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Whether you like it or not, autonomous flying taxi will become mainstream withing the next decade. In this video we cover the latest flying air taxi and Boring company news, hyperloop construction update, as well as debunk some popular misconceptions about flying air taxi and hyperloop.

As for the Boring company tunnel update, the digging work for the first tunnel of the Las Vegas Boring tunnel has been completed. Hence the Las Vegas Boring tunnel system is right on track to open for CES 2021. Later on the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop will be gradually expanded to the Vegas Loop, which will connect the convention center to the strip and the airport.

As for flying car 2020 update, a trial run of the Wisk flying air taxi (partnership between Kitty Hawk and Boeing) has been approved in Canterbury, New Zealand. The autonomous flying passenger drone Cora from Wisk would be called via App, similar to a ride-sharing service, and fly you fully autonomously to your destination.
We debunk three common myths about autonomous flying taxi: they are loud, inefficient and unsafe.

As for hyperloop news 2020, the state of Missouri has approved the construction work begin for the hyperloop track connecting Kansas City and St. Louis.
Other important hyperloop progress includes a feasibility study for the great lakes hyperloop system, the Dubai Abu Dhabi Hyperloop, the Mumbai Pune Hyperloop, as well as the emergence of many new hyperloop startups.
We compare the hyperloop progress to the market growth of automobile 100 years ago, in order to bust the myth that hyperloop isn't real and would never be really built.
We debunk three common myths about hyperloop: it's unsafe due to extremely high speeds, it's impossible to maintain vacuum in hyperloop tubes, and hyperloop trains require a huge amount of energy which can not be provided.

Where will such a huge budget for the US Space Force be spent on in 2021? Will NASA's budget increase be sufficient for a crewed Artemis moon landing in 2024? And why suddenly would Elon want a HORIZONTAL Starship Landing on the moon?!

Our fun narration of a resumed Moon Race between the US and Russia as motivation for the newest branch of the armed forces in the States, the US Space Force.
The largest portion of the US Space Force budget in 2021 would be spent on research and development. We speculate on a new Spacex Starship military version and Starship landing on moon with US space marines.

As for Spacex Starship news, SpaceX Boca Chica facility is starting to mass produce Spacex Starship test rocket. So SpaceX's location at Boca Chica really looks like turning into a real Starship Gigafactory.
SpaceX is winning in the Crew Dragon vs Starliner contest to send astronauts to the ISS from American soil again. Since the crew dragon capsule has already been transported to Kennedy Space Center, SpaceX's first human flight could take place as early as May 2020.

NASA SLS center core arrived at Stennis space center and will undergo a series of green-run tests over the next months.
President Donald Trump proposed an increase of NASA budget by 12.5% to $25 billion for the fiscal year 2021, which gives new hope for the development of NASA moon 2024 rocket and the Gateway to Mars.
The new NASA budget for a crewed moon lander could trigger an impressive SpaceX vs Blue Origin vs Boeing race in bringing the first humans to the moon again.
If Congress would approve NASA's increased budget request for 2021-2025, a manned Moon landing by 2024 within NASA's Artemis program might indeed become a reality. Either with the SLS / Orion / Gateway / small lunar lander architecture, or by chartering SpaceX Starship / Super Heavy.

SpaceX's Starship could land on the moon horizontally by using more powerful cold gas thrusters, in order to avoid hurling the lunar soil away due to extremely high speeds.

Is the Coronavirus a real threat to Tesla's production in China? Will Giga Texas really be built? Besides Tesla news update, we also talk about the regulatory approval for Nuro’s driverless delivery robots in Houston and the expansion of Electrify America.

It's quite normal for the Tesla stock price to take a small correction after such a steep rise. However, the mainstream news media, led by CNBC, is spreading anti Tesla FUD news again using the Coronavirus. Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory just resumed its production and the Coronavirus won't have any negative impact on the delivery of Tesla Chinese Model 3.
The most exciting piece of Tesla news 2020 is probably Elon's latest poll on Twitter, asking people whether they want a Gigafactory in Texas. Giga Texas would open up a huge market for Tesla pickup Cybertruck in the state where everybody drives a pickup truck.
Elon released further details on the progress of Tesla full self driving and Tesla's autonomous Robotaxi network could launch as early as end 2020.
A steering wheel technology with integrated touchscreen controls has been added to Tesla patents.

Elon announced on Twitter that we will soon see new details on the Neuralink brain machine interface.
UK has decided to ban diesel and gasoline cars by 2035.
The Electrify America charging network is expanding at a fast pace, but they still can't compete with Tesla's supercharger network regarding density and ease of use.
The silicon valley startup Nuro just received regulatory approval from NHTSA for deploying 5000 of their driverless delivery vehicles in US cities.

Is Tesla stock worth buying in the current insane Tesla stock rally? We give you our opinions after examining all the highlights from Tesla's Q4 earnings call. While we're certainly optimistic on the Tesla stock long term development, the situation for legacy carmakers like GM or Mercedes certainly doesn't look so great.

