DiscountPetCare announce massive Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in the last week of November. Here is your chance to save up big by stocking up on all your pet care essentials.

Whether you’re feeding dry food, canned food, or both, here are three major reasons why your cat’s meals should comprise meat.

This video provides you with some of the mind-blowing dog toy gifts to reward your canine friends. Read through to know more.

Your cat cannot fix her dandruff by herself but can easily get rid of it with your intervention. In this blog, we’ll discuss about cat dandruff signs, causes & treatments.

This video is a comparison of the two most common varieties available in every supermarket - Dry Food and Wet Food.

Check out the safety tips we've provided below to enjoy forthcoming outdoor celebrations with your pets while avoiding dangerous harmful exposures.

Pet Dental Health Month is celebrated in August every year. This blog provides helpful information on dental care for cats and dogs.

Milbemax is a powerful broad spectrum treatment to control heartworm and intestinal worm in dogs. This video is all information about milbemax allwormer you need to know.

If your dog is slower than usual, is ignoring play time, there is a great chance your dog is low on energy. We got you some best energy booster approaches for your furry friend.

Puppies like children, go through the process of teething. In this blog we will take you through some vital information on teething in puppies.

This year, DiscountPetCare will continue to support the Mother's Day event by offering great deals and offers that bring smiles to the faces of pet moms all over the country.

If your cat appears to be uncomfortable, cat skin problems may be present, here is the in-depth information about skin problems in cats, symptoms and treatment.

Bad breath is one of the major problems in pets, also an easiest to overlook. To Prevent pets bad breath here are the 7 tips to improve your pets bad breath.

Over the years, DiscountPetCare's Easter Sale has been a tremendous hit. This Easter Day Sale has a lot to offers, discounts, so let us walk you through some of the highlights.

The best food for our pets is the one that provides full nutrition along with the taste. This article is all about the best wet food brands trending in 2022.

Just like humans, dogs too, go through some of the most hurtful illnesses that only subside with surgery and orthopedic surgery is one such ailment.

Grain-free dog food has become increasingly popular among dog lovers. So here's our best go at explaining all you need to know about the grain-free dog food diet.

Finding the right preventive for your dog is as important as finding the right person for your life. Credelio Plus is a tasty, beef-flavored monthly chewable tablet designed for use in dogs.

Show your affection for your beloved pets this Valentine's Day by providing them pet supplies for a healthy lifestyle. DiscountPetCare, which offers a Huge Discounts during this festival of love.

Are you looking for some pet-friendly Australia Day tips? DiscountPetCare has compiled a list of 6 pet-friendly Australia Day safety tips for you to make the day special.

Learn how to establish a perfect sleep routine for dogs. Pets are no less than babies, and hence, pet parents whose pets don’t have a sleep routine also face similar issues. Training your pup to sleep on time at a young age will teach them to maintain discipline.

Go through in-depth information about home remedies for cat colds. Here are some things you can do to make your feline friend feel better of colds.

It's the end of the year, you must be all set to end it with a beautiful eve for you and your pet. Let's see how can you celebrate well this New Year with your favorite Furry Friend. We have amazing ideas for you and your pet to have a fantabulous New year!

Here are the 3 home made christmas treats recipes for dogs. This Christmas, make one such platter of dog-friendly treats for your lovely dog as well. Why should only humans enjoy a beautiful platter of cookies on Christmas? This Christmas, make one such platter of dog-friendly treats for your lovely dog as well.

Ticks are pros at hiding on your dog and sucking his blood. Therefore, here are the seven places you should look for ticks on your dogs: Ticks are annoying bloodsucking parasites that can not only find themselves a permanent home on your dog’s body but can also transmit deadly diseases.


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