With elements within the Pacifica Foundation attempting to take over and dismantle WBAI radio in New York City, the Station's lawyer speaks to concerned producers, staff, listeners, and others about the situation. a meeting concerning the attempted take-over of Pacifica Station, WBAI in New York the Lawyer for the station speaks to the gathered.

This is a Raw mobile phone video of the Lawyer, who had to spend all of his working day on Monday to get back the physical plant of the New York City Pacifica Foundation radio outlet, explaining to the gathered WBAI devotees the current state of affairs, as factions of the Foundation vandalized the station and shut out broadcasters from their tasks and duty to the Listeners in the New York, as well as on-line community.

This is the continued post on the rather long *Black Panther* conversation and thoughts on the Marvel Studios film.
The first part on theBrother's post can be viewed at:


In this 5th installment of ancillary "stuff" involved in the Marvel Studios production of the comic book *Black Panther* theBrother speaks on evolving a core crew and future projects.

The brother's site is called Home Team History at:
Home Team History

The Post Grad artist site is called Red Spirit Mask:

The reported salaries:
Salaries are based on how many days they work, their standing in the current entertainment sphere (and how good their agents work) and what kind of following they have...

So Dani is paid 1mil because of her role on a television series
Lupita is paid 1mil because, well she is constantly working and she has awards
Michael B. is paid 1 mil because he also has a long track record
Angela is paid 400K because of the amount of work she had to do for the film
Forest is paid 600K because of his awards and his amount of work on the film
the young Miss Wright is paid 500K because of the amount of work she had to do
Daniel is paid 800K because of the amount of work and his award situation
Chadwick gets 3Mil


In this 4th installment of ancillary "stuff" involved in the Marvel Studios production of the comic book *Black Panther* theBrother speaks on the cache this film will bring to the cast, crew and producers involved with the project for future projects.


In this posting theBrother gives three examples of desegregation champions; in each case it was one person who made the difference.

We note the passing to the ancestral realm of Brother Arti Bavuma.
The posting with the Brother Arti example is at the 14:27min mark of:


It's a present phenomenon says theBrother about the ascendance of second-in-command(s).
After a bit of rambling, as usual, theBrother gets to the point.


Let us catch up with the future times and methods of change says theBrother.
What say you?


These guys are great, just plain awesome. I think they call themselves MPG. Here they are performing at Cokes Tavern.
They are from the Polo Park section of the Township, and were so entertaining; may even start a dance craze here in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

It comes in three(s) notes theBrother in these similar political scenarios being played out even as this is being posted.

It's semester break time; there is no break from post graduate research.
But theBrother is munching on a samosa his wife makes; and he is trying to communicate with you at the same time on the topic of something mentioned concerning the Block Chain and groceries.

The Dr. Boyce Watkins video mentioned in this posting is located at:

From Honduras to Zimbabwe the situations are fluid; is the observation of theBrother as we near the end of 2017.
The question becomes will the people of the planet ever achieve the Liberation they deserve?

Here is the previous post regarding the current Zimbabwe situation.

As the title indicates, this is part 2 of this personal advice. Part 1 can be viewed at:

The advice given by theBrother is personal and not medical related.
As indicated this is Part 1 of 2 parts.
Know that since the recording of this video, a month ago; theBrother has been off his blood pressure pharmaceuticals.
He has increased his intake to veggies and added a Magnesium supplement to his daily regime, which also includes a boosting of vitamin K2 via picked veggies and brie cheese.
All is going well.


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As Brother Anthony J. Sloan (theBrother) traverses the planet, at times, he has thoughts to share.
And at other times he records others who have thoughts to share.
These are some of the results.
His posts are unedited and done in one take; so you get it get what you get.