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Dobie Tejas


Special Forces Assault FEMA Houston Office

JAG Convicts Maine Sec of State Shenna Bellows for Treason

JAG Arrests Special Counsel Robert Hur for Treason

Putin Destroys Weapons Meant for Zelenskyy

David Snedeker Exposes the Grifter & Con Man Mike Gill.

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Delta Force Stops Trump Assassination Attempt in New Jersey

Gen Smith Issues Warning to All us Military Officers

Col Kurtz to Gen Smith - Lets Nuke DC

Marines Fight FEMA Brigands in Tornado Alley

JAG Arrests Former Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman

u.s. Marines Arrest Oregon AG for Treason

General Smith to Meet with Red Hats Leader

Russian Spetznas Snipe WEF Member in the Ukraine

Putin Mass Executes COVID-19 Criminals in Russia

Marines Ambush FEMA Brigands in Storm Ravaged Nebraska

JAG Pulls the Life Support Plug on Klaus Schwab

Special Forces Rescue Military and Civilian J6ers from Deep State Prison

Deep State District Attorney Hanged After Sleep Talking Secrets.

Klaus Schwab's Health is Deteriorating After His Arrest. He is at GITMO.

Putin Strikes Pedophile Compound in the Ukraine

General Smith Briefs President Trump on the Red Hats Situation.

Delta Force Arrests WEF Head Klaus Schwab at his home in Switzerland.

Victoria Nuland Hanged at GITMO on 4-11-2024.

u.s. Marines Find FEMA Goons Bathed in Blood

JAG Arrests Maine Sec of State Shenna Bellows for Treason


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