I chat with the ladies from the shop Wicca Moon all about Wicca, Witchcraft, the goddess and more


wandering Avebury looking for sacred springs

I visit a 2 week old crop circle

masks, face masks & dehumanisation!

a discussion with Anthony Blake on Art, time and eternity

travelling on British transport-a face covering is mandatory

the tale of the symbolism of the solstices, the lion & the unicorn, the oak tree and holly tree.


the first in our series on what the universe is made of, what the universe is about and where we fit in.

discussing the fool in the tarot

masks and public transport


chatting with Anthony Blake about the chapter Art in Gurdjieff's Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson

the wonderful work of the Peace Mala organisation bringing people together

chatting to Joshua Denny about Atlantis in Beelzebub's tales to his Grandson


what a year 1947 was! A lot happened including the death of 4 greats.

looking at reincarnation, life & death cycles and more with Tim Wyatt

talking about isolation during isolation in the Gurdjieff work

discussing the work of J G Bennett and his warnings for the 2020s

more discussions with Alan Francis on Gurdjieff and his writings.

discussing Fourth Way Work with Alan Francis


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This is my channel for the videos I have made, many are interviews, some are my rants, some are my shows on history and art that I like. There is also some puppetry It's a bit of arts & music, it's a bit of spirituality and faith, it's a bit of a mix of stuff.