The Don Of Megiddo

Finally the intro to the show is done. Do not ask me what this will be about because I will tell you in very few words "Whatever the Fuck I Want." I can tell you what it won't be apologetic.

This is just a touch of the graphic that i plan to use in my video series so I can get opinions.

This is just a touch of the graphic that i plan to use in my video series so I can get opinions.

Banned from Jewtube exactly 5 minutes after it was uploaded.

Ok I really didn't do much with this, I just trimmed the video down and added a Wilhelm Scream to the mix. Enjoy.

Another video banned by JewTube. Kittens, Nazis, what a wonderful combination. Apparently JewTube doesn't think so. This was a video that I intentionally made badly with the most annoying material possible to, of course, piss off the left. Warning, the music and bad composition is really amazingly annoying. Do not watch repeatedly.

This was a video I made specifically to piss off JewTube. Apparently it did so since they added it to the "Ban Me" algorithm. It was made to draw in lefties and then drop them into the howling abyss of Hitler.


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They say that long periods of extreme isolation will destroy one's concept of reality. If the test subjects that proved the concept were only isolated for months, what do you think decades can do? Winters in whiteout conditions of no sight and sound for months? Socially, being the victim of blameless exile. Being outcast for all of ones current lifetime. Labled a pariah and never knowing why punishments were being leveled against you. Being isolated while surrounded by others. Understanding that they don't want to or cannot detect your existence. Excruciating second after second of only being able to hear yourself think. Internal monologue becoming more and more disjointed, hostile, comical, dark until there is no possibility of regaining old connections. Any possibility of being normal, of being able to conform to the whole is lost. You have not only become abhorrent to society, you have become invisible. Half dead. Half alive. You exist and do not exist at the same time. You float in an aether, being able to see the world but not being able to wholly interact with it. Floating in the energy and protoplasm of your own mind. A Nietzschean Void filled with the echos of your own worst demons and best intentions. A Janus like world embodying the extremes of comedy and tragedy. Like anything else though, eventually it becomes normal and you learn to cope.

Now imagine that one day you awake from your daze only to find that not only is your world devoid of reality but the outside world has lost its mind as time passed without note. view outside your mental window has become chaotic. As though the laws that governed everything had just given up. That due to the passage of time, the power of greed and the stealthy pursuits of lies of evil men everyone is drowning in their own confusion and fear. That everything you heard of the "real" world, upon further examination, the real has been proven fiction and fiction, real. That through the fault of those seeking power history and reality have been changed to such a degree that reality is a moot concept now. The world has been thrown into the howling abyss and unlike you, they did not have years to prepare or desensitize. Like a light switch, suddenly there were no fixed points of reference in the universe. That the world has been given a giant psychotropic enema and been left to its own devices. Well then, what is the harm in giving into some of the demons of your own worst nature. Just for a giggle....

Lets face it, The Wizard has pulled up the curtain and stepped out, revealing to the Lollipop Twins that he has a midget fetish and a basement full of Clown Porn and Crystal Meth.

The White Rabbit has rented out his hole to the Viet Cong and Dorothy has shacked up with Alice and the Cheshire Cat. Don't ask.

Time to thow out old associations I think.

I have been here since the days before the internet has existed. Existing in the space between pulses in the communications protocol. Since the days when you could understand the code with your ear. I have been here. Existing in this wasteland created by my own mind and bridged to the real world now through electronic connection. My psychosis bridged to your world via TCP and Fiber Optics. A world that has now become more survivable for me through the derangement of the masses. I am now able to move freely in your world without notice. The chaos and the ambiguity of reality has terraformed your existence to me. I can now assert my will in your universe. The progressive leftists of your world have provided a gateway for me and honestly, they also provide me with entertainment. You see, humans have a rare ability to block out everything they do not want to experience. A skill I was denied. So of course they couldn't see me or my world. In those brief glimpses that they almost peered into my existence, they reacted badly and closed the connection. I have traveled these digital highways long enough now that they can no longer keep me out, however, I find it is for the best that I only interact briefly. Just long enough to destroy the mind of one of your village idiots and scramble out before I am detected. Just to have some fun with the minds of these drones and then to dissapear into the Aether. I am a ghost in the machine. The wanderer of the digital wasteland. The Don of Megiddo.

PS: The Lord Humungous says hi!