The Ipuwer Papyrus is an Egyptian document appears to describe the 10 plagues of Egypt from Exodus.

Zatoichi protects a family that had cared for him when he had been wounded.

French TV live music show of the early 70s'. This first episode features Soft Machine. Note: I've been wanting to present this series of great music of the early seventies for a while. I have been a bit busy lately but will try to complete the other series that I had at this time.

Another dark tale

Continuing lecture series by Bruce Gore.

Methodology of investigation applied to the resurrection by J. Warner Wallace.

A set of cuts from early Black Sabbath up to the Never Say Die album.
01 Intro
02 Symptom of the Universe
03 War Pigs
04 Snow Blind
O5 Never Say Die
07 Black Sabbath
08 Dirty Women
09 Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor
10 Electric Funeral
11 Children of the Grave
12 Paranoid

Great vintage Russian silent era spy flick.

Superman catches up to the Spider woman.

Veil discover Gemini a special agent who has the most extensive research of the Organization.

another tale of dark fate.

Veil discovers an FBI investigation of the Organization.

Daring action with the crew of the Daily Planet.

More dark tales.

Pre-imperial Rome history of its kings.

As presented by Answers in Genesis on Youtube.

Two Russians push the wrong button on a strange device and end up on the telepathic planet Pluke with its strange societal norms.

Krautrock goes classical. Instrumental symphonic rock with electronic rock elements.

Veil wakes up after a car crash to find his his life back to normal.

Superman battles against evil.

A ghostly tale.

The final installment of Missler's Genesis study is on chapter 49 when Israel blesses each of his sons.

Daniel is a troubling book to those who want to refute the bible, with it accurate predictions of the procession of empires.

Cold Case Christianity's J. Warren Wallace has great way of presenting a case for what he believes.

Some Steve Howe of Yes solo work.


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