Entering the Dark Zone for the first time with Reppin.

Finally collecting on a bounty and taking another control point named Overgrowth.

Clearing out the Ivy Tunnel and then investigating the signal at the Navy Hill Observatory.

Fighting off an elite squad and completing several projects for my settlements.

Infiltrating the Outcast's compound, destroying the boats, and securing the theater with Reppin.

Securing the Lincoln Memorial from the True Sons with Reppin and completing several settlement projects.

Capturing the Haunted House control point with Reppin and then completing the DCD HQ mission.

Rescuing a hostage in the mall, picking up some supply drops, and securing another food resource.

Breaking into the vault with Reppin to rescue the president from the Hyenas in the Space Admin HQ.

Attempting to collect bounties with Reppin and then moving on to the SHD main mission.

Recovering data about the virus and seizing another control point with Reppin.

Clearing a rail depot and capturing the Castle in Jefferson Plaza with Reppin.

Taking out The Sons in a garage in The Mall before getting caught in a crossfire.

Shutting down the True Sons weapons factory in the Air & Space Museum with Reppin.

Assisting Reppin with clearing out the studio and regaining a control point.

Clearing a rooftop garden of commies, so that the patriots can grow food up there.

Completing a few random side missions co-operatively with Reppin in D.C.

Destroying several munition supplies at the Department of Justice in D.C.

Recovering the Declaration of Independence and other side missions in D.C.

Taking on the True Sons and shutting down their weapons factory in the Air & Space Museum in D.C.

Recovering interrogation data from the archives of the American History Museum in D.C.

Exploring the Capital Wastelands of Washington, D.C. Oh, wait... wrong game.

Playing some VIP Missions with Caleb and Reppin, but I'm unable to complete any deliveries.

Taking out a napalm facility with Caleb and exploding more flamethrowing commies.

Talking about entering the Dark Zone with Caleb while trying to wrap up a few side missions.


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