awaken, my friends, with Steiner

continuing the series

where is god?

metaphysical art and more...

can you paint as well as the robots?

why war? why be an idiot? what is the time?

From the terror of the situation to laughing it all out...

thoughts on the future, though Thring wrote his books in the 1980s, his ideas and thought are still relevant today.

are you a robot?

Are we all going to Purgatory?

some more quotes & chat on Gurdjieff's System

Know Thyself

the terror of the situation

We discuss the enneagram of Gurdjieff

the finale of the novel...

what's Ivan going to do...

continuing the saga...

continuing reading Ouspensky's novel...

An audio version of the novel by P D Ouspensky all about the fourth dimension, mistakes & how to find a magician

what is Work?


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This is my channel for the videos I have made, many are interviews, some are my rants, some are my shows on history and art that I like. There is also some puppetry It's a bit of arts & music, it's a bit of spirituality and faith, it's a bit of a mix of stuff.