From the top of observation tower at Serpent Mound Ohio. I talk about the fear monkey.

The energy of this place is wonderful. I had to record my thoughts on being compassionate to those living in addiction.

It seems the mask thing is more about compliance and control than safety every day.

Freeing your mind with Phillip K. Dick and the authoritarian agenda that is being foisted upon us is my subject for today.

The attachments tend to rear their ugly heads even when your just out and about for everyday stuff.

My thoughts on voting and the lesser of two evils.

Buying my first tarot deck was a scary yet exhilarating experience 21 years ago now.

Verse 2 of the Gospel of Thomas has inspired me since I was first exposed to the book almost a decade ago now. This video still tells it like it is 7 years later.

Bring some Deity into your life.

The world is insane but many would say I am for endeavoring to live without set beliefs.

A little talk about the beauty of times gone by and the beauty of celebrating both life and death.

Damn there is so much Dukka go'n on!

I think how much I am attached to the luxuries that are available to the modern American.

Sometimes I think I'm getting off the subject of what I intended for this channel but life I not a line but more a web.

Here are some ideas of living that would make things better.

FB is not showing my posts to people. Not suprising in the least.

It seems we are heading for a choice of what side to pick in the civil war. I see most likely the authoritarian will roll on no matter which side wins. It is time to pitch the box and figure out another way to live that negates this mechanism that gives an illusion of freedom.

My thoughts on what it means to choose to be a constitutionalist. At this point probably just another form of opposition and servitude.

This was the first video I made and posted to YouTube in 2013. I thought I would post some of my old stuff from time to time because I think it still has good and relevant information. The camera I used back then was not as good but then again bitchute's quality is not the best either. Enjoy!

The mask compliance is fading fast. I hope people are sick enough of the plandemic lies to stop complying completely with these authoritarian BS.

I would like to interface with the roosters again.

I would like to interact with the roosters again.

Inspired by watching the useful idots burn the world.

How unhealthy things creep in because it becomes too expensive or hard to find.

My observations on how the world is and the prevalence of woke mentally in the pagan community.


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This is a place to free your mind of the programing that has been foisted upon you in this life. It is about the use of magick and the philosophy behind it. Join me for the adventure that is living as your true self. Let the ego go. You are one with the universe.