Sorta mixed the 2 versions together. Still it's the bestest cover evar!!!

Best Version of Fast Cover Evar.

2 outta 3 ain't bad cover Annoying Singing neighbor experience

LONG GONE LONESOME BLUES HANK WILLIAMS Cover -The annoying Singing neighbor experience

Californication Cover The annoying Singing neighbor experience.

Crocodile Rock -Cover - Annoying singing neighbor experience!

Trying to play and sing at same time while plucking... So, recording my progress

Pantera This Love Karaoke Cover

Uninvited Cover Originally by Alanis

Yeah, I can't hit that high note right at all. hehe, that's why she makes the big bucks.

Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town Cover

Folsom Prison Cover Originally by Johnny Cash.

Dope Show Cover

Candle in the wind Cover. Apologies to Elton John

Achy Breaky Heart Cover.

I'm sorry for doing this to yall..

All Apologies Cover

Cover of Pink Floyd's the Wall.

Every Breath you take Cover.

Made this in like 20 minutes... hehe. There is no meaning, felt like making a song with Murder is contagious lyric saw in netflix show.

Murder, is contagious.

Twisted in pain and fear.
Your judgement is finally near.
Feeling so lost, no sound.
My voice is drowning out now.

All is lost no hope.
Soon dangle from my rope.
When they come for me..
I will be beatin free..

Murder is very contagious...
Beware the bringer of the noose.
Murder is very contagious...
Beware it doesn't infect you...

Impossible to turn the tide.
Only way out is to die..
Feeling has left me alone.
Surrounded by sycophants fingering my ass hole.

Sucked the truth out of me...
Her pussy powers stronger than believed.
I'll do whatever is requried...
Finger my ego,lover take me higher.

My glorious rendition of Somebody like you!

He Stopped Loving Her Today Cover.

Cheap Thrills Cover LOL!

The Bomb

When the bombs start flying....
and your children dying.
I bet you'll starting thinking differently then.

When the cities are burning.....
and your stomach is churning....
from all the putrid meat you've ingest.

What did you think would happen, when we discovered the bomb...

Such idle complacency....
Seems to be the our natural default...
Submission to authority...
I believe is our waning song...

What did you think would happen, when we discovered the bomb...
Bye to everything son, it's a new world

Pick up the piecess.....
Tomorrow will be the next chance to do it all wrong.
There's a reason....
We're in this universe all alone...

What did you think would happen, when we discovered the bomb...

Liberal Tears - Original Demo by me! lol.

Why are you such a grown ass baby.
I'm not going to be your cucked ally.

What kind of person believe in free bleeding.
What kind of man hides his face in daylight.

I just want to drink your liberal tears
I just want to be your liberal fears..

When you laying in momma's basement.
Don't you ever wonder what went wrong.

Jerking off to MAnga Comics.
Dream of bashing fasc all day long.

So, you like hitting people with bike locks.
Mob homes and threaten mail bombs.

Don't you think normal people,
might look, and think you're just wrong.

I just want to drink your liberal tears
I just want to be your liberal fears..

Ya just want toooo bash some fasc....
Don't worry about the backlash....

So, you want to control my speech. yeah..
Well, how about this big Fuck you....

Oh you want a "Socialist" Utopia.
Sure, this time it'll be different dude.

How about not rigging the elections...
I thought you dems liked Bernie to...

Instead of fixing the whole damn world....
How about you clean your own damn room...

I just want to drink your liberal tears
I just want to be your liberal fears..

ya... you just want it all for free.....
But who will pay if we're all hippies!

Pussy Hat Wearing Girl - Original by Me!

I don't want no pussy hat wearing.
Potty mouth swearing girl
oh the horrors of the patriarchy, must be hard to be a poor upper class white lady.
am G F G
I'm tired of hearing you whine and moan, you didn't get what you wanted.
am G F G
Maybe if put in the time, instead of holding some damn sign..

I don't want no slut walk talking,
equity hawking two faced girl.
IF you reply with, so what you're saying
I Got a couple facts about lobsters for you.
am G F G
your girl didn't win the presidency, such a tragedy, i mean she had a vagina.
you want compulsory diversity, except when it comes to shoveling shit.
F G am f
And don't try to Sarkeesan me, into believing you don't like the game.
F G am F
and please don't make the assumption that men and women are all the same.
c G F G
sO, Please don't scream and yell, damn all men to hell because you're so unhappy.
Fact is most people agree, women are pretty awesome

...........when they're not crazy!


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