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Ugh, Father-in-law's progress from last week did not last. We are all still learning. He knows I make these videos. Mirrored from my tablet to smart TV to show him. Just spoke with him again about upcoming changes and things I have ordered and he is OK with it all so far. Just paid bills and ouch, to see how much everything is increasing, not including items purchased for his care and house modifications. Sometimes I wish the wife would use money from her job to help pay bills. After all it is her father. Oh well just me being annoyed I suppose.

More comfortable talking to mom about strange happenings and last couple of times dad has been in the room. Last strange happening became more real for mom and dad started noticing on the drive down to the pink house. It's all good. Still moving forward and learning.
SH48 Found Out Who I Am https://www.bitchute.com/video/F29U3GcwbkTG/
First Video of Actual Time Crystal https://youtu.be/nDXU9hshlr8

Spent Saturday at pink house getting mowing, edging, etc done. Came back Sunday. It really needed to be mowed and with rain coming in also needed to come back to main town Sunday to mow my house then my father-in-laws house. So over 2 days mowed three places. Just in time for rain all next week.

Week 2 finished and he has gotten so much better this second week. He is getting mobile and his mind is clearing. He had a mesh put in leg vein for blood clot and it's healed so completely the health nurse can't even find the scar. Getting into a rhythm now so things smoothing out. (oops. said 2 weeks hospital, he was there three weeks. and really it had been more like 2 months no shower)

G=General CB=Country Boy SH=Strange Happenings
Did a lot of red beans and rice cooking. Not really following instructions. Just doing. Turned out great. Most got used right away but left enough for us to eat dinner and food for the next day. Hey, I least I remembered to cook the rice. Progress.

Re-listening to Phil's past speaking and made a connection to my SH 114. It's almost as if that dream that was not a dream is the same thing as what he was describing as knowledge stolen. This is a month or so before I started a mentorship with Phil.
SH108 Songs on the Radio https://www.bitchute.com/video/irsVsm8oLWr0/
SH114 Storytime Annihilation Avoided https://www.bitchute.com/video/zGZOQp1som57/
SH115 It Happened Again Songs on the Radio https://www.bitchute.com/video/DbL0XzMswcGq/

Whew. I just need a short break from caring for my 90 year old father-in-law. The challenge that got to me yesterday evening is his eating habits. He's never liked fruit, anything green, chicken, turkey, pasta and the only vegetable he will eat is french fries. It's always been this way his whole life. Only now the very limited things he used to eat are going away. All he really wants are doughnuts and other sweets. Got to take a short break.

My latest session Phil was amazing. He tailored some of it to what I've included in past videos. Then he said that one name. The one true name of that consciousness beyond time that I was never allowed to say. I even included that in my videos but never included the name. I can't. But Phil did. He knew. And that name was related to the Emerald Order. Mind blown.

SH55 Forgive Everyone for Everything https://www.bitchute.com/video/fxnfjDckuKfN/
SH69 The Choice https://www.bitchute.com/video/m7TRfIVRanPH/
SH96 My Mission-Protect https://www.bitchute.com/video/gW2QqaIeiR0A/
SH108 Songs on the Radio https://www.bitchute.com/video/irsVsm8oLWr0/
SH115 It Happened Again-Songs on the Radio https://www.bitchute.com/video/DbL0XzMswcGq/

It's noon as of this posting. The waist belt for lifting works great. Wheelchair type we selected works great. He's using the little roll around table now eating lunch with us in living room. So nice. Of course the cats are watching him intently now. It's the food. (oh strap goes around waist not under the arms as mentioned in video.

Pre-planning by house cleaning worked out. Father-in-law now staying with us. He's 90. Writing a couple of chapters for a fundraiser book by the WISH Alliance. Talk about the strange happening playlists so links below.
SH1-52 Believe crazy and alone https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/kQIKH6w1ApMW/
SH53-95 Find others like me https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/k3OCojmEH1Vy/
SH96-current Discover mission https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/KY7BqfsaxU08/

House is clean inside now to start working on the outside. Cutting cactus, trimming roses, cleaning up little garden area, spilled bleach on shirt so figured more is better...lol. Also an update on Father in law going into hospital 2 weeks after his wife died. Oh yeah, mowed my yard, neighbors yard and father in laws yard. Trimmed hedges, ran his generator a bit…you know…chores.

Spent one night at pink house. Got mowing done just in time before the rain. Managed to get some flower seeds picked then next day picked flowers for my aunt who had knee surgery and then for parents. Hopefully can stay longer and get more done next time.

Mentioned this green armor that came around me to my mentor. Also mentioned that during a technique when we get a personalized symbol mine came out as a sword. He understood both of these things and did a bit of explaining. I did not mention that the sword has been there since that walk-in experience. Did not want to freak him out too much. SH66 Getting Emerald Green Armor https://www.bitchute.com/video/6Dy0d9naL8ey/ SH105 Zoom Mtg Rocked My World (@5min) https://www.bitchute.com/video/X4Hyto8xAbbk/

Sunday performed several of my spiritual techniques that ended with the new "absorbing sunlight" technique while being naked outside. Cloudy sky opened up and drops of sunlight started falling slowly. Just perfect.