Tesla just killed their Q4 earnings call and surprised everyone with extremely positive Tesla earnings Q4 2019. As a result , the Tesla stock keeps going up, so is the Tesla stock too late too buy in 2020?
Since Tesla is probably the most disruptive company on earth besides SpaceX, investing in Tesla stock is undoubtedly a smart move. The only real question is when is the best time to buy Tesla stock.
The Tesla Model Y production date is far ahead of schedule and the Tesla Model Y first delivery can already take place in March 2020.
We also expect major Tesla Model S update in 2020, including an increased range and the release of Tesla plaid Model S with even greater accelerations.
Tesla semi truck is entering production now and the first Tesla Semis could already be delivered in Summer 2020.
Tesla energy is expanding quickly. Tesla solar roof and megapack installations are expected to rise by 50% in 2020.

GM's president Mark Reuss announced GM's new electric vehicle plans for the next years. However, we highly doubt that any of them will be realized in time.
Mercedes is busy testing the Mercedes EQS, the flagship Sedan of their all-electric EQ line of electric cars.
The largest Chinese electric car manufacture BYD supplies more than 60% of the electric buses in the US.
UPS just ordered 10,000 electric delivery vans from the UK startup Arrival.

Not only SpaceX Starship Boca Chica factory is progressing nicely, but SpaceX is also considering to reopen their facility at the port of LA to accelerate Starship / Super Heavy's assembly even further! Besides the latest Starship pressure test, we also discuss whether NASA's 2024 moon landing is endangered by a new congress bill.

The Starship tank prototype successfully reached 8.5 bar in the latest SpaceX Starship tank test, paving the way for future crewed Starship missions.
In order to accelerate the assembly of SpaceX Super Heavy booster and Elon's ambitious SpaceX Starship Mars landing plan, SpaceX is considering to build a second Starship factory besides the current SpaceX Starship Boca Chica facility.
Another successful Falcon 9 SpaceX Starlink satellites deployment makes a further step towards the launch of SpaceX Internet 2020 in North America.

ESA's Clear Space mission is an important step towards solving the space debris problem.

Jim Bridenstine has a difficult time to keep NASA's Artemis program. A new congress bill namely proposes to cancel Artemis 2024 manned moon landing. If the bill gets passed, it would also basically force NASA to solely utilize Boeing's launch system in the future, instead of any commercial solutions, e.g. a SpaceX moon lander.
The first 16 science experiments and technology demonstrations of the commercial lunar services payloads program have been revealed. One of them might provide some highly useful data for a future SpaceX Starship moon or Mars landing.

Since the Tesla stock just keeps going up, Tesla short sellers are spreading some new INVENTED anti Tesla news all over MSM. However, this new Tesla FUD from Tesla stock short sellers can't stop Tesla from developing to the most important company on this planet.

As a response to the recent Tesla short squeeze, a Tesla short seller filed false allegations against Tesla at NHTSA. Luckily, Tesla's user data totally prove the nonsense of this new Tesla FUD story.
We're extremely confident in the Tesla stock long term development, especially due to the Tesla 2020 Model Y launch, the start of Tesla Semi production, Tesla new battery cell, the release of Tesla full self driving by end 2020, and of course the positive progress of Tesla Giga Berlin.
Tesla Berlin Gigafactory is now a done deal. However, WW II bombs were discovered on the future Tesla Giga Berlin site.
Elon Musk tweeted that we might be able to play Witcher in a Tesla while waiting at the supercharger.

It has become a new trend that legacy car makers heavily invest in electric car start ups.
The California-based mobility services company Canoo officially opened the waiting list for its subscription-only based EV.
GM unveiled their Cruise Origin, a fully autonomous shuttle pod car for ride-sharing services.

A new Tesla car design sketch has just surfaced! Will it soon be fully developed in Tesla's China design center?! Besides Tesla news update, we also take a look at the so-called Tesla competitor Lucid, Porsche Taycan & the Ionity charging network in Europe.

We see the new Tesla design sketch of a sub Model 3 car as the confirmation that Tesla indeed plans to develop a new car model in its upcoming China design center. So Tesla Gigafactory 3 production really has to be ramped up in order to support Tesla 2020 Model Y, Model 3 and this new China designed car model.
The free over-the-air Tesla software update, Tesla autopilot and the supercharging network are clear Tesla competitive advantage. And in Europe, Tesla is the clear winner of the Ionity vs Tesla supercharger competition with regard to both pricing and coverage of the charging stations.
With half the range and double the price, Porsche has no chance against Tesla in view of the Tesla Model S vs Porsche Taycan Turbo S comparison.
Lucid plans to reveal the production version of the Lucid Air in April, with production start by the end of 2020. Moreover, Lucid wants to build a new factory at Casa Grande in Arizona. We're curious to see whether the specs of the Lucid Air can really match those of the Tesla Model S.
The Boring company tunnel in Las Vegas is now 50% finished and should be open for CES 2021 at the latest.
New data from the US Energy Information administration shows coal plants are being gradually replaced by renewable energy. This is highly needed especially due to the clear statistical proof of the accelerating climate change.

We're impressed by Boca Chica's insane speed with Spacex Starship pressure test. Besides updates on Spacex Starship prototype, Elon also teased how easily end users can connect to the SpaceX Starlink Wifi. Last but not least, NASA's TESS just discovered a new earth-like exoplanet to point the JWST at!

