Remember the SARS epidemic?

The Swine Flu and Bird Flu scam?

Fake News Virus History.
1898 T.M.V
1954 Polio.
1957 Asian.
1961 Measles.
1976-1996 Swine Flu
2002 West Nile.
2004 Sars.
2005 Bird Flu.
2009 H1N1
2014 Ebola.
2016 Zika.
2018 Measles.
2019 Coronavirus.

NO VIRUSES EXIST (watch my other videos on this topic)

Henri-Claude Saint-Fleur
TRUTH International, Inc.
25 avril 2003

"Dear Mr. Fred Cline Jr.

Once again, we are facing an artificially designed epidemic, the "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome" ("SARS"). For me, it is obvious that this "epidemic" is a new scientific scam masterminded mainly by the World Health Organization (including Peter Piot), the CDC of Atlanta, Pasteur Institute and the French association named "Médecins Sans Frontières".

Their strategy seems to be, once again, the following: 1) stealing the symptoms of a well-known disease (in this case flu, the common cold, or common pneumonia...); 2) sticking on it the label of "a new, unknown, deadly viral disease"; 3) Sending around the world "special agents" presented as "experts"; (eg our very own UK "expert" Dr Anderson of FMD scam fame, Dr Dixon--whale comment) 4) Sending in major media like Associated Press, Agence France Presse, Miami Herald to make a lot of noise.... ) 5) Spreading panic by announcing astronomic figures about the number of cases and/or deaths 6) Announcing that a test and a vaccine have been found; 7) Harvesting millions or billions of dollars while earning incredible power over governments all over the world...

I hope you have personally seen the scam, given your experience in the field of "HIV/AIDS". Nevertheless, I am sending you hereafter some of my comments sent or to be sent to some newspapers or associations (in English and French versions).

I hope to hear soon from you."


The history of viruses and bacteria from a virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka.

Stefan Thomas Josef Lanka (born September 27, 1963, Langenargen, Lake Constance) is a German biologist.

He studied biology at the University of Konstanz, where he submitted his diploma thesis in 1989 on virus infestations in marine brown algae.

In 1994 he was awarded a doctorate in the same position with a thesis on molecular biological studies of the virus infection in Ectocarpus siliculosus (Phaeophyceae). rer. nat. doctorate.

Since 2003 he has been running the homepage and the magazine of the same name "Wissenschaffeplus"

For almost one year we have been asking authorities, politicians and medical institutes for the scientific evidence for the existence of such viruses that are said to cause disease and therefore require “immunization”. After almost one year we have not received even one concrete answer which provides evidence for the existence of those “vaccine-preventable viruses”. The conclusion is inevitable that our children are still vaccinated on the basis of scientific standards of the 18th and 19th century. In the 19th century Robert Koch demanded in his generally accepted postulates evidence of the virus in order to prove infection; at Koch´s time this evidence couldn´t be achieved directly by visualization and characterization of the viruses, because adequate technology wasn´t available at that time. Methods of modern medicine have profoundly changed over the past 60 years, in particular by the invention of the electron microscope, yet all these viruses we get immunised against have still never been re-examined using this technology?

We showed to Dr. Lanka a number of images and explanations we were pointed to and that were said to show – respectively describe (characterise) viruses. Here are his summarising comments:

“All these photos have in common that they, respectively the authors, can´t claim that they represent a ..

Dr. Robert. S. Mendelson MD, pediatrician, a true hero!

This was back before major censorship. Back before the pharma cartels threatened the lives of anyone who spoke against them, before they bought off nearly every politician and took control of major corporations before they used their billions of dollars to shut everyone up about the TRUTH.


Please watch my many other videos on this important topic.

A new law in the UK! They are trying to fool you! They want to forcible quarantine you during the flu season (detox season) with false-positive testing...we must RESIST!
You can be locked up based on a suspicion you have "coronavirus".

Corona Arrest Powers Unleashed In England And The Hancock Link

The Spanish Flu was caused by vaccinations:

Swine Flu Expose:

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Loads of "viruses" in the oceans, then why isn't everything dead?

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How are those vaccines working out for ya?

Blood Coiling (rouleaux) from EMF..

