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This video is banned on YouTube. #SusanWojcicki #YouTube #Cencorship

Dead man covers himself with a coat somehow, someway

Dead man covers himself with jacket.

If all nationalists/separatist spoke real truth about each other then it sound something like this.

This documentary contains the most important 15 minutes of information about the real truth behind race and culture in this country. This contains opinions from Irritated Genie. He is a Black Nationalist, who is the leader of the Straight Black Pride Movement. Irritated Genie doesn't hold "white" people in high regard. So when he explains how white people were framed and/or scapegoated for the Jews role in slavery and entertainment, it's a huge wakeup call to all GOYIM . Please share this far and wide

Judah P. Benjamin was a lawyer and politician who was the 1st Jewish U.S. Senator. During the Civil War, Benjamin was 2nd in command for the Confederates. He owned a large plantation, where he owned 140 slaves. He escaped after the war, but moved on to funding the Klu Kkux Klan with money from Rothschild. Judah P. Benjamin was also homosexual

Slavery revisionist


You have the left/right paradigm. Now we have the Alt-right/ neocon paradigm. It's still a PARADIGM! How can Nick and his self-proclaimed "Chads" ask questions about dancing Israelis and still be MAGAtards??? Nick also cried when Charlie Kirk shut down Nick's free speech. Nick Fuentes did the same thing when questions about his love for Israel and Trump got too heated.

Charlie Kirk dishonestly denies the USS Liberty and the Apollo Affair during 2019 Politicon. This anti-Military traitor needs to be exposed.

What if Lyor Cohen, Jerry Heller and even Drake made music about their own culture? Would it be like the degeneracy that they produce within the black culture? Here is an example of what it might look like.

Ryan Dawson now claims that BBC reporter, Jane Stanley prematurely reported that building 7 had collapsed(it was still standing behind her) only "2" minutes before it actually fell. The truth is that is was "23" minutes beforehand. Thus showing the criminal foreknowledge that media was privy to. Ryan does this to diminish researchers. However, Ryan excludes CNN's premature reporting of building 7 that day. Aaron Brown reported building 7's collapse 1 full hour before its demise.

Please watch Johnny Gat's latest video


Ryan Dawson now claims that when Jane Stanley from the BBC reported that building 7 had collapsed(while it was still standing behind her), she had only done so 2 minutes prior. Ryan does this to diminish the criminal liability due to the foreknowledge that the media was privy to. The truth is that the report was "23" minutes before the collapse, thus incriminating the media tremendously. I also point out that Aaron Brown from CNN reported building 7 collapse(while it was standing in the background) 1 full hour before its demise.

Please check out Johnny Gat's latest upload

Some of us know why guys like Levin, Goldberg, Seinfeld and Kroll crack jokes about Schindler's List......

I also expose more pedophilia propaganda by these sick "writers"

This is collection of ads that portray white people as stupid, inept, mean, racist and inferior. My intentions for this video are to illustrate how the (((owners and ceo's))) of marketing agencies shape their ads to promote racial inferiority as a way to stimulate racial tensions through another platform.

I take a close look at 2 cases involving Jews. The 1st case determines whether Jews are their own race. The 2nd looks at the infamous Texas 7. One of the last members of the gang of 7 now claims anti-Semitism. This stays his execution date.


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