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Finished with my little sponge bed raised garden. Dug a "moat" part way around it to help control the water. Have had a couple of rains and everything working pretty well. Will add a few finishing touches later to make it look pretty.

Putting out something I hinted at in my Strange Happening 1 at the 6min 30 sec mark. No one asked about it. It's started now. Links I mention in the video.
Recent Gamma Ray Burst https://youtu.be/uZtHLmkGy6w
X7 Gas Cloud at 6:35mark https://youtu.be/9N63yHgjECU

Updating a little bit of everything. Dad died and funeral today. Went smoothly. Had to get garden sponges that double as raised planting beds finished before big rains. Then cat freaking out seeing something invisible.

Weird things always happen and this quick video talks about three different things that have happened in the past four days. Starts out with the furniture in my bedroom jumping as if a wave were moving through. Pets noticed it also so don't think it was my imagination.

Shoveling lots of wet mud last couple of weeks and now moving lots of concrete blocks. Trying various things to remove water from the yard. It's Louisiana and it rains every few days. Seems like part of my yard only dries out for a couple of months mid-summer.

The 2-day conference is over. I was 3rd speaker on the first day. So many synchronicities. There was a panel livestreamed at the end of each day. Links here.
Day 1 Panel https://youtu.be/6YYc4VurRQQ
Day 2 Panel https://youtu.be/oc76h6l5PJ8

Alan Steinfeld just livestreamed an interview with me regarding my presentation at the 2-day Ancient Galactic Wisdom conference being held tomorrow. Talked about how my experiences mirror what is in J.J. Hurtak's "The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch". Alan was livestreaming from J.J. Hurtak's home then introduced me. Wow. Link to that interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJriXIXVVqY&t=1537s

General stuff happening lately. There is a lot more than just the bits talked about here. Like with the fence company employees leaving their tools (including battery operated ones) in the yard when they left for the day. I had to search yard for their tools and bring them in for the night.

Portal to Ascension is hosting a 2D seminar January 28th and 29th. I'm a bit nervous because I'm going to be one of the speakers. All these speakers are so knowledgeable, then there is me...OMG. You can find more information at https://portaltoascension.org/event/ancient-galactic-wisdom

Same day as this video at midnight. Sneek Peek below.
- SH9 Pyramid Focus 1min30sec
- SH48 Universal Consciousness 1min10sec
- SH57 Entities 3min15sec
- SH66 Emerald Crystals 2min20sec
- SH66 Overself 2min 10sec
- SH69 The Choice 1min10sec
- SH108 Songs on the Radio 2min10sec
- Final live Reaction 4 min

G=General CB=Country Boy SH=Strange Happenings
Removed 300' of fencing supporting thornless blackberries. Moved the blackberries to areas around the house where they can be better tended. Moved a couple of other plants then had to come back to town due to roof leaks knocking down ceiling tiles at business.

My niece and nephew at Christmas. Love them. Enough said.

Getting stuff done but in doing so believe I cracked a rib. Still got to get stuff done like lying under sink to replace faucet. ow. Digging up main water line and replacing. ow. Trying to get up out of the chair or sleep lying down. ow. Anyways....

General stuff. Pulled parts from a few mowers to make one working mower and finished off by taking some metal scrap to recycle yard. Finished splitting tree into firewood and stacking for neighbors use in future years. Went to a friend's (He has his F.F.L.) firing range for a bit of target practice and some work in the greenhouse.

Butterflies in my stomach after seeing a livestream of Linda Moulton Howe talking about people that have contact with ETs. Sounds, visions and flashes of light. The flashes of light is the thing that really got me because I've never talked about that before, and yeah it happens.

G=General CB=Country Boy SH=Strange Happenings
Updating a little bit of everything happening recently. Splitting the wood with my neighbor. We had tree cut and giving him the wood. Also Strange Happening talking about a song that came on the radio couple of years ago. Display did not match what was playing.

G=General CB=Country Boy SH=Strange Happenings
General yard stuff around the house/greenhouse. Did a bit of cat sitting near the pink house for my cousin Gwen's cat named Mishka. Also, a bit of "normal" everyday strange happening stuff.

The Galactic Alliance asked me to create a 30 min video on a subject I'm passionate about. They are having a conference in March and want to play some of their "Ambassadors" videos. Sharing experiences helped me find my way out of the dark. Hopefully it can do the same for others.

G=General CB=Country Boy SH=Strange Happenings
Video clips containing a little bit of general stuff, country boy stuff happening at the pink house and a few strange happening things. Did much more than what is in clips. Like while at pink house paying water bill, getting 100 gallons propane in tank for winter heating etc.

Finally, was able to get something on video after doing a lot of grounding in my greenhouse and then creating a garlic garden. This video does not include all 35 pink stickies that relate to me. Video would have been too long so only did a few. This stuff happened to me BEFORE reading it in the book by J.J. Hurtak "The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch". That's why I had to take some downtime because it freaked me out.

G=General CB=Country Boy SH=Strange Happening
Cleaned out greenhouse and started separating out my aloe vera into various sized pots. Going to fill up the greenhouse with only Aloe Vera. Potential to do some trading with them next year.

Spoke about matching sections of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak to my earlier videos. They relate directly to my life and I've proved it to myself. I tried and only got to pink sticky 4/35. Drank lots of beer to numb everything. My brain can't handle seeing it all at once right now. Time to play in the dirt.

Spent Thursday through Sunday morning at the pink house doing some work. My nephew Connor had seen some beekeeping videos and was interested in harvesting honey, so sure why not. He grilled that evening. Was awesome.

Mom going through more details on what actually happened and the strange circumstances that helped to protect our family. Our lawyer, Camille Gravel, was widely known as the best and the only reason our family could afford him is because mom used to work at his firm. She left the firm once and Mr. Gravel asked her to come back to work for the firm. She said she would work for free if she could work personally with him but not with anyone else at the firm. It would have been working for someone other than him, so she didn't go back. He only charged our family what they could afford otherwise there was no way my family could have paid his fee.

It's true and here are the public documents to prove it. Back in 1991 the FBI had a quota system that the agents had to meet in order to get a promotion. My dad got caught up in it. This is the short story of finding those "lost" documents and the strange happening in the courtroom

1st upload was 2 sec. No idea why. Reuploaded. Mona is friend who edited my book. Party held at our friend Keith's place. He LOVES cooking. Mona's new book called "Hearts and Heifers" is going through final publishing now. It's about Dr. King and his heart catheterization umbrella procedure he invented.


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This is just me. My life. Links to playlists.

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General is just background and everyday stuff.
Country Boy is me working at the family homestead and loving nature.
Strange Happenings is about my crazy life, such as talking to reality and having it respond. Delusional stuff.

Intuition is telling me it's time to put the Strange Happenings out there. I don't know why. Maybe for someone else like me. IDK. The strange happening stuff is so far out there to be delusional. It's just not possible, but it's been happening for 40-56 years.