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How Liberals and Conservatives Differ - by Dr. William Pierce

How the Media Incites Violence and Racism in the Zimmerman Case: by David Duke

hosted by Jeff Rense; broadcast date - June 20, 2019

Guest: Gary Holland - Iran War & How Black Africans From Ebola Center DRC Are Being Placed All Over America By The Trump Administration


hosted by Jeff Rense; broadcast date: June 14, 2019

Guest: Gary Holland - As We Said, Ebola Has Spread Out Of The DR Congo


The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion, Explained - by Dr. William Pierce

Top Rabbi Exposes Jewish Racism! by Dr. David Duke

Hour 1 - Devvy Kidd - Illegals From Africa Should Be Quarantined Over Disease Fears

Hour 2 - Gary Holland - Only 25% Of DR Congo Ebola Deaths Have Been Reported

hosted by Jeff Rense; broadcast of June 11, 2019


The Outrageous Racist Hypocrisy Of Israel And World Zionism - by Dr. David Duke

Why Revolution is Necessary - by Dr. William Pierce

Originally broadcast on November 3rd, 2001

Rape and Reality in America


hosted by Jeff Rense; broadcast of May 29th, 2019

Hour 2 - Karin Smith - South African White Murders Increase As The Entire Country Disintegrates

Hour 3 - John Friend - Growing Censorship On Conservative American Political Journalists


hosted by Jeff Rense; May 23, 2019 broadcast

Hour 3 - Gary Holland - America Invaded


by Dr. William Pierce; originally broadcast in March 1995

Let's talk about racism and related matters. There's hardly a subject the average White person is more uptight about, hardly a subject that makes him more uncomfortable. Fifty or 60 years ago people were really uptight about sex. Very few people could talk about it honestly and openly and comfortably. It embarrassed them. Whenever the subject came up people used all sorts of euphemisms and evasions to avoid having to mention things or use words that made them squirm and blush, things that they just couldn't deal with straightforwardly. In polite conversation one could not even use the word leg in talking about a woman, for example. It was too risque, bordering on the pornographic, because of the mental associations it evoked.

Dr. Pierce says that every civilized society needs a government, but governments -- even well-designed governments -- tend to get out of control and to become corrupt. The wrong sort of people tend to get their hands on the levers of power. This is the problem Americans have today: big time. The U.S. government has become a malignant monster that is not only gobbling up the remaining freedom of its citizens, but is also threatening the very existence of our nation.

He also talks about how the ADL -- the Jewish organization that helped master-criminal Marc Rich escape justice, gave an award to contract-murderer Moe Dalitz, and was caught red-handed with thousands of stolen police files -- now has a partnership with the FBI. The ADL is teaching the FBI that the people who need to be watched are not real criminals, but rather the "hate criminals" and "speech criminals."

A third subject is how children are being morally and culturally abused by the degenerate fashion industry and the equally degenerate entertainment industry.

Originally broadcast in June 2002

hosted by Jeff Rense; May 14, 2019 broadcast

Hour 2 - Gary Holland - The Border Invasion Is Worsening By The Day


Dr. Pierce discusses a radio interview he did with The Islamic Voice of Iran and the hit teen film The Fast and the Furious. Films like this promote race mixing and the destruction of White culture in a subtle manner, not in an extremely overt manner. Furthermore, such films do not imitate society; they mold society.

Originally broadcast in July 2001

Dr. Pierce talks about certain news stories suppressed by the mass media, then goes on to discuss the largest Israeli spy ring ever broken up in the U.S. Finally, he gives his thoughts on the Anthrax case and why he believes the FBI knows who mailed those anthrax letters but have been ordered to not make an arrest.

Originally broadcast in March 2002

hosted by John Friend; May 8, 2019 broadcast

guest: Adam Green of Know More News

Topics discussed: Alex Jones, 9/11 truth, etc.


hosted by Jeff Rense; May 6, 2019 broadcast

Hour 2 Guest - Georgia Peach - Fired From Long-Running Radio Show For Revealing Truth About The War On White Americans


Dr. Pierce explains why some people are called "terrorists" and some aren't.

Originally broadcast in December 2001

Presidential candidate Patrick Little was the guest for the hour and he took calls and answered many questions.

April 1, 2019 Broadcast

by Dr. William Pierce; originally broadcast in February 2001

Americans are perennial suckers when the call goes out to support the so-called "peace process" with another few billion dollars from the U.S. Treasury. The "peace process" has become almost as big a swindle as the "Holocaust." Undoubtedly, the Jews would like for the Palestinian children to stop throwing stones at them. They want the Palestinians to go back to carrying the water and hewing the wood for the Jews, like good Gentiles, and to give up their silly effort to get back their land. After all, the Jews' tribal god Yahweh promised the Jews that they could steal that land, and that's what they did, and now they have no intention of giving it back.

by Dr. William Pierce; Originally broadcast in 1998

In February 1943, German forces near Smolensk, in western Russia, investigated reports they heard from Russian civilians to the effect that a large number of prisoners had been murdered by the Soviet secret police in the area nearly three years earlier. The German investigators were led by local Russians to a series of mounds in a wooded area known locally as Katyn Forest, about 10 miles west of Smolensk. The forest is named for a village, Katyn, which it surrounds. The forest had been privately owned prior to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, but after the communist takeover of Russia the area had been confiscated by the government and part of the forest had been turned over to the NKVD, the Soviet equivalent of the American FBI.

Originally broadcast in January 2012; hosted by David Duke

Dr. Duke Interviews Horus the Avenger of White Rabbit Genocide fame.

On Tuesday night, Tucker became the singular television news show presenter – and probably the only person in the entire mainstream media, including print – to provide a different narrative on the attempted coup in Venezuela.

He had on freelance journalist Anya Parampil to say outright that the entire media is lying about Venezuela, that this has nothing to do with freedom and democracy, that it is a Western-backed regime change operation and that the reason the Venezuelan economy collapsed is because the US sanctioned them.

... At the end, she said that Trump had promised to drain the swamp, but had instead filled his White House with Swamp things like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. And Tucker replied: “I agree with that, actually.”


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6/9/2019 - This channel was outright banned on YouTube for so-called "hate-speech" on June 5, 2019. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of similar channels that advocated for European-Americans or simply alternative news channels that criticized Jewish Power were also removed for the same reason.

They wrote to me and claimed my channel had "multiple" and "severe" violations of their hate-speech policy, which is a lie. This channel never had a strike or warning against it, although they did heavily restrict a majority of my videos.

What prompted YouTube for its latest purge was their latest, most recent collaboration with the anti-American and anti-White organization, the very Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL for short), a criminal organization which organizes and advocates for world-wide Jewish interests.

And It's going to get worse: "While this is an important step forward, this move alone is insufficient and must be followed by many more changes from YouTube and other tech companies to adequately counter the scourge of online hate and extremism." - ADL Statement on YouTube policy changes.

They are saying this openly that they are behind this. Do not listen to those who are claiming that some gay journalist alone is responsible for this 1984-like purge. That's not only false, but is just misdirection and hogwash designed to prevent you from focusing on the real reason, which again, is YouTube's partnership with the First Amendment hating ADL.

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