Donald-Grahn, Stew, Call 4 Investigation

Urgent program about the arrest of a militia leader on a specious charge. Lazaro and Kathy Rubio lead the discussion.
This is a 2nd Attempt to Publish this program.

The false arrest of a militia organizer in New Mexico raises all kinds of questions... discussed here by Kathy and Lazaro.

"Truth vs. Genocide - It's That $erious!" April 22, 1st hour. Heavy discussion of realities of these tribulation times.

Can you survive a swelling wave of 'Brave New World' technology and authority that is harming your health and freedoms?
Are you prepared for what could become the overflow into the big Falls?
Be sure to watch around 39 minutes in.

You are probably a potential victim of arson, right now!

Topics include 9//11 media manipulation, Trump and Israel, and New Horizons peace conferences.

More Weekly NEW$ exposed as inaccurate, misdirected.

Another insightfulnews-magazine program.

The battle for actual Truth against 'politicized truth' aka. 'Official Lies' is getting close and personal now.
This is a stimulating, on-point program - to view and pursue. Share this whole show - both hours.

Great discussion relating to Fetzer being sued by a Sandy Hook, 'dad'.- in part.

Stew Webb, Amber Dawn, and Patricia have a lively discussion. I, Donald Grahn, producer, got knocked off the phone connection - so I'm not yet sure what all was discussed.
There is a bonus of 12 minutes beyond the TV-timed production.

Trump - not colluding with Russia, but how 'bout Israel? Much more disclosed.

Have all of US been played for fools? No More! Wake Up. Truth must Prevail.

C4I =Call 4 Investigation,- in 2 parts!?! Special inspective insights into Venezuela's dark-power problems, - then, Part 2: gun realities, FB prejudiced practices, Nebraska's flooding, and delivering in-your-home vaccinations!! Harsh realities to handle...and, with your vital unalienable Rights protection documents disclosed...

Heavy New$ Issues disclosed.

I goofed, and can't find how to Delete this.

2nd hour of reality and honesty re: heavy happenings in the NEW$

Opens with Muller's No Collusion and gets even hotter from there. See and share...

2nd hour - with more Hot news and cogent comments

A Forensic Analysis by Scott and Jim on the evidence of events in New Zealand last Friday, the Ides of March.

The 'wind-up' discussion of NEW$ in the first hour results in 'outa-the-Park' Home Runs in this second half. WOW ! Scott and Michael-Jay are absolutely awesome and spot on! If you love your family, or care about America today - you will want to watch and share this TV program. And Salute this unique panel of Prof. Jim Fetzer, Scott Bennett, and Michael Jay Anderson!! - As all of US go Cruisin' down the river - of stress and strife!

A very good News Magazine TV show. Another weekly wild ride through the white water of American political life!

Be sure to see the Shocker in the last 5 minutes.

Truths shown for these trying times


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