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A somewhat shallow dive into the areas covered by each of the 7 NCEES FE examinations. This is the long-promised follow-up video to the broad overview I presented on the last video. Further details on the exams themselves are available from NCEES.

Following-up from my first video (which you really ought to see before watching this one), I take a stroll through some high-level information on the FE Exam, the format and environment of the test, and what you can bring with you into the test (pretty much... nothing). I conclude with a quick walk-through of creating a MyNCEES account at, and registering for the test.

My maiden voyage into the land of Vlogs! The first of a series that I hope will help guide anyone looking to become a licensed Professional Engineer through the process. This entry covers the very, very high level process, including passing first the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam, gaining the necessary experience, and then passing the Principle and Practices of Engineering (PE) exam. We conclude with a brief overview of future topics. Please feel free to swing by Engineering with Doctor BOOM at for more information on Engineering and Science


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Welcome to the Engineering with Doctor BOOM video blog! This is the companion vlog to the Engineering with Doctor BOOM website, found at

While I fully expect to cover other topics I find interesting and to be generally under- or poorly-represented in the current media, the principal focus of this vlog is to provide (hopefully) useful information to those seeking to become licensed Professional Engineers in the United States. In addition to general overviews of the overall process of negotiating the byzantine labyrinth of state licensing procedures, I'll be diving rather deeply into the technical areas that are the subject of the NCEES FE and PE examinations themselves.

My technical focus will be on the FE-Mechanical and PE-Mechanical, Machine Design & Materials examinations specifically, but (for my Civil, Chemical, and Electrical Engineering colleagues!) don't let that scare you away. I intend to make every effort to make the material as useful as possible for as broad an audience as possible.

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