sister
39:00 God speaking through a book
41:00 praying & asking for faith
43:00 doing what we don't want
43:30 prayer for wisdom
44:20 struggle to hear
47:35 another testimony
48:35 a dream
49:10 leading to channel
52:40 desire for Russia
53:10 living by faith
56:30 the comforter
58:45 conclusion

In this livestream, I talk about how to hear from God. No, this is not about going insane and hearing voices… although that may be part of it! I talk about how each one of you CAN hear God’s voice and give you some practical tips on how to do it, including the concept of “listening times”.

Others also had a chance to share a little of what they have experienced. In particular, I asked to hear brief stories from you on when God (through whatever means) challenged you in a way you never expected.

1. What means did God use to speak to you?
2. What was the thing He challenged you to do?
3. How did you respond?

"Truth: Use It Or Lose It!" is a continuation of the Liberator comic, an original cartoon story covering Luke 19:11-27. Here Jesus delivers one of the most misunderstood parables, the parable of the 10 talents, about what it means to be found faithful. Are you growing your God-given gifts?

"Jesus Attacks Hypocrisy" is a continuation of the Liberator comic, an original cartoon story covering the end of Luke 19 and most of Luke 20. After Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem and cleansing of the temple, Jesus shares the parable of the tenants, predicting his own imminent death and the wicked intentions of the pharisees.

Do you have real faith? Or is God, eternal life, and obedience to Jesus just a theory? This radical Christian sermon gets you to consider what it would be like to put your faith into action and obey Jesus as though he is real, and as though you really believe what he said. Religious indoctrination has people talking about faith but never actually getting up off their backsides to follow Jesus...like they say they believe they should do. Faith with works is secretly thought to be some form of extreme Christianity, even though the Bible really says otherwise. If you are willing to do more than just talk faith, and to actually obey the teachings of Jesus, then come along with us and prepare to have your life turned upside down and inside out!

"The Rich Young Ruler" is a continuation of the Liberator comic, an original cartoon story covering Luke 18:9-Luke 19:10. This begins with the parable of the pharisee and tax collector about the difference between humble prayer to God and proudly praying to ourselves. Jesus goes on to explain about the nature of the Kingdom of God and how we need to become like a small child to enter it. The video also features the counsel Jesus gives the rich young ruler in response to his question of how to be saved and ends with the story of Zacchaeus and how he experiences salvation. Do you know what true wealth is? And are you ready to leave it all behind to follow Jesus?

"Eternity" is a continuation of the Liberator comic, an original cartoon story. In this video (focusing on Luke 16), Jesus delivers the parable of the unjust steward which explores what it means to have worldly wisdom and what it means to be wise with an eternal perspective. The video also includes the story of the rich man and Lazarus, where Jesus hammers home the point that our attitude towards money and people has eternal consequences.

"Growing in Faith" is a continuation of the Liberator comic, an original cartoon story covering Luke 17:1-10. Jesus warns against leading children astray before going on to explore the subject of forgiveness and repentance. He also answers the apostles' question about how to grow in faith in a surprising manner and touches on the subject of obedience and humility.

"Parties" is a continuation of the Liberator comic, an original cartoon story. This video covers a large section of Luke 14, including some excellent advice by Jesus about how to behave at parties and who to invite to parties, through a parable about a wedding feast. Jesus goes on to give some challenging truths about the cost of discipleship, which gives a clearer picture of what it means to be a Christian.

"The Benefits of Backsliding" is a continuation of the Liberator comic, an original cartoon story. In this video (covering most of Luke 15) Jesus exposes the unloving attitude of the pharisees through two parables - the parable of the lost sheep and the parable of the prodigal son. This is a video about the power of God's love and forgiveness towards sinners.

This is an urgent update on the COVID19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic that is threatening the whole world, and how it relates to Bible prophecy. Jesus listed pestilences as one of the signs of the times, or, more precisely, the "beginning of sorrows". He specifically said that these beginning of sorrow (including epidemics and wars and rumors of wars) are actually a sign that the end is NOT quite yet. Something worse will come AFTER them. The COVID pandemic could and likely will be solved, bringing peace back to the world. But this is not necessarily good news... because something far more sinister than the coronavirus is looming on the horizon.

This video starts with some things that we announced as early as October of 2019, and includes excerpts from several other videos that we released in November, December, and January. Rather than being out of date, what we said in them is becoming more true with each day that passes.

"Sincerity" is a continuation of the Liberator comic, an original cartoon story, covering Luke 13:11-35. Here, Jesus performs a miraculous healing on the Sabbath, angering the religious rulers. He also shares parables about the kingdom of heaven and gives a surprising answer to the question of who will be saved?

