A classic b-rate Christmas film that I looked forward to seeing each year as a child.

Another hour of Christmas music for the family to enjoy. May you be blessed of Christ, the greatest gift. Here’s wishing everyone a joyous holiday season, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

So enjoy!

01. What Child is This 0:00:00-0:05:00 Ray Charles
02. Silver Bells 0:05:00-0:07:03 Lou Rawls
03. The Last Noel 0:07:03-0:11:31 Heart
04. The Christmas Song 0:11:31-0:15:56 The Soulful Strings
05. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) 0:15:56-0:19:13 Amy Grant
06. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 0:19:13-0:21:56 The Piano Guy
07. Riu Riu Chiu 0:21:56-0:24:30 Sixpence None the Richer
08. The Christmas Spirit 0:24:30-0:26:42 Johnny Cash
09. Old Fashioned Christmas 0:26:42-0:28:32 Duke Pearson
10. Baby, It’s Cold Outside 0:28:32-0:30:49 Dean Martin
11. Let It Snow 0:30:49-0:33:10 Oscar Peterson
12. Listen the Snow Is Falling 0:33:10-0:39:49 Engine
13. Winter Wonderland 0:39:49-0:42:12 The Cocteau Twins
14. Blue Christmas 0:42:12-0:43:22 Esquivel
15. The Happy Snowflake 0:43:22-0:46:08 Bobby Duvalle
16. Jingo Jango 0:46:08-0:47:10 Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra
17. Joy To the World-Hark the Herald Angel Sings 0:47:10-0:50:30 Jerry Fielding and His Brass Chior
18. Silent Night 0:50:30-0:54:16 Dinah Washington

A joyous winter story of a hobo who winters in a New York mansion, while the owner goes to sunnier regions.

Here’s wishing everyone a joyous holiday season. May you be blessed of the Christ, the greatest gift. Christmas music to enjoy for Christmas, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


01. Joyful Noise 0:00:00-0:04:23 The Empty Hearts
02. Carol of the Bells 0:04:23-0:07:03 The Melvins
03. Oh Holy Night 0:07:03-0:11:31 Pastor Brad
04. Christmas Boogie 0:11:31-0:15:56 Backstreet Girls
05. Children Go 0:15:56-0:19:13 Super Desserts
06. Candycane Kisses 0:19:13-0:21:56 Pep Squad
07. Dear Mr. Claus 0:21:56-0:24:30 Paul Revere and the Raiders
08. Little Saint Nick 0:24:30-0:26:42 Davie Allan & the Arrows
09. White Christmas 0:26:42-0:28:32 Bad Religion
10. Sock It To Me Santa 0:28:32-0:30:49 Helix
11. Come All Ye Faithful Surfer Girls 0:30:49-0:33:10 The Chevelles
12. Come On Everybody 0:33:10-0:39:49 Libido
13. Sleigh Ride 0:39:49-0:42:12 The Ventures
14. Handel’s Messiah 0:42:12-0:43:22 Relient K
15. To Heck with Ole Santa Claus 0:43:22-0:46:08 Sam Morrison
16. Mr. Artificial Tree Maker 0:46:08-0:47:10 Bud Light
17. Deck The Halls 0:47:10-0:50:30 Reo Speed Wagon
18. O Come, O Come, Emmamuel (Instrumental) 0:50:30-0:54:16 Symphony North
19. Ode to Joy 0:54:16-0:56:38 Sam Morrison
20. O Holy Night 0:56:38-0:59:48 The Carpenters
21. Christmastime 0:59:48-1:02:17 Randy Stonehill

Inspired by a true story, Christmas for a Dollar is a holiday classic about a family that finds out what truly brings joy and love at Christmas. In the midst of the Great Depression, the Kamp family has struggled since Mrs. Kamp’s untimely death. The older children do their best to take care of the family, but the younger children, including Hopalong Cassidy fan Norman and straight-talking little Ruthie, struggle the most with a bleak-looking future. With mounting debt from Norman’s battle with polio, the siblings fully expect a Christmas without presents.

However, when Father scrapes together a dollar in coins, everything changes. As each child comes up with a special gift to give another member of the family, they soon begin to discover that the spirit of Christmas is priceless.

Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Album: Under the Gypsy Sun
Release: unknown

Compilation of rare (mostly) Alan Douglas 1967-1970 mixes many of which have never been released before

A Message:
There is a spirit of fear at work, overtaking the world. Fear is the opposite of faith and has no place among the faithful. Fear is a cruel master but the grace of God is freedom, freedom from the captivity of fear, addiction and confusion. Choose Jesus before the darkness completely envelopes this world.

