Donald J Trump 2020

China is about to lose another US election.
#Trump2020 #HunterLaptop

#Trump2020 - brace yourself for 4 more years of pro minority policies.

After Trump walks out, it's Mike Pence' turn to listen to the professional fool Lesley Stahl at 60 min.

#Biden2020 #Trump2020 #HuntersLaptop

It has begun ...

#DeepState #FakeNews is run by #PedoState

Trumps anti-war policies pulling troops out of Middle East and making peace deals.

#TrumpCard #DineshDesouza


“Masks are irrelevant for stopping a virus. Viruses are 1000x smaller than a hair, and 50x smaller than a bacteria.
It’s like saying a chain-link fence can stop a mosquito.”
— Dr. Simone Gold - Americas Frontline Doctors


Trump made billions as a businessman and then lost money going to DC - Biden made billions from China Moscow and Ukraine going to DC.

Gutfeld on the New York City exodus and De Blasio's response.

The #BidenCrimeFamily

BBC covers the historic first flight between Israel and UAE.

BLEXIT March Oct 2020


Why didn't Hillary face the music on the night of her 2016 election loss?

Did the Multinational Media Corporations manage to manipulate you?

Trumps pro minority policies:
Record funding for Black schools #HBCU
School choice
Record-low unemployment, poverty and crime
Criminal justice reform (Bidens mass incarceration)
Opportunity zones (investment in areas of poverty)
Black Business Owner 400% jump in 1 year
Protecting Native American kids


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