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"We MUST secure the existence of our people and a future for White children". ~ David Lane

"MUST" is the key word. Whatever it takes.

The above (14 Words) will require that a significant minority of our folk possess a revolutionary spirit & attitude. It MUST be understood that the goal is worth ANY price. ANY means that are required to achieve The 14 Words MUST be relentlessly pursued.

Our enemies are determined to ruthlessly continue with their White genocide agenda. The White resistance MUST be determined to ruthlessly resist the White genocide agenda. ANYTHING that is required is moral. Refraining from that which is required is immoral.

It IS either White racial victory over our enemies or the death of the White race. It IS survive or perish. There is no second place prize.

White revolution is the ONLY solution, therefore physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual preparation for White revolution is essential.

We must focus our efforts on reaching the reachable. Those that can face reality. We must focus on those that can be radicalized rather than focusing on the cowardly stupid lemmings that are under the Jew spell. The lemmings are unreachable at this time.

"Hate for hate & ruth for ruth. Eye for eye & tooth for tooth. Scorn for scorn & smile for smile. Love for love & guile for guile. War for war & woe for woe. Blood for blood & blow for blow. Love thy kindred, love thy friends, love thyself, & hate thine enemies with a whole "heart". Be a foe to your friends foe - a friend to your friends friend. Resist evil. Be as a lion in the path. Be dangerous even in defeat. " ~ Ragnar Redbeard

"Get used to the idea of using whatever means are necessary to CRUSH our enemies. " ~ Kai Murros

Here we look at issues through a Natural Law Might IS Right lens.