01 Nothing but Pieces
02 Midnight Lightning
03 Blue Suede Shoes
04 Beginnings
05 Gypsy Boy
06 Machine Gun
07 Trashman
08 Machine Gun (fragment)
09 Midnight Lightning (frag. Vocal only)
10 And the Gods Made Love
11 Burning of the Midnight Lamp (instr.)
12 Lover Man
13 Three Little Bears (instr.)
14 Ezy Rider Jam (no organ frag.)
15 Ezy Rider Jam (with organ)
16 Bass & Drum (instr. Frag.)
17 Hey Joe (frag.)
18 Look Over Yonder (instr.)
19 Dream

Artist: Billy Cox Nitro Function
Album: Billy Cox Nitro Function
Released: Pye International 1971

Billy Cox former Band of Gypsys bassist along with drummer Robert Tarrant (a very nice article on Tarrant: enlisted Jimi Hendrix guitar enthusiast,formerly of The Luv’d Ones, the Electric Lady; Charlotte ‘Char’ Vinnedge to form a trio to pay tribute to the late Jimi Hendrix. The seasoned musicians lay down 10 tracks of fuzz drenched Hard Psychedelic Acid Blues-Based Guitar-Oriented Rock via Vinnedge in honor of the late master of finely controlled distortion.


01. Message 00:00-01:03
02. 42-70 (Peace) 01:03-05:55
03. Touch Me 05:55-08:46
04. You Really Got Me 08:46-12:57
05. Portrait 12:57-17:52
06. Powerhouse 17:52-21:01
07. You Got a Hold on Me 21:01-24:13
08. Play Your Own Blues 24:13-29:11
09. Not My Time 29:11-33:03
10. Let Me Do What I Want To Do 33:03-35:42

A Slasher classic for the holiday season.

The living dead take Pittsburgh in a blood and guts, gut-splitting black comedy.

A story of psychotic dysfunctional families.

Third in the trilogy of killer babies.

The second in the trilogy of killer babies.

Artist: U.S. Apple Corps
Album: U.S. Apple Corps
Released: SSS International 1970

U.S. Apple Corps initiatory 1970 self-titled release delivered a number of Gospel classics with Soul drenched Funk infused Psychedelic Rock.


01. Ain’t It Like Him 00:00-03:39
02. Peace in the Valley 03:39-08:53
03. Will the Circle Be Unbroken 08:53-12:42
04. Down by the Riverside 12:42-17:17
05. Ride on King Jesus 17:17-21:02
06. Swing Low Sweet Chariot 21:02-25:42

First in the trilogy of killer babies.

Artist: Gershon Kingsley First Moog Quartet
Album: Gershon Kingsley First Moog Quartet
Released: Audio Fidelity Records 1970

The First Moog Quartet was assembled to play live electronic music. In fact they were the first electronic group to perform Carnegie Hall. The album is a collection of live recordings of a nation wide tour. It consists of experimental music, some spoken word and beat poetry.

* Unfortunately this albums ends with two new age philosophies based songs.


01. In the Beginning 00:00-02:58
02. Miracles 02:58-09:29
03. Have It or Grab It or Go 09:29-15:07
04. Images 15:07-18:05
05. Sounds of Silence 18:05-22:40
06. Eleanor Rigby 22:40-25:51
07. Did You Ever Take a Journey 25:51-29:57
08. Rebirth 29:57-32:46

John Ritter and Pam Dawber are tripped in TVland after Signing a deal with the Devil.

B-movie Encino Man meets King Kong. Banana murders lead to missing link.

Artist: Acidente
Album: Guerra Civil
Released: Coomusa 1981

Brazilian band Acidente first album is a Progressive Blues-based Rock release titled Guerra Civil (Civil War). It showcases a wide range of influence striking occasional similarities to Dylan, Pink Floyd, to possibly even John Fahey.


01. O Vaqueiro e a Debunte 00:00-02:22
02. Eu Ainda Amo Voces 02:22-05:50
03. Pingo 05:50-08:59
04. Canto 08:59-13:14
05. Nao Me Mate Agora 13:14-16:04
06. Arvore 16:04-18:12
07. Loucos 18:12-21:05
08. Tudo Vai Passar 21:05-24:31
09. Assassinato de Trotsky 24:31-26:46
10. E a Verdade Nao Eh Sempre a Mesma 26:46-29:12
11. Seu Pai Nao Vem Aqui 29:12-30:48
12. Providencia 30:48-33:24

This film has three parts to it: first part is foundational his background and impact on the Christian music scene. The second part is all the ugliness, conflicts and betrayals. The third part the redemption, forgiveness and acceptance of the human frailties.

LARRY NORMAN various tracks

*None of the footage is of the actual performance of the song.