If the SpaceX Crew Dragon inflight abort test will be successful, SpaceX will be one giant step closer towards bringing astronauts to the ISS with a SpaceX Falcon 9 Crew Dragon launch.
SLS core stage has now left NASA Michoud Assembly Facility and is being moved towards NASA's Stennis Space Center for green run tests. This SLS center core is planned to send a NASA Artemis Orion spacecraft into moon orbit later in 2020. But you know who we think will win in this Spacex Starship vs SLS moon race ;)
Thanks to the aggressive Spacex Starlink satellite launch schedule with their Falcon 9 rocket we expect SpaceX Starlink Wifi coverage for North America by end 2020. Elon Musk just revealed how used-friendly the Starlink receiver dishes or user antennas will be.

NASA's transiting exoplanet survey satellite (TESS) just found a new earth-sized exoplanet in the habitable zone of the Dorado constellation. This likely rocky planet is now designated as TOI 700 d and would be a perfect target for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope in search for extraterrestrial life by analyzing exoplanetary oxygen.
Project Breakthrough Starshot has developed a new method to let solar sail self-adjust itself on an interstellar light sail travel. Hence we could precisely shoot light sail spacecrafts towards interesting destinations outside the solar system like Proxima Centauri b.
A new study based on data from the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter shows that Mars is losing water much faster than we thought. So Elon should really hurry up with his Spacex Starship mars landing plan ;)

At Boca Chica, SpaceX successfully completed a new Spacex starship pressure test as preparation for the upcoming Starship orbital test flights. Besides, the Spacex starship prototype SN1 is being assembled at record speeds.

We're so looking forward to the Tesla 2020 Model Y production start, which is much sooner than originally planned. Then the Chinese Tesla 2020 Model 3 price has been lowered again while the Gigafactory 3 production rate is climbing up quickly. Of course we'll also have a look at all the new EVs 2020 and how Elon's Hyperloop & Boring tunnels will develop in 2020.

The tunnel loop system for the Las Vegas Convention Center will be finished by the Boring Company in 2020 and be open for CES 2021.
SpaceX will build a 6.2 mile long test track including a curve for the next Hyperloop competition. The first commercial hyperloop will be built in Dubai by Virgin Hyperloop One, where construction work will start in 2020.

The Chinese company EHang has started to test their EHang 184 passenger drone and is working closely with the local government on the regulatory framework for flying drone taxis. So with luck we can see the first flying air taxi network by end 2020 in the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

Besides the Tesla Model Y delivery in 2020, the most notable upcoming electric cars include the Byton M-Byte, the VW ID.3, the Polestar 2, the BMW ix3, an updated Kia Soul EV, the Seat El-Born, the Opel Corsa-e, the Fiat 500e, the Peugeot e-208, the Honda-e, and the Audi Q4 e-tron. New electric cars for 2021 include the Lucid Air, the Ford Mustang Mach-e, the Rivian R1T, and of course our beloved Tesla Cybertruck.
Tesla has now become the Nr. 1 best selling EV brand in the Netherlands, even overtaking the previous record holder Norway. The upcoming Tesla Germany factory will certainly increase Tesla sell numbers in Europe even more.
Tesla Gigafactory 3 production rate has been increased to 3000 cars per week and Tesla 2020 price for made-in-China Model 3 has been lowered again.
All these positive developments will contribute to the continuous rise of Tesla 2020 stock price and the anti Tesla FUD media narrative, sponsored by Big Oil and some hedge funds, can't stop the success of Tesla.
The positive Tesla Model Y production update suggests that Tesla has ramped up their battery production capacity and could be able to deliver the first Model Y already by mid 2020.
Tesla autopilot from an entry level Model 3 completely defeats the top of the line drive assist capability of the BMW M850i grand coupe, which just confirms Tesla's stable lead in electric car and self driving technologies.

We analyze all SpaceX 2020 plans with regard to Starship, Starlink and of course their very first crewed mission of sending astronauts to the ISS. Besides the SpaceX updates, we also briefly talk about India's new Chandrayaan-3 moon mission for 2020.

New buildings and huge tents have been erected at SpaceX Boca Chica spaceport. The SpaceX Boca Chica launch pad will soon be ready for Starship prototype test flight and also future SpaceX Super Heavy booster launches.
Starship Mk3 prototype has now been renamed to Starship Serial Number 1, so Starship SN1. We think Elon Musk's SpaceX Starship schedule is a bit too optimistic and we expect Starship SN1 prototype to be finished in mid 2020.

The very first SpaceX Falcon 9 Crew Dragon launch with humans on board could already take place in the second quarter of 2020, if the crucial Crew Dragon inflight abort test will be successfully completed in January 2020.
Finally delivering NASA astronauts to the ISS with the Crew Dragon capsule will be an important milestone for SpaceX in 2020, since this would further demonstrate the reliability of SpaceX's rocket technology and launch systems, and might even lead to future joint NASA-SpaceX moon or Mars missions.

Two Falcon 9 launches for the SpaceX Starlink satellite deployment are planned for January, and North America can already expect SpaceX Starlink internet coverage by the end of 2020.

After the failure of Chandrayaan-2, India just announced their new Chandrayaan-3 moon mission which plans to land a rover near the lunar south pole in November 2020.
We hope to see more space agencies chartering SpaceX's launch systems for their moon missions and SpaceX Starship landing on the moon marking the first step of an international moon colony.