"No Loafers in This Army" is a continuation of the Liberator comic, an original cartoon story, covering Luke 12:41 - Luke 13:10. This includes two parables of Jesus, one exploring what it means to be a faithful servant waiting for the Lord, the second (the parable of the fig tree) looking at the importance of bearing fruit spiritually. Jesus also reveals that the truth divides families and he talks about the importance of discerning the signs of the times. Are you serious about becoming a real disciple of Jesus? If so, then check out this video!

Most people know that money and happiness do not go hand in hand; yet two parables (found in Jesus' teachings), are used to teach that Jesus told us to make money… lots of it. Is the love of money really the root of all evil?

Many of you have been writing to me, asking for more videos on other Christian topics. Making these videos takes a fair bit of time, but if you're eager to learn more quickly than I can produce them, you can write to me at the address in this video to receive a wide variety of Bible studies and articles.

Many false prophets on YouTube are saying that September 23 2017 the sign of Revelation 12 will appear in the sky and that the rapture, the Great Tribulation or the end of the world could happen.

Once more the 23rd of September has become an important date for many who are speculating about the end times. There are already many videos saying that September 23rd of 2017 there will be a sign in the heavens as mentioned in Revelation 12, by combining the constellations of Virgo and Leo plus three planets that will be close that day.

In this video we expose some of the tactics and motivations behind all these speculations, and we call people once again into a sincere discipleship in obedience to the teachings of Jesus.

'Controlling the Masses' looks at how people in the Third World are being used as human guinea pigs to test new technologies (like the AADHAAR card, featured in this video) for government spying and controlling the masses. Could these technologies one day be used to implement the mark of the beast through the use of a mandatory microchip, which will be used for controlling the population?

New religious movements and religious groups pop up all the time. It’s easy to condemn them all as false prophets and false teachers. To be fair, we must examine each one in the light of Jesus’ teachings. One such group is The Last Reformation, a Christian fellowship that claims to follow Christ by following the disciples in Acts. This video seeks to examine how they line up with the Book of Acts as well as the teachings of Jesus.

'Preach the Gospel …or Perish! The Great Commission’ is the obvious sequel to forsaking all in obedience to Jesus' teachings. Alternative lifestyles are great, but radical Christianity based on the teachings of Jesus is more than living in a tent in the woods. This video gives some great tips on how to share the Gospel with others.

"How to pray - Get Results" explores how to get results from prayer. If you want to know how to get God to answer your prayers, learn how to pray as Jesus taught. Powerful prayers … ones which we could call genuine miracle prayers all start with "thy will be done", as Jesus taught us in the Lord's prayer. Learn what to ask for in prayer and you'll start getting your prayers answered… all of them. God is in the business of answering prayers, if only we could learn how to pray according to his will.

This powerful sermon from Francis Chan is one of the best sermons I've seen come from the institutional church, because it actually considers Jesus' teachings and questions why American Christianity has left this radical Gospel message out of its doctrines.

The Revelation describes two groups of people during the Tribulation. Together, they could be considered the last church, but one group (the 144,000 of Revelation) seems to have something that the other group (the great multitude) does not have. Martyrdom may be expected in both groups, but Revelation 12 talks about divine protection for the first group, and special recognition as God's servants. How can you be a part of this group and avail yourself of this special protection?

'How to Avoid the Mark of the Beast' gives 5 unique prepping tips on how to survive the last days without the mark of the beast. The RFID implant is already here and will soon be required for all buying and selling. But there are ways around it. The book of Revelation together with the Four Gospels, outline the signs of the times, including the mark of the beast (666), but they also provide the solution.

'Understanding the Woman in the Revelation' unravels the real meaning of the woman in the wilderness mentioned in Revelation 12. Planet alignment relating to the 23rd September Revelation 12 signs beg the question: Who is this woman in heaven?

The lies of the Catholic church promote a false Mary, but it does not destroy the validity of the virgin Mary and her connection to the woman in the Revelation. This woman represents a remnant of the tribes of Israel, some of whom will make up the virgin army - 144,00 faithful followers of Jesus who are miraculously protected in the last days. Throughout the Old and New Testaments, God was always able to give and remove His promise depending on the faithfulness of the people, and the same is true today. If you want to obtain God's promise, follow the teachings of Jesus, the Manchild, who will one day rule the world with a rod of iron.

'A Warning to America - Your Enslavement to Debt' looks at the spiritual significance of America's debt crisis. Our attitude to spending money has made us modern day slaves. A slave state is the result of the American dream. If you can't pay off your debt (e.g. your student loan), then you owe your life in servitude to the state. You have sold your soul.

What does Jesus say about making promises? This film looks at what the Bible says about debt and how it is based on making oaths. There are several tragic stories in the Bible about people who made an oath to God, or to someone else. Each story led to deep regret.

This film is for American slaves and anyone else who is living in debt. It offers three possible solutions to the problem of debt. The big question is whether you are willing to do what it takes to break free from slavery.


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