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DJ Airwolf

DJ Airwolf


It is funny cos true

IDF removing a booby trapped Palestine flag

Luke's latest trip to the Dagobah system

Eight mile Axel

Asthma jams

Just dance, my! man!!

Joe's feeding em pennies

Woman twerking getting ass lit on fire

Joe loves kids jumping on his lap

Israel's war on the internet

Anti-shark spray

Newly arrived refugees makes a joke

Techno guru

Natural enemies

All credits goes to Power Tie and memeworld

Steve Ballmer going crazy on stage

Fire truck

All credits goes to THAT'S THE POINT with Brandon

Woman pisses in glass at night club

D'Souza tells a leftist to follow his own logic instead of forcing others to follow it

Black Hulk vs Shampoo

Adapted Karate

All credits goes to Dame Pesos, the man, the God, the legend!

Jimmy tells a joke

Anon reacts to Trump victory


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