It took Tesla only 357 days from starting to build the Gigafactory 3 to the fist delivery of Made-In-China Model 3s! Then the contract for Gigafactory 4 near Berlin should be finalized still this week! Besides the astounding progress of Tesla China Factory, we also want to have a look what the potential Tesla competitors have planned for 2020.

Tesla China factory production is already in full swing and the first delivery of Tesla China Model 3 still took place in 2019. With additional loans from Chinese banks, Tesla Gigafactory 3 will be able to produce around 500,000 cars (both Model 3 and Model Y) per year by 2022 at the latest. Another piece of positive Tesla China factory news is the newly announced tax exemption for China built Model 3s.

Tesla factory Germany near Berlin should receive the final approval from German authorities this week. Tesla Gigafactory 4 is expected to produce around 500,000 cars per year after ramp up.
Tesla full-self driving preview is now available for select customers with the FSD hardware 3. Hence we believe Tesla is very likely to roll out their FSD Robotaxi network by end 2020.
Tesla just filed an official patent for their new battery technology providing 1 million mile range. We expect to learn more about Tesla battery breakthroughs thanks to the Maxwell dry electrode fabrication process on Tesla's battery and drivetrain investor day in 2020.

Unfortunately, the Chinese EV startup Byton keeps pushing back the production start of their full electric car Byton M-Byte.
Tesla is the clear winner for the Tesla Model 3 vs Polestar 2 competition, due to the Tesla supercharger network and the much higher production volume among other reasons.
VW ID.3 is also considered to be one of the Tesla Model 3 competitors 2020. However, VW just encountered some software problems with their ID.3 and the VW ID.3 production number will be very low in 2020. Hence Tesla won't have any serious competition in 2020 and beyond.

An insightful comment on our last video reveals that the failed Starliner ISS docking is not due to a simple software bug, but rather a FUNDAMENTAL engineering ERROR at Boeing! Besides the Starliner update, we also talk about the importance of the Long March 5 rocket for China and some highly interesting upcoming Venus and Mars missions.

The firing of Boeing's CEO Dennis Muilenburg is deeply connected to the latest Boeing Starliner test failure. Their CST-100 Starliner spacecraft failed to dock to the ISS after the Starliner launch on 20th Dec.
A smart viewer of our channel pointed out that the latest Starliner ISS mission fail was due to some fundamental flaws in the engineering process of the Starliner spacecraft rather than a pure software bug.

China successfully completed their Long March 5 rocket test. The Long March 5 rocket is supposed to deliver the first Chinese Mars rover, to help build China's next bigger space station, and to launch the Chang'e 5 lunar sample return mission in 2020.

The upcoming Venus flybys of the Parker solar probe will provide valuable data on the interaction between Venus' atmosphere and solar wind.

Th European Space Agency (ESA) just committed to a Mars sample return mission to bring back rock samples which will be collected during the NASA Mars mission 2020. However, the Earth return vehicle from ESA will come back only in 2031. By that time, we already expect to see routine SpaceX Mars landing delivering cargo and collecting samples, as well as the first SpaceX human mission to Mars. Elon Musk and SpaceX are just far more ambitious with regard to Mars & Moon colonization as compared to NASA or ESA.

The new Tesla factory Germany just gained huge support from the German Federal Minister of Economics, and construction work is rumored to start already next month! At the same time, the Tesla China Gigafactory is already rolling out the first Chinese built Model 3s. Hence it's no wonder that Tesla stock will go up in 2020.

We don't believe the omission of the US federal EV tax credit will have a negative impact on Tesla car sales numbers in 2020. In contrast, Tesla new battery cell technology will drastically reduce Tesla battery price and Tesla can easily make up the price difference due to the current Tesla Model 3 federal tax credit if necessary. With Tesla factory China going online now and the additional Tesla Model Y 2020 sales, we believe Tesla might even be able to sell 50% more cars in 2020 as compared to 2019.
The confirmation of the Tesla Germany factory and the beginning of Tesla Gigafactory 3 production certainly have contributed to the lately rising Tesla stock price.

The EPA range of the Porsche Taycan is much lower than expected, and thus can't compete with Tesla cars at all.
Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla might build a smaller version of the Tesla Cybertruck for the European market.
According to a Bloomberg report, Germany will soon become Europe's largest electric vehicle market. The first deliveries of the Volkswagen ID.3 in 2020 and the announcement of new Tesla factory Germany will certainly support this upward trend.
Tesla Model 3 has been nominated to EV of the year 2020 by Edmunds,
The latest Tesla autopilot update already includes some advanced features such as adjacent lane speed adjustments and stop sign detection. Hence we believe Tesla will be able to release full self-driving during 2020-2021.

In this SPECIAL space episode we analyze all the highlights from NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine's speech on Artemis update: How REALISTIC is the NASA 2024 moon landing? Is the SLS core stage completion a huge boost for the Artemis moon mission? How many components of NASA Artemis program are really REUSABLE?

