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Dedicated to my first ex wife.



A song dedicated to Uncle Sugar from my Washington Clan kin.

Old C & W Don Williams song, my cousins General George Washington, united Sates of America, Lt. Col. John Washington, Confederate States of America, great grand nephew of GW, General George S Patton, UNITED STATES, 1st Cousin to GW, requested I sing and dedicate to the American "people".
USA only Murdered Two of them.
Atta way to go USA!

A talk about the corruption in San Antonio city hall.
Like stealing Confederate Statues off of Private Property.
RICO crimes, Federal Prison time for those violations.
Arrest San Antonio, city hall!

Old 1960s CCR song, John Forgery.

Old Guy clark song about Getting out of Dodge.
Like the smart Anti-Texicans will get out of the occupied Republic of Texas, before they are arrested Federal Racketeering Crimes,. RICO Violations!

Kriss Kristofferson about life and learning

An old Waylon Jennings song about lost loves and not letting it turn to bitterness or hate.

A kind of don't sleep with his wife if you don't want him sleeping with yours kind of country and Western song.

Ole Don Henley song. Seems like it fits the times.

A Don Williams song.
Miss him.

Doing an old eagles song.

Kriss Kristofferson song about life, love, losing and moving on.

Merle Haggard's Mama's Hungry Eyes.
He sang it about his mother and father, but it reminds me of mine.
So I sang it for his parents and mine.

A song, written by an Irishman, Eric Bogel, about an Australian in the early part of WW 2, and the aftermath.

A song of WW 1, the futility of Usury bankers, political prostitutes, and butt kissing Generals wars.
And a hope Americans just says no to the Usury Bankers war Washington DC is trying their best to start now, in which American children will be used as cannon fodder, and American treasure poured down a Rat's hole.

A song of Uncle Sammy's favorite thing to do to a veteran!

Down the road of daddy's dreams, old Darrell McCall song. I always called it Down the road to my daddy dreams. Dedicated to my father he left this world many years back, but still lives in my heart.

A song about what soldiers go through in the aftermath of war.


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