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Humblest apologies folks I erroneously called the date on the video as the 13th June 2019, As can be seen below, I should have said 13th May 2019.

Another day; another spray. Today: 13th May 2019, as viewed from the Dublin 15 area, we have been under toxic assault since just prior to dawn. The assault continued from prior to 06:00 hrs and resulted in a milky coloured washed out sky by noon.

This short video clip records a jet aircraft, involved in SAI (Stratospheric Aerosol Injection) i.e. the making of artificial linear cirrus cloud, over Republic of Ireland air space circa 12:56 hrs on Saturday 4th May 2019. The clip follows the linear cirrus cloud tail back left by the aircraft as it had moved forward laying down the man made cloud. Quite a trail of toxic chemicals eh?

Mixed spring flowers at Farmleigh Demesne, Dublin's Phoenix Park - 28th March 2019

Very short sequence of a jet aircraft spraying out linear cirrus cloud in Republic of Ireland airspace on Thursday 28th March 2019.

Sky conditions in the Dublin 15 area on 3rd January 2019.

Dublin's Phoenix Park is one of the largest, and most beautiful open city parklands in the world. If you ever intend visiting Dublin then, without the slightest hesitation, I would recommend that you spend a little time exploring the wonders of this superb natural park land. Needless to say that the number of facts available about this amazing place are significant. However, in this video film, in a somewhat novel way, we take a look at a random sample of 24 such facts. Enjoy the film and remember, do put Dublin's Phoenix Park on your list of places to see. Be warned though, the park is huge so you may wish to schedule a number of visits. Allow approximately four hours per visit. Probably the best way to review the park in on a bicycle. There are bicycles for hire at the start of Chesterfield Avenue i.e. the main entrance to the park at the city end.

Day by day, Geoengineering is becoming an ever greater concern, as thousands more people are waking up to the fact, that our skies have become a dumping ground for a whole range of deadly dangerous heavy metal toxins. It has become so obvious now, through the work of so many great citizen researchers, that the Geoengineering fraternity seems to be working closely, hand in glove in fact, with the Airline Industry as the latter participates in the distribution into our Troposphere, via doped aviation fuel, of Geoengineering pay loads of: Aluminium,Barium, Strontium, Lithium, Iron etc (all highly toxic to human life). The latter chemicals, and much more, being deposited as linear cirrus clouds generated, from aircraft engine exhaust and put there, we are told, as SAI (Stratospheric Aerosol Injection) for the purpose of sun blocking. This short video is offered as augmentation of material already out there on this subject, for the urgent purpose of greater awareness raising, among members of the general public.

The third in a series of films examining the wonderland of nature which is Dublin's Phoenix Park. As the largest public park in Europe, Phoenix Park is simply a must see for any visitors coming to Dublin. Who knows, while there, you might catch more than a glimpse, of some of the amazing fallow deer who roam freely around the park. The deer herd is typically about 450 individuals.

A look at one architectural aspect of Dublin's Phoenix Park, and a pictorial tour of some aspects of its wetlands.

Getting to know the meaning and power of words.

This film takes a brief look at the war on cash, through the lense of a short selection of 2017 tweets, by the film maker and others. The object of the film, is awareness raising, in relation to the current rampant cashlessness agenda, ( also popularly referred to, as the war on cash). Society can, and must push, back against this cashlessness paradigm. A paradigm which if totally realised will, as sure as night follows day, enslave societies and further enrich elites.

Understanding the meaning and power of words.

In 2002, a stealth process began of extra charges for refuse collection in the Dublin 15 area. Creeping increases over several subsequent years, eventually saw the entire process of refuse collection, sorting, re-cycling and/or disposal, being transferred from Local Authorities, to the private sector. Costs to the community went from payment via central taxation to the aforementioned, plus increasing cost bin tags, plus a hefty annual standing charge for so-called non recyclable black bin collections and onward since 2016 into charging by weight for all bin lifts (Black Bin=Non recyclable, Green Bin=Recyclable and Brown Bin=Compostable). The upshot of all of the aforementioned is that the community has been forced to take on the burden of economic rent or private profit for a public service which here to fore was paid via one payment stream only i.e. central taxation. Needless to say, communities are not very happy with the additional cost burdens they have been forced to bear.

Understanding the meaning and power of words.

A "Household Charge" was an interim measure for 2012 only which obliged liable owners of residential properties on 1 January 2012 to register and pay a 100 euro charge. The Household Charge was superseded in the following years by the introduction of the valuation-based "Local Property tax (LPT)" in 1 July 2013.
The above was implemented in full knowledge of many thousands of Irish mortgages being in serious difficulty. In the years since, foreign financial entities were actually invited to come to Ireland, and to avail of the "investment opportunities" of buying up "distressed" mortgage loans etc. The aforementioned has resulted in carnage, with thousands of families forced to vacate their homes to facilitate profits being made by the foreign financial entities. It has become one massive vulture fest.
Despite the above, the Irish Government has left the LPT (Local Property Tax) burden totally indiscriminate and unreformed so that it is now one of the elements which is contributing to Irish people loosing their homes.
This film takes a look at the urgent need for the development of a Just Society in Ireland, and indeed the many reasons why, LPT (Local Property Tax), aka family home tax, is an unjust, unfair, immoral, indiscriminate and anti-family burden too far.

We live in troubled times. One of the many, many manifestations of just how troubled the times we live in are, was of course the terrible "bombing" in Manchester, England in the earlier part of 2017. Questions; there are always so many questions after such atrocities. However, we are forever trotted out the same old lines from MSM, i.e. often propaganda laced diatribes, directly sponsored by establishments, to keep the masses in a state of muddled confusion and fear. Fear is the beast with an insatiable appetite. So, here for what it is worth, was my visceral reaction to both Manchester, and to many more of these likely carefully nurtured and managed events, or weapons of mass fear generation.

Takes a look at one of the many beautiful Lodges which grace the park and one of the park's wetlands.


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