Damn, it is hard when you recognize that everything you ever learned is a lie. My struggle now is reimagining a new dream.

I don't want to be that bitter old guy yelling, " GET OFF MY LAWN." I want to be better not bitter when I'm old.

This is about my battle to rest. That should not be an ambition but it has been mine. It is time to change that.

Manipulating the past is a magickal act. Whether it is going from one time line to another or altering the memories it can make life better.

Not a review but more about identifying with the Insanity.

Let the next decade begin with a season of success. That is my intention. That is my will. That is my way. So it is done!

I send my magickal practices forth to inspire the world.

In my mind there is no better time to do magickal work than 3am.


I discuss how the world has effected me.
I am not normal and proud of it.


This is how being a god is to me. Enjoy

I am a child of the equinox so i strive for balance. With the moon full on an equinox i had to say a few words and read some poetry.

Commentary on something i wrote about doing what has to be done.


People often attempt to foist their beliefs on others. I don't. I will tell you my experience if you ask but i won't try to convince you you need to believe a certain way. This is a core tenet of chaos magick.


I talk about why art has been part of my life and my magickal practices.

Before Dust is something i wrote about what I have encountered in my magickal practices. I don't claim this to be gospel, just what I have seen. This is intended as an inspiration to those with the courage to explore.


I talk about impermanence. I talk about what I'm not afraid of anymore. Damn, I'm glad I'm not what i used to be.


A poem and commentary on living a satanic life. To be a satan is to question the programming the world feeds you. Read a forbidden book today.


There are many structures on earth that are way older than most scientists will admit. I delve into how knowledge about that changes you way of thinking.


These are my thoughts on two cards i love to see.


This is stuff I use when i feel something bad coming on.

Here i go trying to recreate the past again. Man the past is hard to shake. This is the Djin Freemind view.

This is a where i'm at video from March 2019. I talk about my self, Djin Freemind, and my channel.

I explore my struggle with trying to be happy.

I talk about not getting as worked up about things i really can't control.

I read a poem i wrote about hope. I comment on why i consider hope an insidious concept in the modern usage of the word.


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This is a place to free your mind of the programing that has been foisted upon you in this life. It is about the use of magick and the philosophy behind it. Join me for the adventure that is living as your true self. Let the ego go. You are one with the universe.