Oldie but goodie 19” Lawnboy. They sadly don’t make them like this anymore.
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Rain is coming. The sun beaming through the tree helped shade it for the video.

Only had a couple hours to look today but I was able to find this wade point. It is rather crude and banged up but I don’t mind.

Colon Cancer sucks. Make sure you get screened. Mine hit me at 42 with no history of it, non-smoker, non-drinker. It happens.

A couple little jewels I picked up

We finally captured her for a sit-down. She refused to divulge any information about her origins or who exactly she is working for.

Nice little tool for camping and fishing. I like it in place of a knife in many situations.

US made Ka-Bar warthog 1247. Picked these up in a trade deal. $75 for both. Could not pass em up!

Found this scraper while running my dogo. It has been pecked and worked a bit. Pretty good find considering the field has been farmed for well over a century.

Crude as can be but I don’t find many in this color. Most are white or black flint around here.

Breaks your heart to find them damaged but they still bring me joy.

Just something I picked up and a little chat about it.

Super quick video. Having some great wind here today and we are taking full advantage of it!

A little something different and hanging out with the light of my soul.

Beautiful day to be in the field with my best buddy, DRAGO. He was not too interested in me today he was just happy to be free.

Slick and cold out here tonight. Nothing in comparison to those in the Ukraine. God be with them. Thanks for watching.

This is after todays run. My little girl picked him out a trolls pillow. He ran 3-4 miles today and now he is sawing logs on it.

Running around in the snow.

This is ENTIRELY satire.

I was filming him and looking through the lens instead of keeping my eye on him directly. Paid the price with a shot to the baguettes 😞 He was 6 months old in this clip

Super quick look at Drago finally back to the fields. More to come soon.

Back from the Cleveland Clinic. 45 staples and healing up after a big surgery to remove cancer. My DRAGO has been ultra-protective of me knowing I am weak. Will post more videos when I can walk better and the weather warms up.


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