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A poem for the sleeping sheep

A mainstream media report from NBC explaining how China's social credit system works. This is the high tech control system that the global parasites want to spread to the rest of the world.

Dr David Bauer, a supporter of the experimental COVID injections, explains how the Pfizer injection destroys natural antibodies. In order words, the injections destroys natural immunity and will make the recipient dependent on highly profitable 'booster' injections instead.

2020 declaration of intent by the CEO of the Bank for International Settlements - the bank for Central Banks.
They want total control over ALL money, who spends it, where, when and how.

Dutch Politician Thierry Baudet speaks clearly and bluntly on the COVID scamdemic to the Dutch Parliament

A short and very clear presentation of the PCR test, how it can be easily be misused and why all the 'case' reports can be easily exaggerated.

An animation of COVID mortality across the world. The injections are killing more people than COVID..

The Great Reset - Activist Post

Excellent short summary of how COVID is being used as a cover to enforce digital identities and the obliteration of human privacy and freedom

Every breath you take, I;ll be watching you...

COVID Injects - a summary of the facts

Paul Joseph Watson on COVID passports

Klaus Schwab predicts human implants are coming in this interview from French television.

Dr Simon Gold on effect of COVID injection on fertility

Former Freemason Altiyan Childs describes how he discovered that is really the world's secret religion - and how it operates today.
He goes into detail about Freemasonry, oaths, hand signs and symbols and consequences for breaking the strict code of silence. He highlights passages in freemasonry text to back up his presentation. What is very impressive about this video is that he names names. Lots of them. Childs is particularly good at giving examples of how freemasonry has infiltrated the music and film industries as a means of indoctrination. The video is a massive 5 hours long and could, arguably, have been condensed into 1 hour - but Childs uses the 5 hours to progressively build up his argument and to hammer home his point. People familiar with Freemasonry and Lucifarianism will probably learn nothing new - but as a comprehensive presentation backed up by copious amounts of evidence, this is an impressive presentation.

Former Pfizer Director Dr Mike Yeadon's Planet Lockdown Interview (April 2021) where he outlines his profound concerns about the COVID injections and their implications for human health and global depopulation.

The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis - Can Sanity Return to an Insane World? is an excellent, intelligent short lecture from the Academy of Ideas. More videos here: https://www.youtube.com/c/academyofideas/featured

The Great Reset: What they don't want people to know

Klaus Schwab gave an interview describing how human implants will be normalised in the future.

Vaccine Passports - what they mean in reality

Paul Joseph Watson explains the reality behind the push for 'vaccine passports'

Truth 2.0: A Warning From Rome by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

An excellent overview of who is behind the Great Reset, how they own and control the world. This is an English version of the original Dutch video.
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Dissident (adjective):
Someone or entity who disagrees with the official views and narratives presented by those in power and the mainstream media that they control.