There really isn't anything to say. It's self explanatory. We don't live on a spinning ball.

If you don't speak up, you are part of the problem.

If you still think we live on a spinning ball in 2018, you are quite lost and have no idea where you are and more importantly who you are. The solution for this is to attend www.FE2018.com in Denver CO on November 15th & 16th.

Meet hundreds and hundreds of awake aware people and find out the TRUTH of where you live.

Globe zealots love the argument and often scream,
"Flat Earthers can't explain how the sun rises at 90 degrees and sets at 270 for everyone on earth on the equinoxes and that can only be explained on a globe".
Well that's another argument that is dead. #FlatEarth

NASA shill Reds Rhetoric uses flawed theories and preconceived notions to defend his ridiculous ball earth.

Stars are NOT what NASA and the other deceivers tell us. They are close and alive.

The earth is flat. The sooner the masses wake up to this FACT the sooner we can free ourself from the evil that is controlling it.

You do not live on a ball


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DITRH (Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole)
The truth about our world has been hidden more than most know.
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