Dissecting Who?

Dissecting Who?

Alex and Steve Discuss the SG-1 episode Cold Lazarus and whether the emotional cliches make for a bad episode.

In this episode Alex and Steve discuss Rising part 1 an 2 (The pilot episodes of Stargate Atlantis). Rising follows the establishment of the Atlantis expedition. Major John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) and Colonel Marshall Sumner (The T-1000) begin their mission to the Pegasus Galaxy. The awakening of the Wraith soon occurs and our heroes need to free prisoners of war from this new adversary.

In this episode Alex and Steve complain about a twenty year old television show for thirty-five minutes.

A review for the eighth episode of Stargae SG-1. Brief Candle is a story about the people of Argos who have short lives due to a failed experiment by a Goa'uld, colonel Jack O'Neill also deals with his mortality.

Alex and Steve discuss the nineteenth episode of Stargate SG-1 season 3, New Ground. SG-1's arrival on a planet makes them pawns in an ideological war.

Alex and Steve give in depth and humorous insights into the SG-1 classic, The Nox.

Alex and Steve Dissect the Failure that is Stargate Origins.

Alex and Steve Discuss A commander acts as god on a planet polluted with solar radiation.

Join Alex and Steve to discuss a parasitic presence inside Colonel Kowalski's head causing him to run amok.

The Stargate base is put in deadly peril when it is contaminated with a dangerous infection which causes its victims to become mindlessly animalistic brutes.

Alex and Steve Discuss the first episode of Stargate SG-1 twenty years after its release. A retired Air Force colonel (Richard Dean Anderson) leads an intergalactic rescue mission through the stargate.

In this episode Alex and Mark Dissect the first episode of Star Trek the Next Generation, Encounter at Farpoint. enjoy.

Alex and Mark review the fourth episode of Star Trek the Next Generation, Code of Honor. Diplomacy falters when Tasha gets kidnapped during a mission to negotiate for a badly needed vaccine.

Alex Dissects Mudd's Women. The Enterprise interferes with Harry Mudd's new business, supplying wives to rich but lonely miners.

Alex and Mark review Star Trek The Next Generation Where no one Has Gone Before, a story about a propulsion test backfiring which sends the Enterprise hurtling out of the galaxy to a place where thoughts become real, also we analysis Wesley Crushers character and why everyone finds him annoying.

Alex and Mark review The Last Outpost the 5th episode of Star Trek the next Generation. In this episode the Ferengi make their first apperence, the Ferengis ship and the Enterprise are both disabled and teams beam down to an unknown world to discover who or what has sapped power from there vessels.

The Conscience of the King is a extremely well written Shakespeare inspired episode of Star Trek the original series. Alex's reviews the story beats the in depth examinations of morality and the classic trek milestones. The story is as follows, Captain Kirk investigates the odd similarity between an actor in a traveling Shakespearean troupe and Kodos the Executioner a dictator believed to be deceased.

In this Episode Alex dissects the naked time and the naked now, two episodes linked thematically and by indirect narrative from the original series and the next generation of Star Trek.

Face to face with Star Trek Discovery Alex prepares to drink red wine and complain. Amidst the turmoil Michael looks back to her Vulcan upbringing for guidance.

A review for the tenth episode of the original series of Star Trek. The Corbomite Maneuver encapsulates some of the most entertaining elements of Star Trek, it is a joy to watch.

Alex Analyses Miri. The enterprise discovers a planet exactly like Earth, (coincidence)? The only inhabitants are children who turn into zombies when they enter puberty.

Alex Dissects this Episode from the Original Series.

A transporter malfunction strands Wondering hands Sulu and others on a frigid planet and splits Kirk into two antithetical people. Also a alien dog dies.

Star Trek Belongs to CBS

A review for the epic original series two prater The Menagerie. This story intercuts the original pilot for star trek (The Cage) with a new story exploring the misadventures of Captain Chris Pike.

IT'S A TRAP! a man trap.


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