Won my 3rd ever victory by good survival skills and teamwork. Recorded January 23, 2020.

First time playing this game in over 2 years. It is rare to find this in the xbox store as its own game last time I looked at this. Recorded January 22, 2019.

The last few moments of our survival. They caught us by surprise. Recorded January 16, 2020.

My continuation of the 1999 PS1 video game. I should be able to finish this gameplay up by end of this month of January 2020 before I attend my online college courses in February.

My review of my movie theatre viewing of the last episode of Star Wars......for now(?) Recorded January 3, 2020

An explanation of what I have been doing and getting from pursuing a financial-steady online gaming career. More in video. Recorded Christmas Day 2019. Thanks for the small donation, RapperJJJ. Here is JJJ's Bitchute:

Recorded gameplay by DoctorGames101 on Christmas Eve 2019. Merry Christmas everyone.

Gameplay of the first Rage game from 2011. Recorded December 21, 2019.

Recorded December 15, 2019. Just one time playing this game with you guys to see how good this game is.

I had audio recorded with it, but it was not made properly from my program. Will try with getting audio fix next time. Recorded December 9, 2019.

A lecture by Joseph Peden, 1984. This is in regards about Ancient Rome falling from inflation and how it is (or at least will occur) in today's society.

A recording of gameplay of the new updated xbox one version of Reach in the Master Chief Collection game that was release earlier this week. In the beginning, I talk about COPPA and how that is going to effect Youtube users and creators. Recorded December 4, 2019. If you want to sign up, Here is a referral link:

My situation with making donations online after 4 years of doing this online gaming career. If you can, please help me, financially. More in video. Recorded November 30, 2019. If you want to sign up, Here is a referral link:

If you want to see my previous gameplay videos, please visit: If you want to sign up, Here is a referral link:

If you want to see my previous gameplays of DMC3, visit this previous Youtube weblink: If you want to sign up, Here is a referral link:

My first Resident Evil 6 gameplay video on Bitchute. This is a continuation from my past recordings from Youtube. They are no longer public on Youtube anymore due to Terms of Service December 10th update coming soon. Thank you to those that been watching these Resident Evil 6 gameplays. Recorded November 17, 2019.

A voice recording of me calling Netflix with a lovely patient female representative of of the company about the rumors and lack of service via adding content/add more content. Recorded November 15, 2019. If you want to sign up, Here is a referral link:


Netflix does not have plans for amidst the rumors:

If you want to view my previous, older Catherine gameplay content, be sure to visit my old Youtube channel/video:

My first ever gameplay recording on Bitchute. I will continue my past gaming on this website from now on. More to come...

My further explanations on the Russia-Connection, and now with the identity of the whistelblower. Recorded November 1, 2019.

Hunt The Truth podcast series I referred to:

Who is he (or she)? If this is the case, then contact this person and bring it about publicly with ease. More in video.

My explanation of why I left Youtube as a creator. Recorded October 5, 2019.

My review of the 2019 movie, Joker. Just saw it today, October 4, 2019.

To be or not to be? That is the question... No rush of course. I have plenty of time to think it over on the side. Is it faith?


Joker has the U.S. military on high alert! lncels might rise up!:

Video made and uploaded to Youtube by cv1122 in 2009. She is no longer on Youtube. Good music. LOL


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