At Artemis Day, Jim Bridenstine and Douglas Loverro (NASA's new human spaceflight leader) spoke in front of the completed SLS core stage at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans.
Bridenstine explains the next steps for NASA Artemis 2024 manned moon landing, why NASA Gateway program is essential for commercial and international partners, as well as NASA moon base plans.
Even though the Space Launch System itself won't be reusable, the Lunar Gateway, NASA Orion spacecraft and the probably commercial Artemis moon lander for NASA Artemis project will be reusable and should enable a sustainable presence of humanity on the moon.
NASA will select commercial lunar landers for the deployment of pressurized rovers and moon colony infrastructures before NASA manned moon mission as part of the commercial lunar payload services program. In our opinion, SpaceX Falcon Heavy and Starship will be the perfect choice for such moon missions.
Bridenstine seems to be really determined with NASA Artemis 2024 crewed moon landing, since he stated that NASA will find ways to make it happen no matter whether congress will approve the additional funding needed for the crewed Artemis mission with the SLS rocket and Orion capsule.
Detailed timeline for NASA Artemis project: uncrewed Artemis 1 in 2020, crewed Artemis 2 in 2022 which will be a round trip around the moon, then assembly of the lunar Gateway in 2022-2024, finally NASA's new manned moon landing in 2024 within Artemis 3.

As you all liked our previous prediction on how human spaceflight will unfold in the next decades, we've decided to do an updated Mars colonization timeline now, including both the SpaceX Starship orbital prototype development in the near future and Elon Musk's Mars colonization plan in the a bit more distant future.

A Falcon 9 rocket once again successfully delivered SpaceX Cargo Dragon capsule to the ISS within the CRS-19 Commercial Resupply Service mission for NASA.
Boeing CST-100 Starliner crew capsule is now mounted onto a ULA Atlas V rocket for the upcoming uncrewed test flight to the ISS.
We expect SpaceX Crew Dragon launching NASA astronauts to the ISS by mid 2020, after the critical Crew Dragon in-flight abort test takes place within the next few weeks.

The first step for SpaceX Mars roadmap is of course the testing of the Mk3 and Mk4 SpaceX Starship test rocket in the next two years. The Mk4 Starship prototype could already deliver the first cargoes to the Moon in 2021.
By 2022, SpaceX Starship orbital refueling technology should be well developed. Moreover, Starship and Super Heavy production seriously starts to ramp up thanks to the new huge revenues from the Starlink broadband satellite internet service. Two unmanned Starships will be sent towards Mars within the 2022 Mars orbit transfer window and the first Elon Musk Mars landing takes place.
The success of the Dearmoon mission in 2023 convinces NASA to scrap SLS and instead charter SpaceX Starship to bring their astronauts back to the moon in 2024 for their Artemis program.
In the 2024 Mars orbit transfer window, two further unmanned Starship missions are sent to Mars and deliver the first SpaceX Mars transportation infrastructure to the Erebus Montes region, a preferred site for building future Mars bases.
The first SpaceX Mars human mission takes place in the 2026 window, with a new Starship design incorporating artificial gravity and radiation shielding for the astronauts on board.
In late 2030s, regular Starship travel between Mars and Earth is established and the population of Mars colonies grows beyond 10,000 people.

We discuss whether the recent closing of the Cocoa Starship building site and the Mk1 Starship test failure have an negative impact on SpaceX Starship takeoff schedule. Besides, we explore whether NASA's new human spaceflight head will lead to more NASA and SpaceX collaboration.

All SpaceX Starship Florida building activities are being moved to SpaceX Starship Boca Chica facility after the partial explosion of SpaceX Starship test rocket Mk1.
SpaceX apparently wants to speed up the building process of Starship Mk3, the first SpaceX Starship orbital prototype, by joining the forces of Boca China and Cocoa. Hence we believe the SpaceX Starship test flight date in 2020 won't suffer further huge delays.

Douglas Loverro has just been sworn in as NASA's new associate administrator for the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate.
Jim Bridenstine estimates the launch costs of SLS to be lower than 2 billion USD and denies that there is a competition going on between SLS and commercial rocket launch systems.
Although we really appreciate Loverro's optimism on NASA landing astronauts on the Moon in 2024, we have to rant about him talking about SpaceX Starship and Blue Origin New Glenn as if these two were on the same level.
Anyway, it appears that NASA is more and more opening up for incorporating commercial rockets into their Artemis program. If SpaceX would succeed with their planned cargo Starship moon landing in 2021 and unmanned Starship moon round trip in 2022, there is a good chance that NASA will scrap SLS and instead charter SpaceX Starship to bring their astronauts back to the moon in 2024.

Tesla has requested its suppliers to start to produce Model Y parts asap, hence we believe the Tesla Model Y production start will take place already by mid 2020! Besides the new Tesla Model Y production date, we also have some good news on the Tesla Model 3 charging speed and Tesla battery technology improvements.

The Tesla Model Y production update suggests that we can expect the first Model Y deliveries already in late 2020. Thanks to the very competitive Tesla Model Y price and the huge crossover SUV market segment, we believe the Model Y will become Tesla's new cash cow after their current success with the Model 3.
Since Tesla is now adding Model Y, Cybertruck, the second-generation Tesla Roadster and the Tesla Semi to their production schedule, we believe they have overcome the Tesla battery production capacity problem with Panasonic. We'll certainly learn more about Tesla Maxwell Battery breakthroughs on Tesla'S Battery and Powertrain Investor Day in early 2020.

