Playing the intro to this indie game involving two drinking buddies in hell.

A sample class of me teaching English as a second language to my fellow ESL teachers.

Playing poker for about an hour with several wins from some lucky hands.

Wrapping up with Kid Rock's Metallica-influenced song, including explicit lyrics.

Imitating Kid Rock again, dressed accordingly.

Kicking into this Kid Rock classic in my cowboy outfit, despite it being sped up from the get-go.

Finally singing a proper duet version of Journey's karaoke classic hit with Lennox the Legend!

Celebrity impersonator spotted outside Hamilton City Hall a few weeks ago during the Peace Rally.

Playing against simber, until he forfeited due to being too sleepy.

Spraying a hive of wasps that were terrorizing our back yard all summer long!

Testing out an indie game that reminds me of Monty Python!

Playing the Xbox version with a bunch of yahoos!

Impersonating John Candy's character Del Griffith playing like Ray Charles in a bar instead of a car. Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!
Sorry that it appears upside-down. Still trying to fix that...

Singing Paul Young's ballad from the ending of "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" as Del Griffith. Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

Speaking with a few YouTubers about the O Canada national anthem sung a week prior at the Dave Rubin & Maxime Bernier event, just outside City Hall during the Peace Rally last week.

Continuing with the F-series as George Michael sings about daddy issues.

Raw footage of three touchdowns for this week's NFL 100th Anniversary Challenge. Let me know which take is the best!

Singing Rammstein's tribute to "From Dusk Till Dawn" by Robert Rodriguez.

Covering Prince again, back by popular demand!

Emulating Chris Cornell in this Audioslave classic. RIP!

Choosing Life and waking up the audience with some Wham!

Finishing off the F-series with George Michael's updated version from 1990.

Praising George Michael in the initial "F" song of the night!

A "concerned" woman confronts the Mayor of Hamilton outside the Peace Rally at City Hall about allegedly supporting Nazis.

Antifa demonstrating their silly chants accompanied by an ironic choir song!


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