The latest technique I'm learning is kinda like absorbing sunlight. More to it than that but simply put, absorbing sunlight. You may have seen some of those Country Boy videos where I'm naked on the 4-wheeler, absorbing sunlight. yeah. Just expanding it to this technique. Also some stuff on funeral planning. SH19 After Depression Reality Responds https://www.bitchute.com/video/PjtgAYkuEELr/ G100 Video To Share Upon My Death https://www.bitchute.com/video/okpzJeLTmqiJ/

Still cleaning, finding more to shred, cats still not helping much. Found a letter from the national historian I mentioned in Strange Happening 16 Others Like Me Researching. SH16 Link https://www.bitchute.com/video/eD11TQrWS8iE/ (1:50min)

Finished all the paper shredding. Moved more furniture out. Headache all day and the cats did not help a bit. Wait. The one in the photo, Kai, did catch a bird this morning and brought it to me. Guess in his mind that was helping. Strange happening during the night felt hands pressing on bed, wanting me to get up and check things. Yep. Left the front door unlocked. 10:15pm next niight going to bed, wife gave me a prescription sleeping pill. Something just feel off the table next to me, guess telling me getting your sleeping butt to bed.

Got lots done in very short amount of time. Installed utility window in new shed, mowed everything, cleaned mower, reattached uncles rear view mirror in his truck and started moving stuff into shed now that concrete is dry.

Combination of general and strange happening stuff. Strange Happening intuition now saying "That's Enough, It's Done". No idea what that means. Plus general everyday stuff like step mother in law dying, feeling overwhelmed trying to get stuff done. Everyday life kinda things.

Watched a video released 16hrs earlier on Youtube that may explain that SH114 video and why I'm getting all this Guardian stuff now. I don't know. Still just moving forward. Links to videos.
Youtube Video Rudolph Steiner Meeting the Guardians https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZlJKhdZAmM
SH114 Storytime https://www.bitchute.com/video/zGZOQp1som57/
SH115 It Happened Again https://www.bitchute.com/video/DbL0XzMswcGq/

G=General CB=Country Boy SH=Strange Happenings
4 days at Pink House. Got lots of "chore" type things done. The concrete was finally poured into enclosed area of shop on Thursday. Let it dry a bit then it will be so useful. Window installed next thing for new shed.

Skipped the 2 day Hybrid conference hosted by Portal to Ascension. Learned some new things, recalled older memories and just some funny things coming in my head about something seen at Skinwalker Ranch.
SH108 Songs on the Radio https://www.bitchute.com/video/irsVsm8oLWr0/
SH114 Storytime-Annihilation Avoided https://www.bitchute.com/video/zGZOQp1som57/
SH115 It Happened Again, Songs on the Radio https://www.bitchute.com/video/DbL0XzMswcGq/
SH52 Spelling It Out: Deep Into Crazy (7min mark) https://www.bitchute.com/video/QwLCtjwHQZy9/ Planting seeds of hope. This video is before I learned I was not alone. I don't know anyone else out there like me exists yet.

Spent 1 overnight at pink house to meet a guy about pouring concrete pad in new shed. Got some mowing done while there. Other video of grounds.

G=General, CB=Country Boy, SH=Strange Happenings
Got several things done this trip including mowing with the new zero turn mower. Had to mow between rain showers. Been raining on and off for about a week. Moved the outdoor sink and created an outdoor shower which I used multiple times to try and keep redbugs from settling in.

Started the day rambling with my tea and synchoncities started happening. Got lots done. Links to sites mentioned in video.
SH64 https://www.bitchute.com/video/QFIXpeJj2dgv/
SH129 https://www.bitchute.com/video/Olr0gNvPKyzs/
Portal to Ascension video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmJ8_LeoaLo&t=8450s


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This is just me. My life. Links to playlists.

G=General... https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/uexIWdOtAP1p/
CB=Country Boy... https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/Wziw8uJkecNn/

Strange Happenings:SH1-SH52: Historical stuff while believing crazy and alone. https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/kQIKH6w1ApMW/
Strange Happenings: SH53-SH95: I’m not crazy or alone. Find others like me. https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/k3OCojmEH1Vy/
Strange Happenings: SH96-current: Mission Protect. Mentorship https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/KY7BqfsaxU08/

W.I.S.H. Alliance: Videos made specific for alliance reference. https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/yG6nkA4KVUC5/

General is just background and everyday stuff.
Country Boy is me working at the family homestead and loving nature.
Strange Happenings is about my crazy life, such as talking to reality and having it respond. Delusional stuff.

Intuition is telling me it's time to put the Strange Happenings out there. I don't know why. Maybe for someone else like me. IDK. The strange happening stuff is so far out there to be delusional. It's just not possible, but it's been happening for 40-56 years.