We finally got to the bottom of the tower, what's next?

Everyone is after Deku, but will he succeed on keeping his headband?

Killua is starting to freak me out, but at the same time he's cool af!

Deku just keeps on surprising me!

Everybody wants to beat class 1A cuz we da best!

Gon and Kurapika are making these prisoners look really weak!

This sports festival sounds like fun!

Wow, Tonpa is a really cool guy... not.

On to season 2!

Can All Might get any cooler?

This episode made me hungry.

Why do they have to do Mr. Aizawa like this?

Uhh a bird that leads you to a spike pit.. I think I'll pass on taking the hunter exam.

The marathon is over and now they have to deal with man-faced apes? The boys seem like they can handle anything so I'm not worried.

My favorite episode so far!

Tonpa, I think you need to develop some skills instead of trying to make everybody else need to do #2.

I have a feeling that this will be one epic adventure!

Man.. these three really make a good team

Iida deserves to be class representative :D. Oh and what's with this hand-on-face guy? Don't you dare touch All Might!

Deku has shown that he has what it takes to be a hero!

Deku is determined to get his new powers under control. In your face Kacchan!


Deku spilled the beans to Kacchan, not sure if that was a good idea or not :o


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