Even though BMW is mocking the glass test fail on Tesla's cybertruck presentation, the cybertruck has already got over 250,000 preorders. On the other hand, Audi and BMW have to cut back thousands of jobs in Germany as they slept on the advancement of electric cars. We really hope Tesla will soon start to build the Gigafactory 4 in Berlin, such that the people here don't have to worry about losing their jobs.

A California-based electric car start-up, Neuron EV, just unveiled their upcoming T.One pickup truck and the TORQ semi.
The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+) can now charge at a speed of up to 170 kW and the Model 3 Mid-Range (MR) at a speed of up to 200 kW.

The company Nanoracks has booked a spot in SpaceX rideshare program for their Space Habitat Demo mission, where they will try to build a small space station from used rockets! On the other hand, China is busy preparing their most powerful rocket, the Long March 5, for the Chinese Mars mission.

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is being tested for the upcoming SpaceX ISS launch: the CRS-19 cargo resupply mission.
The SmallSat Rideshare Program offers free payload capacity in SpaceX Falcon 9 launch to small satellite operators. Nanoracks is sending eight cubesats and a space habitat construction experiment within a 2020 SpaceX rideshare opportunity to test the technology of building small space stations from space debris.
Boeing CST-100 Starliner crew capsule has been attached to the Atlas V rocket for an upcoming uncrewed test flight. We expect SpaceX Crew Dragon to launch astronauts to the ISS by mid 2020 and Boeing by late 2020. Hopefully we'll see more NASA and SpaceX collaboration in the future, especially after SpaceX manned capsule launching for NASA and SpaceX Starship landing on the moon before the SLS.

China is testing their Long March 5 rocket for the upcoming Chang'e 5 lunar sample return mission. The same China Long March rocket is scheduled to launch China's first Mars lander in 2020, and even China's first manned mission to the moon afterwards. Besides, China is planning to build lunar bases and mine lunar resources e.g. 3 Helium-3 for fusion reactors.

NASA's Ames Research Center released a new animation showing the cloud evolution on Mars over a full day night cycle. It will be highly interesting to see what NASA Mars 2020 rover will find on this fascinating red planet.
The National Academy of Sciences found evidence for ribose sugar in extraterrestrial meteorites, which is in our opinion a clear proof for the abundance of life in the universe.

We firmly believe Elon developed the Tesla Cybertruck with the long-term goal of utilizing it as a Moon or Mars Rover! And we don't think SpaceX's recent Mk1 Starship test fail will push back Elon Musk Mars plan timeline so much.

We have 2 main reasons why Elon Musk Cybertruck is the perfect Mars rover: first the Cybertruck can be pressurized, which is essential for the thin atmosphere on Mars or the vacuum on the Moon. Second, the strong steel shell of the Cybertruck will protect us from micrometeorite impacts on the Moon and on Mars.
We believe all Elon Musk's companies have the common goal of advancing humanity into space: Starship landing on Mars with Cybertruck Mars rovers, Boring Machines digging underground Moon and Mars bases, Starlink working as an interplanetary communications network and many more examples!

The upper tank dome of the Mk1 SpaceX Starship test rocket flew into the air in a cryogenic pressure test at Boca Chica, which resulted in the termination of this prototype of Elon Musk Mars rocket.
SpaceX is moving fast from the Mk1 anomaly to building the Mk3 Starship prototype, the first true SpaceX Starship orbital prototype which will not only perform a 20 km hopping test, but also fly into space and orbit the earth.
We have a Cybertruck and Sci-fi movie inspired timeline for future Starship Moon base, Elon Musk Mars mission and how humanity will finally become a multi-planetary civilization.

Boeing released an official statement on being overpaid by NASA for building the SLS (Space Launch System): they claim to be completely innocent & no corruption had happened.

As Blade Runner fans, we admit that we might have a slightly biased opinion on the exterior of the Tesla Cybertruck ;) But when you really break down all the specs and features of the Tesla new pickup, you will see why it's far more superior than all other upcoming electric pickup trucks!

Our Tesla Cybertruck review begins with an extensive examination of its Blade Runner style cyberpunk exterior design.
The starting price of $39.9k for all the amazing Tesla Cybertruck features just exceeded everyone's expectation. Moreover, a price of $69.9k for the triple motor version of the Tesla new Cybertruck with a range of 500 miles and an acceleration of under 2.9 s to 60 mph is more than reasonable. The bulletproof exoskeleton and the high Tesla pickup truck towing capacity are also unique Tesla features as compared to Rivian or Ford.
The Tesla pickup truck interior has a similar minimalist design to the Model 3, so there is a lot of room for modding the Cybertruck.
We believe Tesla will be able to deliver the first Cybertrucks in 2021. So 2021 might become the year of electric pickup trucks, since the Rivian R1T and an all electric version of the Ford F-150 are supposed to be launched in this year as well. Although the more traditional look of the Ford and the Rivian pickup might be more appealing to many people, but Tesla has the unique advantages of the supercharger network, the greatest range and highest acceleration thanks to the Tesla new battery technology, the Tesla pickup truck self driving feature and of course the unexpected low price.

