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The ultimate tool for explaining our flat world to newbies. Just seeing how the sky is a perfect clock and unwinding the lie of the two 12 hour clock we have been given gives you a sense of peace and understanding of where you truly are.

Works as a desk clock and won't time out.

Local weather.

Sunrise & Sunset.

Two time lapse speeds to watch the days and seasons.

Countdown timer to your favorite event.

12-12 or 24 hour clock faces.

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Original video by FLat_Earth_Awakening.
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Reposted interview from The Hyphenate's YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/DoubtMe

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A fantastic, funny and eye opening exposé music video about the fact that space is fake!

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Here are the lyrics:

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the greatest show on earth. Prepare to be amazed.
Please welcome your host for this evening.
Mr flat earth man

Thank you, thank you, listen up..

The whole worlds a stage and you're the audience
And everything you see on the stage is fraudulent
Nothing you see before you is fact
Are you ready for the headline act
This act is truly one of a kind
They'll dazzle you and play tricks on your mind
An illusionist with billions of fans
Please welcome NASA put together your hands

Good evening ladies and gentlemen
It's so lovely to see you again
Tonight we have a very special show
There's a few things we want you to know
Tonight we reveal some of our techniques
We'll expose NASA like wiki leaks
Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
We'll show you how we fool the world

And when we're done exposing our lies
None of you are gonna realise
Even though were gonna tell you straight
It will be too hard to contemplate
A trick so huge you won't believe
Impossible for you to conceive
That's why we tell coz you'll reject it
A lie so big you can't accept it


There's no such thing as outer space
We made it all up yeah space is fake
It's the greatest lie that's ever been told
The biggest trick you've ever been sold
We've been pushing this satanic lie
Space is a drug and everybody high
It's only your imagination that's been to space
Ladies and gentlemen space is fake!

See there's a solid barrier we can't get through
It's called the firmament between me and you
Go check Werner Von Brauns headstone
He knew about that firmament dome
He left you all a little nod and a wink
For those of you still able to think
Psalm 19:1 chapter and verse
The firmament showeth his handy work

That's why when our rockets leave the earth

DOWNLOAD IN THE APPLE APP STORE TODAY! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flat-earth-sun-moon/id1440996640?ls=1&mt=8

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Re upload. This point alone shows what utter nonsense the heliocentric model is.

There really isn't anything to say. It's self explanatory. We don't live on a spinning ball.

If you don't speak up, you are part of the problem.

If you still think we live on a spinning ball in 2018, you are quite lost and have no idea where you are and more importantly who you are. The solution for this is to attend www.FE2018.com in Denver CO on November 15th & 16th.

Meet hundreds and hundreds of awake aware people and find out the TRUTH of where you live.

Globe zealots love the argument and often scream,
"Flat Earthers can't explain how the sun rises at 90 degrees and sets at 270 for everyone on earth on the equinoxes and that can only be explained on a globe".
Well that's another argument that is dead. #FlatEarth

NASA shill Reds Rhetoric uses flawed theories and preconceived notions to defend his ridiculous ball earth.

Stars are NOT what NASA and the other deceivers tell us. They are close and alive.

The earth is flat. The sooner the masses wake up to this FACT the sooner we can free ourself from the evil that is controlling it.

You do not live on a ball


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