My diss track for a gamer girl that I flirt with in Australia; it's all meant in good fun. No copyright claims, as this is a parody of the original song by Aerosmith: "Janie's Got A Gun".

Watching a chipmunk sun itself poolside during the summer heat before venturing off into the jungle beyond.

Stoked the fire up so that it got roaring, and nearly singed my fingers through the work gloves!

Starting a fire in the back yard with kindling and a BBQ lighter on a hot summer night.

Watching a squirrel drink from a stanky stain on the driveway from some waste byproduct buried in the garage.

Heavy downpour of rain last week, where hail and high winds were expected.

Cleaning the air filter and vacuuming up debris under the hood of my dad's Chevy Cobalt 2010.

Observing a pair of birds roosting atop a tree whilst others flitter hither and tither.

First backyard fire of the season, enjoying a Dutch beer and a smoke!

Cooking up some beef ribs for dinner using an old secret family recipe!

Discovering more raccoon tracks all over the backyard the other day. It looks like now that the weather is warming and winter is receding, they have been more active in the area, but they have yet to damage another roof vent hood.

Completing the third stage of the final mission in the campaign with Dave. We performed quite well as a Gunner and Technician respectively, and had to hoof it to extraction after the Queen Mother arrived in the xenomorph hive.

Going through the second stage of the final campaign mission with Dave. We were both using the Gunner class, searching for and trying to rescue the missing members of Blue team, who ended up dead in the xenomorph hive.

Playing the first stage of The Only Way To Be Sure mission in the campaign with Dave (aka Sisyphus420), as I accomplish the Demolisher class weekly Tactical Opportunity as well as killing 30 eggs for the daily requirement.

Completing a few of the daily challenges as well as the weekly one, trying out the Demolisher class in a few missions. I managed to do fairly well with this marine, as I prefer to run-and-gun than proceed in a stealthy manner.

Completing the third stage of the Gift of Fire mission in the campaign, now that my Combat Rating is over 400. We took down the Engineers ship after boarding it and killing a lot of facehuggers and husks, and a few stalkers.

Completing two daily Tactical Opportunities using two Challenge Cards in order to level up my marine to a higher combat rating. Hopefully, I'll gain enough experience to tackle the third stage of the Gift of Fire mission.

Trying to complete the final stage of the Gift of Fire mission in the campaign. I almost passed the last battle, but was overwhelmed by the xenomorphs and both Alpha and Beta couldn't be revived. I guess I need to level up more!

Re-enacting the bank scene from John Carpenter's "They Live", a cult classic starring pro-wrestler (and fellow Canuck) Rowdy Roddy Piper! This was the theme to last weekend's karaoke session, where I sang for almost six hours.

Playing the first mission in the campaign with Ben, my merch manager. We encountered more xenomorphs than I expected, although the difficulty was still set to Casual. I guess that's what happens when you play together.

Advancing through the Gift of Fire second stage in the campaign, where we must discover what's brewing under the surface of LV-895. Towards the end, we open a large gate to discover an alien ship, which we'll board next time.

Managing to fix up the caved in Russian Bear Tent after it collapsed under the pressured weight of too much heavy snow and ice. Two of the tent poles required popping back into place, which were crushed just over the cot. Had I slept in the tent overnight, I might have been trapped within!

Smoking after my morning coffee and brekkie, to find that the Russian Bear Tent collapsed under all the pressure of the snow, sleet, and freezing rain that we had over the past few days. I guess the stress test was fully reached!

Finally completed the first stage of the Gift of Fire campaign mission, this time without dying or being distracted by financial issues. I disabled the Challenges card, so that I could use turrets, mines and other defenses.

Firing up the Winnerwell wood-burning stove again in the Russian Bear Tent to see how the temperature and humidity changes during a not-so-chilly nor stormy night. Unfortunately, the fire petered out after about a half hour.


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