Faraday Future just revealed the quite futuristic interior design of their FF 91 on the LA Auto Show.
The Chinese EV company Byton just received permit to sell their cars in California, and if you buy a Byton M-Byte, you will have free access to the Electrify America charging network for 2 years.

Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China is now officially completed, and the first Chinese built Model 3s are already available in all Tesla stores for test driving. Tesla attempts to deliver the first Chinese built Model 3s as early as January 2020.
Elon Musk announced the Tesla Gigafactory 4 to be built near Berlin, Germany. So we will finally be living in a country with a Tesla gigafactory and can always give you first-hand factory updates!

An official government report just confirmed NASA's corrupt practice in awarding commercial contracts. In our SpaceX vs Boeing rant we explain in detail how SpaceX has been achieving far more with less budget provided by NASA. Of course, updates on SpaceX Starlink network and SpaceX Starship development can't be missing in this week's space news.

As we know, SpaceX and Boeing both received contracts from NASA within the commercial crew program. Whereas Crew Dragon, SpaceX manned capsule for sending astronauts to the ISS once again from American soil, is almost ready to launch, Boeing's CST-100 Starliner is still far away from fly-ready. Besides, a seat in SpaceX's crew dragon capsule would only cost 55 million USD as compared to the 90 million USD price from Boeing.
However, an official report just revealed that Boeing actually received almost double the amount of money for the same project from NASA! Of course we would like to see more and more NASA and SpaceX collaboration, but such an insane level of unfairness and corruption in the spaceflight industry can't just be tolerated.

SpaceX's latest Starlink satellites launch with a Falcon 9 rocket was a full success. And we can't explain often enough why Starlink is such an important project and why SpaceX is making Starlink: the huge revenues generated by the Starlink high speed internet will fully finance SpaceX Starship / Super Heavy development and eventually enable us to fly to Mars and beyond.

The MK1 Starship prototype at SpaceX Starship build site in Boca Chica could perform its first 20 km test flight as early as next month, where we could also expect Elon Musk's famous skydiver SpaceX starship landing maneuver to be performed. Over in Florida, the Starship launch mount at the Kennedy Space Center is progressing nicely as well.

The seasonal fluctuations of the methane and oxygen level, detected by NASA's Curiosity rover, increase the possibility of active Martian life form.

We accurately predicted the rise of the Tesla stock already half a year ago! Back then the stock price was artificially kept at an insanely low level by different FUD stories and Tesla media bias, i.a. sponsored by big oil and large hedge funds.

An epic Tesla short squeeze has resulted in huge losses for the Tesla short sellers. Tesla fake news and main stream media like CNBC's bias against Tesla can't keep the stock price undervalued anymore and we believe Tesla stock will double soon as compared to half a year ago. Tesla stock fair value should be well above 400 USD.

Our optimistic Tesla stock price prediction is also based on the imminent Tesla Gigafactory 3 production start. Moreover, Tesla is supposed to be closing a deal with the Chinese battery manufacture CATL, such that they can produce the Model 3 at an even lower price in China while increasing their Model 3 production amount at the same time.

The Walmart Tesla solar roof fire story has come to an end, as Walmart just voluntarily ended the lawsuit with Tesla. Hence the allegations against Tesla were probably exaggerated from the beginning and this is another classic example of CNBC bias Tesla in order to drag down the Tesla stock price.

Elon Musk's Tesla pickup truck teaser lets us speculate on a true Blade Runner style cyberpunk design of the upcoming Tesla pickup! Besides a futuristic design, we expect the Tesla pickup to have some quite spectacular technical specs as well, which will totally put all gasoline pickup trucks into shame.

We're so glad to be back in our home studio and record the most amazing updates on spaceflight again! From SpaceX's Starship prototype progress to the latest Starlink satellite launch, from NASA's commercial moon landers to our new insight in their Lunar Gateway, stay tuned for the return of the space couple ;)

New Starship fins / canards / flaps are being installed onto SpaceX Starship orbital prototype MK1 in Boca Chica, Texas. With luck we could already witness the first Starship prototype flight still this year.
Elon Musk Starship test rocket in Cocoa hasn't been transported to Kennedy Space Center yet, but more and more Super Heavy building parts are already being gathered there.
A large steel structure, a so-called launch mount, is being installed at Launch Pad 39A at the KSC, in order to support the upcoming Starship prototype launch as well as all SpaceX's future Starship and Super Heavy test flights at the east coast.

Besides SpaceX Starship update highlights, we also have to talk about SpaceX's Starlink project, where the latest Starlink satellite launch just happened today with a Falcon 9 rocket. Already one year ago, the US Air Force gave a contract to SpaceX for their SpaceX Starlink Internet network. Now the technology of sending low-latency broadband internet directly into the cockpits of military aircrafts is being tested a program called Global Lightning.

In response to NASA's call for a commercial lunar lander solution, Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin, Draper and Northrop Grumman have formed an alliance to develop a moon lander for the 2024 Artemis manned mission. On the other hand, Boeing also came up with two different moon lander designs. However, all these proposals have one BIG common problem: neither does any of these companies possess a launch vehicle for their lunar module, nor does the current status of the SLS (Space Launch System) look like it would be finished in time for the 2024 moon landing.

