Much shifted 12-21-2012 and for me not for the better. Also, it seems that the end times are being played out before our eyes. I don’t see an old white haired in the sky doing it.

The mind virus that has turned once seekers of freedom from institutions into obedient servants is at large.

Me reading my poetry at a local coffee house.

I know this is crazy but mowing can be a meditative if you let it.

The path is about ending suffering and the Four Noble Truths.

The world is ruled by emotion rather than reason.

Riot season is upon us again so here are some thoughts.

Thoughts on the aftermath of putting my mother in a home.

I went to church today. I feel so alone because Easter was always a family day.

I don’t understand the fear today.

I’m just showing off the decks I just got.

Reflecting on life with mother in assisted living in the parking lot that was a great metal club in the 80's.

We think certain things are certain but our programming keeps us from seeing the small chance that things might be different.

I have been reminded of the disappointment I have had in my life.

Altering your consciousness is what magick is all about. I have used many vehicles and practices to do so. That is what has brought me to this place in life. It will also carry me forward from here.

The last few days have renewed my appreciation for life.

Hardship shapes how you see the world. These experiences have made me remember allot of things that have been lurking in my past. I want to deal with things right so I’m not responding to crap in the deep past and but to the actual situation.

It is cold but I’m making the best of it. Record cold and no heat. I’m not complaining and l’m not looking for sympathy. This is just a record of one American going through stuff.

The older I get the more I understand why old people are the way they are.

We are fed lies 24/7. I’m having trouble keeping them out.

With all the negativity in the world I want to stay positive but it is hard.

Progressives have always been for segregation. Today it is under the guise of social justice.

My videos from 2013 at the House Keperu gather.

I have no words to convince those with other world views of mine. Likewise they probably won’t be able to convince me of their’s.

The title said it all.


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