Took me a little over 3 hours.

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No, the other side of Helena's hair isn't missing, it's just tucked behind her ear!

Program: Flash CS6
Tablet: Cintiq 13 HD and HDT
Songs: Can-Can - Offenbach and Yankee Doodle - U.S. Navy Band

In this terrifying continuation of the Monotonous Boredom Saga™, Stan and Josh discover what gluten-free horrors lie within the possessed doughnut box.

I worked on this for almost 16 hours. Can you believe it?

I've been wanting to make a poster for Monotonous Boredom for a while now, and just never got around to it... until now! And I figured it would be fun to make a speedpaint out of it.

Update: Wow, I can't believe I spent 16 hours on that! God, I was so slow back then!

Stan learns to appreciate a gift that most people take for granted everyday.

P.S. April Fools.

In this thrilling continuation of the critically acclaimed Monotonous Boredom, Stan just wants to be left alone, and no one will let him.

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A customer walks into Krazy Karz! and tries to buy a car from everyone's favorite car salesman, Slippery Sam!

Newgrounds version:

Stan and Stomp try to figure out how to keep from being bored. While on their mission, they come across a cast of whimsical characters. Will they be able to beat boredom? Find out in the epic adventure that is Monotonous Boredom.

Note: This cartoon is old, and I've gotten a lot better at animation since. I promise.

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It's Dom coming at you with music and fun and if you're not careful you may learn something before it's done.