We had the new thought that NASA's planned Lunar Gateway might not be a bad idea or superfluous at all, as a versatile space-station that can actually be re-purposed could come in handy in view of the constantly changing US politics. The Lunar Gateway could not only serve in the near future as a base for lunar exploration, but also be re-purposed as a Mars transit vehicle later on.

It's time to talk again about our favorite space competition, SLS vs SpaceX ! It looks more and more likely that SpaceX is winning, even more now, since now a 2 billion USD prize for the first private company to land people on the moon, is being considered. And we also talk about a new brilliant plan from Robert Zubrin called Mars Direct 2.0, and then also about Venus, our other favorite planet.

In the never ending race SLS vs SpaceX Super heavy and starship, the victor is getting more and more clear. First of all, in a subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives' Science, Space and Technology Committee hearing on Sept. 18th, serious doubts were raised on the achievability of the 2024 date for landing american astronauts back on the moon with NASA's Artemis program. Ken Bowersox, NASA's acting associate administrator for human exploration and operations was actually quite blunt in saying that the 2024 target is unrealistic.
So the race SLS vs starship is no race at all, because apparently NASA has lost before it is starting.

On the other hand, Newt Gingrich recently proposed a 2 billion USD prize for the first private space company that would first land astronauts on the moon. Elon was quick to respond on Twitter, stating that "this is a great idea". We certainly think the probability is very high that Starship will be the vehicle to land on the moon in 2024, and not a NASA lander from Boeing, Lockheed, or Northrop Grumman. And neither Blue Origin does have the capability to land their Blue Moon lander by 2024, as we explain.
So the only one really capable of landing on the moon in 2024 is SpaceX, with Elon certainly eyeing that possible 2 billion USD prize. This could force NASA to make a SpaceX NASA contract for ferrying NASA astronauts to the moon in starship, and abandon the SLS altogether, SpaceX Starship vs SLS debate once and for all.

Then we also briefly talk about new research from our other favorite planet in the solar system, Venus, which gets far too less recognition these days. A new paper shows that Venus could have supported Oceans and a moderate climate for billions of years, until only 700 million years ago, something went terribly wrong.

And then we finally want to analyze Robert Zubrin's fascinating new plan called Mars Direct 2.0, in which he proposes two new alternative plans, involing the use of a giant fleet of mini starships, which would only have 1/4 the size of a regular starship, being in constant rotation between earth and mars. He also talks about the NASA SLS vs SpaceX Falcon Heavy, detailing a mars semi direct plan, which would only involve the Falcon Heavy.

His rotation plan would involve SpaceX orbital refueling, of the mini starships, which would actually never land on earth, only on mars. However, we have to say that there are some issues with this plan, for example the SpaceX starship gravity problem, which the mini starships could not solve so easily as the bigger starships. Then they also have less volume, and being smaller, would have less space for additional insulation against cosmic rays. How SpaceX will colonize mars, will ultimately probably be decided by the reality of economics and which approach will be more profitable and safe in the long run.

In this video we want to talk about the Elon Musk Starship Test in Boca Chica and at the Kennedy Space Center. We also want to talk about the Crew Dragon progress, then also about the New Glenn, Blue Origins's rocket, and about interesting new developments on the moon.

So everyone is eagerly waiting for the Elon Musk starship test rocket to laucnh from Launchpad 39A in Kennedy Space Center, or from Boca Chica spaceport, Texas. Who will be first? Well, we want to analyze the progress being made with Starship, and see that one of the Elon Musk Starship prototype in Boca Chica, now already has fins installed, and resembles a scene from a Tatooine droid junkyard, as if taken at Wattos workshop from Episode 1. We find that the earliest launch date for the Mk1 prototype in Boca Chica, is the 13th of October. However, delays are very likely. In Florida on the other hand, the Mk2 prototype first has to be transported to Launchpad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center, which will happen soon. Meanwhile, preparations are underway to prepare Launchpad 39A for the upcoming launches of the Starship test flight rocket. It will first only consist of Starship launches alone, but then later for the orbital flights, starship and super heavy. For that SpaceX will need to modify the launch pad, so that super heavy won't damage the concrete foundation. We certainly will learn more on the Elon Musk starship presentation wich will take place on the coming Saturday, the 28th of September.

But then afterwards we certainly will see the that the spacex starship prototype lifts off.

Meanwhile, Blue Origin is also busy at Launchpad 36, not far from the SpaceX facilities at the Kennedy Space Center. But why are we not so enthusiastic about Blur Origin as we are for SpaceX? We explain in detail why.

Meanwhile on the moon, the chinese rover Yutu-2 discovers a strange gel-like substance, which spurs quite a few outlandish theories, as always. However, Clive Neal from the University of Notre Dame is comparing this to a finding which has been discovered by Harrison Schmitt while on the Apollo 17 mission at Taurus Littrow valley back in 1972. There, a very similar mineral composition was found, which is created by intense heat through meteorite impacts.

Also related to the moon, is a highly interesting statement by the russian space agency Roscosmis, released on the 17th of September, announcing a collaboration between the russian and the chinese space agencies, for future moon exploration. A highly interesting development, which might have some political consequences for future moon exploration and future moon bases. Considering that SpaceX Starship plans to land on the moon in 2021, it is really not unlikely that one day we'll have two moon bases clusters, one western power dominated, and one dominated by the eastern powers.


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