Backup of an important youtube video.

Backup of an important youtube video.
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original description:
"Inside Secret of illuminati Lucifer Propaganda Exposed (2017).

Look again at the Rolling Stone Magazine cover, it even has headlines on the side that use terms like "Her Father's Pain", "Radical Crusade", "A New Battle Plan". These are eerie when considering the true context of the cover as it relates to the Luciferian agenda.

Beyonce's headwear looks like a fake version of the maine of a Lion, this symbolism is all in Blasphemy of the true King Jesus, the Lion of Judah. As someone pointed out below - we also have the 24 Elders in the Book of Revelation being represented. There are so many things being symbolized. The Bible is the core of all Truth! Turn to the real Messiah today!

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Krale - From the Ashes"

Lucifer has two faces: male and female. Lucifer's beautiful eyes are two dark depths. In one is the seadeep profundity. You may stare into this bluedark body for ever. On his surface, the waves come and go. The other. Clouds breathe across her. She is the night. They both lie


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