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u.s. Military Arrests Jeff Sessions for Treason

The Military & Trump Thwarted the Deep State's Memorial Day Blackout

Meet Julie Donuts - A Message for the Awakened and Un-Awakened

Rochelle Walensky Executed by Hanging at Air Base Guam

Gretchen Whitmer has Cocaine, Pornography and Evidence of Child Trafficking

u.s. Military Arrests Gretchen Whitmer for Treason

u.s. Military Tribunal Convicts Rochelle Walensky of Treason

Never Again: No Cabal, No Human Trafficking.

Historical and Scientific Discoveries Un-Told to Humanity for Years.

JAG Sentences Space Force Commander, Chance Saltzman, to Death for Treason.

u.s. Military Arrests Jack Lew for Treason

u.s. Special Forces Arrest Rochelle Walensky

u.s. Military Arrests CDC Director Dr. Howard Zucker

Liz Cheney Hanged at GITMO

Interview with Karen Hudes

u.s. Military Sentences Liz Cheney to Hang to Death at GITMO

u.s. Military Arrests US Space Force General B. Chance Saltzman for Treason

u.s Marines Foil Plot by Deep State to Blow up MCAS Cherry Point NC

JAG Sentences Lori Lightfoot to Death for Treason and more.

JAG Arrests OMB Director Shalanda Young for Treason


#TRUTH - u.s. Marines Arrest Liz Cheney in Wyoming

Radical Muslim Operation Warp Speed Architect Hanged at GITMO

DeSantis Has Been Denied Entry to GITMO Again.

CIA Agent that Kidnapped General Berger Killed at GITMO


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