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... and how the Liberal organizations are doing everything they can to make you believe their lies.

... And exposes just who is covering up for them as well.

Security Expert Colonel (Retired) Phil Waldron served in the U. S. Army for 30 years, is a decorated combat veteran, and has extensive operational experience in Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Strategic Communications, Joint Information Operations, Special Technical Operations, Cyber Computer Network Operations, OPSEC, All-Source Intelligence Operations, Unconventional Warfare, and Operations Integration.

In this often referenced video by Mike Lindell, Colonel Waldron references Soros via private equity securities firms and companies and shares a forensic perspective of who, what, and how the U.S. voting data was modified, manipulated, penetrated by an invisible enemy.

As with anything like this, you want to follow the money and this video does not fail - the primary aspect of the presentation surrounds the financial resources spent by China and George Soros to fund specific companies holding operational control over the 2020 election tabulation systems.

The coordinated scale of the corrupt activity was massive and yet pretty simple to pull off when you see how they did it.

This video was the first to be presented at Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium in Sioux City, SD on Tuesday 10-Aug-2021.

The investigative group continued to answer questions and provide further evidence on day two.

Do you know who does Soros reports to?

We do...

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