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Personal, explosive 1st Hand History on Kamala Harris, the Biden$$s, War Crimes, Beirut bombing, and Iraq, with military Dr. F. Greg Ford. His experiences expose steaming new dirt on the elecability of all candidates. Exclusive Hot Interview on AwPT = All-ways Pursuing Truth. . WATCH NOW and Share widely.

Excellent analysis of the NEW$ stories - sto see and share widely. with Jim Retzer and Scott Bennett.

The created Corona Crisis is very serious now = pivotal.times as we have lost most of our freedom and liberty to a manufactured medial martial law hoax.

AwPT = All-ways Pursuing Truth August 8 - Bi=weekly, 7 Vital Video views: Internment!, FEMA, Nazi/ NWO 10 min, Polly - Supposed Global Pandemic 12min, Icke, Pandemic, 21, 1 JFK Assassination, 37, RFK, VAccines,41, Trump backstabs, 51 minutes

Another enlightening discussion of facts and House hearings with Jim Jordan.
At the end I added the Beirut bombing from 7 angles. WOW! what a blast!

Very vital discussion of the reality of this created COVID crisis. Info you can use to protect yourself includes a VACCINATION Responsibility Form to present to any health person who may inject you:


I, the undersigned, being a qualified health professional, having assumed decision-making power independently, or having been appointed to such, by a government bureaucracy or health corporation controlled by such, do request or require the following named individual:
___________________________________ to receive the following Vaccination(s), __ [for which I can now supply the certified Test Results for the Vaccine’s safety & efficacy:
contrary to laws of this state that provide religious, philosophical & health-based exemptions.
I know by _____________________________ that this individual is in excellent health, or has health issues: mainly: _______________________________________________________________ prior to the informed administration of said immunization(s) vaccination(s), or treatment(s).

Consistent with this requirement / request and the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm is my personal acceptance of full responsibility for any and all damages resulting from such immunizations. As a result, I agree to provide compensation amounting to $1,000,000.00 to the family/ies of the persons I am requiring to receive the aforementioned vaccinations for each resulting vaccine related injury(s), side-effect(s) and/or disease(s) as follows:

__Sudden infant death syndrome:
__Shaken baby syndrome:
__Cerebral bleeding:
__Auto-immune disease(s):
__Bowel blockage:
__Brain damage:
__Mental retardation:
__Crippling arthritis:
__Mercury poisoning:
__Loss of IQ:
Chronic fatigue syndrome:
Other known – specify ______________________________________________________

*Note that virtually all of the above conditions /diseases are incurable by modern medicine, but all are more easily prevented by abstinence!

Name (print):_____________________ Position:_______________at __________________.
Signature:_______________________Phone______________Date:______________ 20___

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For full formatted Form, email me, Donald Grahn, at [email protected]

COFIC is a mind control operation. Watch at least the first 10 minutes, and from 52 minutes to end.

Scott Bennett and Prof. James Fetzer are the most dynamic of duos - when it comes to insights on today's news events.

a good insightful discussion of today's burning issues.
Be sure to catch the inserts at 10:30 and at 53 minutes in. problem and simple solution ?

Our Bi-weekly Compilation of critical current clips - 8 in this hour: Summary, Max Igan, Ed Snowden, Architects of COVID, Trump & Sun Tsu, Pastor Locke, Vaccine Dr., and Vaccines exposed. powerful pertinent info - each worth viewing and sharing....

Dr. Ford was an eye-witness participant in international war crimes - and wants the world to know of this era's harsh history...

More insights into involved issues of the week.
At 48 minutes, watch Pastor Locke's pleading.

Another power hour of truth behind the NEW$ of the week. with Prof. Fetzer and Scott Bennett.

Ripping the media's Mask off COVID to show the facts of an organized funded revolution gaining strength over America.
Watch 5 minute Insert at 35:15 minutes in to get a true perspective of this hellish hoax.
This Medical Martial Law is for a common cold bug, is :house-arresting' everyone's freedoms to deliberately kill the American Dream. WAKE UP, and prepare to fight to keep what's left of America ! It's almost too late, now..

Very powerful 2nd hour with great comments by Scott!

Whatta Show, Watch closely, share widely!

From our last TV show, the full story with Joshua Abraham exposing insider info of the dark-side.

Be sure to watch the 2 vital clips - at 10 and 41 minutes. - VIP Very Important Pronouncements.

Another important program. Be sure to watch the W.H.O. declaration at 30 min, and at 61 minutes - COVID, a Torture?

NOTE: Our TV station has been shut down since July 1. We need you to SHARE our shows as widely as possible from now on. Thanks.

Great program with Napolitano at 30 min.

Another powerful program Everyone should at least watch the last 7 minutes....

NOTE: The Seattle Community Access TV channel was suddenly taken down June 30 - for 'covid-caused budget shortfalls' of some $300 million. So cancel/censor this public access channel which costs about $150 - 200 K (= ~ 6%)! Makes perfect sense, when several producers are critical of Mayor Durkan's incompetence in office.
So, this new show is on the internet only. Please share and post this (and future programs) on all sites you can. Contact me at [email protected]

FINAL C4I TV Program (on SCM Television)!
SPECIAL FINAL Call 4 Investigation, June 26, - with 4 new excerpted significant program segments:
Sheriff Richard Mack - instead of law enforcement, Sheriffs' 'Keep the Peace'
Joshua Abraham - examines the depths and dimensions of the Masons and the coming New World Order
Phil Washington - of the UK, says Britain isn't Great no more, but broke and broken.
Dr. Greg Ford -(26th hour) - exposes historical criminal corruptions of the US, at home and abroad.

NOTE: SEATTLE is shutting off its Public Access Channel due to its gross negligence Stay posted on my FB Page:

Watch, take notes, and SHARE... Our country is now in a civil war that will probably change this society forever, unless you react to stop the trespass on your rights.


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