01. What We Need is a Whole Lot More of
Jesusand a Lot Less Rock n Roll (People!) 0:00:00-0:01:58 I Love You 1968
02. Why Should the Devil (Punk) 0:01:58-0:03:15 Down Under but Not Out 1986
03. f the Bombs Fall 0:03:15-0:07:55 Down Under but Not Out 1986
04. A Few Loaves and Smelly Fish 0:07:55-0:10:34 Live at the Vineyard 1999
05. Moses in the Wilderness 0:10:34-0:13:48 Upon This Rock 1969
06. I Am The Six O'clock News 0:13:48-0:19:52 Only Visiting This Planet 1972
07. Be Careful What You Sign 0:19:52-0:24:48 So Long Ago the Garden 1973
08. Put Your Life into His Hands 0:24:48-0:28:48 Something New Under the Sun 1981
09. Forget Your Hexagram 0:28:48-0:31:10 Upon This Rock 1969
10. The Sun Began to Rain 0:31:10-0:32:30 In Another Land 1975
11. Gonna Write a Song about You for the
Radio 0:32:30-0:35:45 Rehearsal for Reality 1986
12. Rock the Flock 0:35:45-0:39:20 Tourniquet 2001
13. What’s Wrong with This Body 0:39:20-0:44:48 Stop This Flight 1984
14. Peacepollutionrevolution 0:44:48-0:48:03 Street Level 1971 (Barcheaology)
15. Letters to the Church 0:48:03-0:52:24 Home at Last 1988
16. Righteous Rocker (Hard Rock Version) 0:52:24-0:56:45 Only Visiting This Planet 2004 re-issue
17. Ashes of Me (People!) 0:56:24-1:00:05 I Love You 1968
18. No More LSD 1:00:05-1:02:13 Live at the Vineyard 1999
19. The Last Supper 1:02:13-1:05:27 Upon This Rock 1969
20. Leaving the Past Behind 1:05:27-1:09:03 Something New Under the Sun 1981
21. Come Away 1:09:03-1:14:37 Stranded in Babylon 1990
22. If You Don’t Love - You’ll Fall 1:14:37-1:19:58 Footprints in the Sand 1994
23. I Wish We All Been Ready 1:19:58-1:24:30 Only Visiting This Planet 2004

Larry Norman commonly known as the father of Christian Rock released Upon This Rock with Columbia Records in 1969. He as not the only to come out at the time but being in contract with Columbia Records gave him a prominent position. In addition, that year were released The Search Party’s Montgomery Chapel and Aum’s Resurrection. Then 1970 saw a good number of Christian rock releases, although Larry Norman’s Upon This Rock did not fair well in the market and led to Larry Norman being dropped from the label. It eventually did achieve some success when placed in Christian book stores. The Christian market version had although been greatly remastered. His second major release (in between were Street Level [1970] and Bootleg [1972]) Only Visiting This Planet on Verve Records [1972] has been ranked number 2 of the all time best CCM albums.

Larry Norman is an example of the human condition. A pioneer of the Christian Music Industry who was often relegated to the sidelines. He suffered broken friendships and broken marriages, and serious health issues. Humanity is frail and resilient; we make mistakes, we SIN, we endure and persevere. Great men of God do make great errors. Abraham had risked Sarah to be taken by Pharaoh to have. David slept with Bathsheba and set her husband up to be killed. After their passing we learn so much of the faults of the Christian heroes. Their was one who was perfect and he lived that perfect life to save us from our grievous condition. The condition of the Christian should be a person aware of their inadequacies and repentant in love for Christ in consideration of the seriousness with which he treated the nature of our condition, that he had to pay such an extreme price.


Third in the Pink Panther series lacking Peter Seller with Alan Atkins filling the role of Inspector Cluoseau.

Title: Call of the Wild
Artist: Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes
Album: Call of the Wild
Released: DisCreet Records 1974

The Motor City Madman Ted Nugent sixth album with The Amboy Dukes. The second heralding as Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes but the first studio album utilizing the name; Survival of the Fittest being a live album and is some what transitory from the original Amboy Dukes psychedelic rock to Ted Nugents emerging proto-metal. It was released on Frank Zappa’s recently established DiscReet Records.


01. Call of the Wild 00:00-04:51
02. Sweet Revenge 04:51-08:57
03. Pony Express 08:57-14:19
04. Ain’t It the Truth 14:19-19:16
05. Renegade 19:16-22:48
06. Rot Gut 22:48-25:34
07. Below the Belt 25:34-32:38
08. Cannon Balls 32:38-38:22

Artist: Fraction
Album: Moon Blood
Released: Angelus Records 1971

This Heavy Hard Psyche Rock was record in 3 hours with no overdubs. These were some true hard rock masters. Unfortunately these working class musicians failed to get the attention they deserved. Jim Beach powerful vocals duly draw comparison to Jim Morrison. The sole five song disc was limited to a pressing of 200.


01. Sanc-Divided 00:00-03:51
02. Come Out of Her 03:51-08:50
03. Eye of the Hurricane 08:50-17:45
04. Sons Come to Birth 17:45-23:11
05. This Bird Sky High 23:11-31:15

I found this OST on a blog but I did extend the lead in on a few tracks.

When tomatoes attack.


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