How to balance your hormones, naturally. How to detox from xeno-estrogens, prevent more getting into your lifestyle, how to increase your progesterone and how to use progesterone cream to get pregnant, hold a pregnancy, prevent precocious puberty and to stop menopausal symptoms. Also tips on reducing anxiety and depression, as well as post-partum depression.

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Going continuously on the cream, it suppresses estrogen continuously so it cannot rise and generally, at the end of the three months, the progesterone is now dominant and then once you sort of feel stable, you can start experimenting. Stop the cream and then see what happens. If the symptoms come back, they obviously haven’t gone on long enough but if the symptoms don’t come back, then you can continue not using the cream for the length of the follicular..

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Thick, viscous blood is usually the root cause of many disease states such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, restless legs, alzheimers, nerve problems, fertility issues, thyroid problems, arthritis and other pain syndromes. In this video I show you some essential nutrients required to clean up the blood and to help you wean off the pharmaceutical drugs that are slowly reducing your life span.

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Lately I have been dealing with my own health and needing creative expression. I have been making melt and pour soap for many years now but never tried my hand at cold process. I took a brief course on soap making about 6 years ago but it wasn't until watching soap videos like this that got me excited about designing and hand making all natural soap.

This is my third soap but first soap cutting video. I don't even have proper molds yet or a cutter! I am using an old bread baking loaf and a knife because I can't wait!

I love the look of ombre and so I tried it for the first time using activated charcoal. The scent is of licorice using pure star anise essential oil. I love the little swirl and that it looks like the night sky. I decided to stay silent for the film.

I will be splitting off and using a new channel for soap making only called Yummy Mummy Soap so if you are interested in this please join me over there. I will be investing in a new camera too but still having a hard time deciding what is best for my needs.

I have health videos in cue but still need some rest time first and to finish up my book. I miss you all and will have more educational videos for you soon.

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Doctor Yummy was invited to be part of this panel discussing fundamental information regarding the vaccine debacle.

Vaccine Panel: Measles False flags as British Columbia, New Brunswick, Toronto Canada attempts mandatory vaccination despite proven genocide health impact


In this video I discuss the connection of the kidneys to other organ systems, share a traditional Chinese medicine understanding, and much common sense and general remedies for kidney health and detox.

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How to use a simple hydrotherapy method to manage pain.

Why those big calcium horse pills won't stop osteoporosis. Get onto the real nutrients that strengthen teeth and bones and prevent breaks and porosity.

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Renal Control of Calcium, Phosphate, and Magnesium Homeostasis

Essentiality of boron for healthy bones and joints.

[Therapeutic effect of dietary boron supplement on retinoic acid-induced osteoporosis in rats].

15 Surprising Benefits Of Boron

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Dr. Vollmer aka Doctor Yummy explains why MDs say you have to be on a drug for life and why this is simply false.

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''The Drug Medical System cannot bear examination. To explain it would be to destroy it, and to defend it even is to damage it."---R.T. Trall M.D.

Cod Liver Oil to reduce the risk of vaccine-induced autism

Also, Chlorine Dioxide Solution can heal autism by removing parasites and metals.

Suppressed Facts About Vaccination
By Eleanor McBean

Prophylaxis to be realized through the attainment of health, not by the propagation of disease.
Can vaccination produce syphilis?
by John W. Hodge 1902

Jenner and Vaccination

Medical Voodoo and Public Health

Its Penal Enforcement a Crime

M. Beddow Bayly M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. quotes

JT Biggs banners


The Vaccination Nonsense: 2004 Lectures
a book by Dr. G Buchwald MD
ISBN 3-8334-2508-3

I know it has been a while! It's because I have been editing this epic video! Also I am working on my new DMSO book which will be called "Healing with DMSO"!

In this video I discuss how to naturally and holistically support lung health with lots of information! Take it in stride but this is really a seminar packet full of information. One day I will figure out how to produce short, quick videos but my goal is to teach you as much as possible. Soon I will form a lot of this information into education courses.

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A quick video to show you how to deal with eczema properly. I also should have mentioned hazelwood jewelry...worn on the skin it also assists the liver to remove toxins properly by up-regulating the liver detox system.

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