This song tells a story.

Old Waylon song.

my rendition of Dublin Blues, a Guy clark song, with my definition of yankee and a real Texan.

A tribute to Willie Nelson, a National Treasure of the Republic of Texas, (currently under foreign occupation for the last 152 years).

Southern Pride Music. Honoring all Southerners who stood against that evil.

Southern Pride Music, honoring my brave ancestors who stood up against evil.


Song about a Puritan yankee witch.

My Father was an honest sincere minister spent his life, trying tisane the sheep from themselves. He did not like large churches, as he said people tended to loose their seal for spiritual growth in the crowd, and large churches became a social clubs.
He tried to keep parents from drinking up the rent money, cheating on each other leading to children growing up in broken homes.
Every now and then, he would point out a preacher, tell me: "Boy, i know we are not supposed to judge, but if i was to guess, that preacher is going to hit hell wide open.
I wish to thank John Hagee for reuniting me with my fathers sacred memory on so many occasions.


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