Third installment of the Thief in the Night series.

Great message delivered by an excellent expositor.

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from TreasureChrist on Youtube.

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A posthumous release of original material.

An insurance clerk lends out his apartment in pursuit of advancement in the company.

Laurel and Hardy are a couple of Christmas tree salesmen.

Aliens plan a missile attack in 1883.

Lois is used to purchase an Inca tapestry which is than stolen from her.

Another collection of shorts

Aural Infection produces ambient soundscapes with lofi, minimalism, dark ambience, sometimes a little sludge, discordant beats or bits of noise. Actually looking at he next track after this reminded me one attribute I forgot to mention; drone.
Track 4 of Discord is Pax Vobiscum.

Aural Infection produces ambient drone soundscapes with lofi, minimalism, dark ambience, sometimes a little sludge, discordant beats or bits of noise. Track 5 of Discord is Tranaudio I.

An alien invasion and only Santa can save the day. 0$ budget and yet here it is.

A shoe-string budget sci-fi horror movie about aliens feeding on humans. Shot in four days in1994.

the sequel to A Thief in the Night.

Continuing with Part 4 of 4 on the state of the gospel in the 1970s' by Keith Green. Keith Green was a popular CCM artist with a strong evangelistic message who founded the Last Days Ministries. He died in 1982 in a plane crash on his way to perform in Seattle. I was invited to attend that concert but alas it was not to be.

Another from Off The Kirb Ministries

Keith Green's last album before our tragic loss of his presence.

2nd installment of the Zatoichi film series.

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A couple inherit a white elephant of a theatre (it is British, ya know) and they must turn it to a success.

After a scientist from the Time Tunnel project is kidnapped by time travelers, Doug and Tony are sent to rescue her.

Clark most find Superman's stolen costume.

A collection of 8 Youtube shorts.

Happy Thanksgiving! Although it is considered a Christmas classic it is nevertheless fitting for Thanksgiving.

Wishing y'all a wonderful Thanksgiving. This is a sermon on showing thankfulness to God.

The Thief in the Night series was the Left Behind of the 1970s'. In the 1970s' the PreTrib Rapture was the only acceptable view it seemed at the time. Early on I was having trouble with that view from what I was reading in the Bible. Now other views have grown in popularity.


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