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Navy Seals Rescue Missing Children from Maui.

JAG Convicts Moderna mRNA Queen Melissa Moore

JAG Arrests Janet Yellen for Treason

JAG Tribunals 10 and Hangs 5

u.s. Marines Get Knee Deep in the Deep State Doo Doo

White Hats Shoot Down FEMA Plane Leaving Hawaii

u.s. Military Arrests Moderna SHOT CLOT Creator

u.s. Marines Take Down Biden Loyalists in Maui

u.s. Marines Arrest 67 Maui Perpetrators

JAG Sentences 10 Clot Shot Loving Doctors to Hang

u.s. Military Arrests FEMA Deputy Director Erik Brooks

u.s. Marines Neutralize Fleeing FEMA Convoy in Maui.
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The Untried and the Dead - Shalanda Young

Charles Rettig Hanged at GITMO

Maui: The Whole Truth

Putin Executes Defiant 5G Executives in Russia

JAG to TRIBUNAL 165 u.s. Military Soldiers for Treason

u.s. Military Tribunal Finds Charles Rettig Guilty of Treason

u.s. Military Arrests Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla for Crimes Against Humanity

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White Hats Arrest Black Hats in NY State

Delta Force Arrests Black Hat Officers in Germany

u.s. Military Arrests Ex-IRS Commissioner Charles P. Rettig

The Untried and the Dead - David Axelrod

The Gift of Abundance and The Turning of the Keys

The Real Mitch McConnell or Clone


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