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No Audio: Went on a rant so learned how to remove audio. 3hrs after arrival finished enough. Fixed sewer vent pipe. Sawed up most of tree. Learned a cousin was arriving shortly to pick up trailer which is normally ok but in a pandemic? I went on a rant about them coming from the New Orleans area and possibly exposing my 80+ year old Uncle. The cousin's mother is sick? Another cousins nephew is a Pentecostal preacher and is holding ANOTHER tent rally with LOTS of people crammed together and laying hands on people. Figures.

Pecan tree snapped in back yard and broke sewer vent on way down. Emergency visit to fix vent and cut tree up as much as possible. Have been trying to stay away due to pandemic.

G=General, CB=Country Boy, SH=Strange Happenings
Got first Lupron (to lower testosterone) shot yesterday. Second and final will be six months from now. Dark stuff around eyes is dirt/mud from new local garden. Planted squash.

Everything done except cleaning, planting front area of little garden. Last thing to plant here is squash. Onions and peppers done.

I've seen through other people's eyes before and someone may be reaching out now. Similar to that scene in Dr. Sleep where Abra is seeing through Rose's eyes in supermarket. A couple of current things happened recently so bringing up now.

Created playlists of my own videos thinking I could share with you. Guess not. I'm such a novice at this video creating stuff. Forget editing if I can't even figure out playlists. Leaving this video up just to show I'm no expert here.

Taking time while state shut down this little business to scrub the floors. Wife and I only one here so able to come here, be isolated then go home. No contact with anyone else so no worries with COVID 19

Doing a little walk around showing current projects, old burn area and back patio.

COVID-19 just a foreshadowing of things to come. It was expected.
Link to referenced SH1 https://www.bitchute.com/video/G3ThwfFGWAQ1/
Link to referenced SH24 https://www.bitchute.com/video/OnQVwAZIF5XM/

Finally able to plant a little bit in the ground and get some mowing done. Also other medical scans for cancer came back negative so localized to prostate only.

G=General CB=Country Boy SH=Strange Happenings
Extended warranty on washing machine does not work. Truck still having unknown problem. Little business I do work at shutdown by state (occupancy 45). More cancer screenings in a couple of days. Also discovered brother in laws shed was broken into and cut off cords (for copper) of all tools in there.

Today urologist confirmed I have prostate cancer. Caught it early and slow growing. Even with more testing it will come down to radiation or removal. Just take a step forward and keep on moving. (oh and I said bone marrow test in video its more like bone scan)

More craziness. I originally went there because they called and said the outside compressor was frozen up, not turning and not cooling. I just turned to my wife and laughed saying I bet they still have it set on heat instead of turning the little thermostat that they control to A/C. Yep. That was it. They control it and did not turn it to A/C that they wanted.

Have used "The Shine" to get out of jury duty once. I used to try to avoid personal gain but seems as I get older that rule is getting a bit lax. The judge stopped my being questioned after I started to reveal too much about the case. I was the first person dismissed.

Had to get stuff out of greenhouse to make room for more seed planting. Nice sunny day and not freezing for a while. Playing in dirt seems to be my addiction.

G=General, CB=Country Boy, SH=Strange Happenings
Talking about 3 times reality seems to have shifted. Takes a lot of effort and in the end could be chalked up to coincidence, bad memory etc. Putting it out there cause wife was able this week to get a new car out of it...whatever "it" was.

Same location as G6 recorded. Highlights: 0:10sec stumbling and breaking concrete ashtray/stand. 1:50 tripping over own backpack. 3:05 pissing in roses. Two hours later he goes around front and throws one of the concrete ash bins through the neighboring store's window. They caught him easily because he was one of that neighboring stores past employees.

Turns out it was some thorn or other foreign object causing problems. Could have been in there for years and just got aggravated. Funny to see medical staff get so excited and pull others in. My gaming avatar (on PS4 where I use my thumb) does not look so coordinated at this time.

I think this is round 6 or 7 of MRSA. First few went to Dr. to get cleaned out. Last three wife did them which was a bit painful when she opened up holes big enough to shove a q-tip in with antibiotics. Not much fun with no painkillers. Those were much bigger than this one. Decided to go to physician early with this one cause its on my gaming thumb. I need it for my Playstation.

Helped my nephew on his vending route on this Friday and these are a few of the strange happenings just for that day. This kind of stuff is everyday for me though, just strange.

Just me complaining about toilet issues at the little business I help maintain. It's a good thing I'm not the one who hires and fires cause so many would be gone. Then again it's hard to find anyone around here who wants to work at all. Several years ago I knew the owner of the local Wing Stop eatery and the employees were doing whatever they wanted, because as they put it, she could not find others to work. Well she shut down the eatery and fired them all then hired new people. Nice

Plants doing good. Hibiscus coming out and our succulent blooming for first time ever. Did not know it would bloom. Nice to see something new.

If you have seen some of my other SH videos then you will catch several references for how things happen with me. I did hint that I've gotten enough of rain lately and have been making it stop during my vending routes for the last few days (starts up again after finished). I did not mention that when going to Sam's and Wal-Mart did that little parking spot trick to get spaces right up front (except once when wife said she wanted a space next to the buggy return-so yeah got that one). Raining now but the "flooding" rains stopping tonight. Looking forward to sunshine tomorrow.

24 hours, $70 and truck is back. Yay. Really missed it for vending.

Just an update on a few general things like vending business, finding plants in yard, and buying 2 tickets to St Jude's Dream Home giveaway. Had a young cousin with leukemia get help from St Judes for a short while. While he was alive my wife and I got enrolled in the bone marrow donor registry so if someone needs we are available.


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This is just me. My life. Three basic sections. G=General...CB=Country Boy...SH=Strange Happenings.
General is just background and everyday stuff.
Country Boy is me working at the family homestead and loving nature.
Strange Happenings is about my crazy life, such as talking to reality and having it respond. Delusional stuff.

Intuition is telling me it's time to put the Strange Happenings out there. I don't know why. Maybe for someone else like me. IDK. The strange happening stuff is so far out there to be delusional. It's just not possible, but it's been happening for 40-56 years.