Jesus Campos with gained weight?

Was Adam Lanza the idea of the angriest Video Game Nerd in the world?

Sandy Hook Update goes beyond the regular.

Our favorite Sandy Hook Hoax Newtown Connecticut Crisis Actor Carolina Ravassa, Our Favorite Dream Jam Band Member Christopher Shyer. If you want to hear A and I discuss Leonard Poesner, and some people from Always Dance After Monkey. Hit that PayPal Button. I am starting to remember how I found The Trailer Park Boys links. It involves a picture with Karen Wentzell, and a gentleman whom I presume to be Leonard Poesner before his hollywood makeover transformation. My favorite BROLL actors. Chris Shyer from the Core 2003. Rubber Masks? Carolina Ravassa AKA Francine Wheeler. Francine is A Class act. She definitely got the Jeanne's. I found Jeffery Warrens comment long before I saw Always Dance After Monkey the TNN Video which has photos of people from my school. like Mr McK-----, for instance. Hit that PayPal Button if you want to see A and I talk about Leonard Poesner for a while, as well as the Ellen Vegas Brothers!!!! Look at that Bert Face.

Just a Teaser. More Comin.

Sandy Hook Crisis Actors Exposed. The only channel that takes valuable time to expose the NWO. See my banned videos on Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/channel/donalddoct0r/ ... Thank you for subscribing. I was banned with two subscribers and one of them was me. I most be on TARGET!!!

Sandy Hook Crisis Actors Exposed!!! The Tsarnev Bomber

Looking a little closer at the Dream Jam Band. I Can't Tie My Shoes Francine Wheeler

Sandy Hook Was A Hoax I have been kicked of youtube 5 times.

The latest rendition of a sandy hook interview with a true new englander Donald Doct0r
Crazy Donald Duck Doct0r recalls his days in FairField County Connecticut. Donald met a teacher who was supposed to teach at sandy hook. her coworkers where in entertainment CSI #MVRHSSCAMMERS

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Please Comment tell me you read this? PLEASE!?!? Hello I am not a joker, I am not a liar. I did meet a teacher who said she was going to work at Sandy Hook Elementary School for the 2002-2003 school year this was summer 2002. When I told my grandparents they retrieved a paper showing all of the toxic chemicals in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Building, they laughed and said that school isnt going to open. My grandfather was in a local paper probably >20years before #HookDay (not sure which paper) The weird thing was they where calling him Grampy Gene. The story was about the neighbourhood kids playing on the side road they lived on and how my grandfather put out cones so traffic would have to slow down, and they called him "grampy Gene" which was weird as grandpas name was not Gene. After listening to my recordings there is 1 correction I need to make . Im not sure if any save game files had Adam or ALanza written on the carts. Lanza was definetly written on the carts though. I forget to mention there where 4 N64 controllers and 2 SouthPaw Controllers. I seem to remember save game files named Ry and possibly a patrick or a pat. Also I do not think Monty Frank is Leonard Posener. I am a Sandy hook witness. I have been Physically attacked in the fall or winter of 2017. My grandparents where the fine people in Fairfield county CT. We knew the phonies, we adamantly neglected our chances to be scamming rich, and took the high honest road instead. My dad is always jealous of other CT families that use charities to fund their private lives. He complained to no end. "But, Mother, others are getting company cars." I want to do more interviews I want you to ask me more questions keep me on task, help me remember more. plus I want to talk about my own investigaton into this insane case.