Ok. So. Basically. I'm MOnky

Totally legit!!1!1!!

Inside joke


This was bad

earrape warning, this was a vidme thing

You know, I don't even really know what this channel is anymore.

Please forgive me

When suddenly, a boomer with a chainsaw interferes!

It's Gween!

Last Facebook meme

Was testing some sampling stuff

zeta force 2


Original description:

A open prayer to Kek..

A beast has awoken, of amphibious spawn.
Bringing along with him, a brand new dawn.

They call him Kek, the bringer of light.
And he's here to join us, in our fight.

For years they treated us like a joke.
But under his fist, the globalists choke.

They stand and laugh, at us and our memes.
But under Kek's wrath, you'll hear their screams.

Everytime we meme with frogs.
We send out power to the gods.

By the power of fire monkey, God, and Trump.
The rage of Kek cannot be stumped.

And the next time you feel all hope is gone..


It's always darkest before the dawn..

Praise Kek.

Everything except the poem is not owned by me.

Youtube description:
This report has been created around early 2017, only now to be released. Brought to you by The Cult of Kek:


A /pol/ Thread archived, one of the only remaining sources of the investigation:
This is a collection of alleged reports and claims regarding the signs that one has shifted into another timeline. All claims have been collected from online sources (aside from authors firsthand experiences), from those who are suspicious of the fact they shifted into an alternate state. Sites include 4chan, 8chan, groups on Facebook, /r/-TheDonald, and others.


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