Second wave of fear mongering en-route, we are literally being told with the preemptive programming, keep spreading the truth irrespective of the consequences... I shall connect the dots!!!!!

JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs beat quarterly expectations leading the markets to new highs whilst the real economy is being systemically destroyed. CHEAR LED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA!! The vaccine push also leads the markets to new highs. Government funded means tax payer funded so the people are funding development for BIG PHARMA so they can make $$$$$Billions ready to pay again once forced on the populace when 'ready' ALL BEING CELEBRATED BY THE MEDIA WHORES. And the whole system is owned by the banksters!!!

Lets dispel the official narrative re 'case numbers' and not deaths, though it's being sold as the same fear wise, and the slow death being inflicted on businesses with the incentive for furloughed workers bollox.

This scam, that wouldn't be necessary without the overreaction, will otherwise slip by unrecognised as the elite orchestrated swindle that it is. Infrastructure projects that benefit the agenda sold as a solution to the problems our 'saviours' have implemented to solve the problems that they created.

The whole mask wearing level of nonsense is just too easy to dismantle. Hopefully the facts will help lift the veil that has been pulled over the masses collective eyes. Proof of the danger Truth regarding the dangers of mask wearing
#hypoxia #hypocapnia #facecoverings

It can be real simple, if it is on the Te-LIE-vision,(the latest talking point) it is because the world wide elite cult want it on the TV to further some aspect of their agenda.

#BLM #alllivesmatter #Blacklivesmatter #Anti-fa #riots #looting

A list of Corporations That Support Antifa and BLM -

The scamdemic continues as cover for the global banking cartel takeover of everything. This really is the most blatant heist in 'known' His-story. I continue to try and break down the barz into language we can all understand as this horse dung needs to be exposed..
#endthelockdown #criminalbanks Greg Manarino The genius that is Mike Maloney

A few weeks back it became apparent that your iPhone would agree to you being tracked and traced with any automatic update, now it seems Android handsets have also (shocker) agreed to the same. Here is how to switch it off!
#trackandtrace #surveilance #android #switchoff

'Deadly' virus already out of the so called news in the USSA now that martial law, riots and divide and rule mainstream media (presstitutes) driven racist BS is the new talking point. Simply rule, if it makes it onto the elite owned TV, then it is most definitely part of the future agenda.
#globalrobbery #stimulus #martiallaw #riots

I've been meaning to dismantle the spell that's been put over freedom using the term Democracy for a long while now. When Governments say something like 'we need to protect OUR Democracy', they really do mean there's. It has nothing to do with us or actual freedom...
#freedom #democracy #government

Commentary continues on this global banking takeover. It's a lot like the boiling frog analogy. The goal posts are just keep getting moved by criminal governments with furlough extended in the UK to Oct now. Whatever happened to two weeks to flatten the curve?
#Banking #GlobalTakeover #BoilingFrog #Endthelockdown

I think that it's now imperative to point out all the lies as fast as possible. If you're still relatively new to the fact that nothing is as we have been told, these two, especially that we don't live on a spinning rock, have to be gotten over, and quick, in order for minds to be more open to the current layers of bullshit being propagated..

#mudflood #endthelockdown #emptyhospitals

A different perspective with this update on the scam/robbery/totalBS than before. This whole sham needs to be looked at as the gift that it really is in the battle to free minds from the mainstream narrative. It really doesn't get more obvious than this monumental fertiliser...
#endthelockdown #emptyhospitals

Economy still 'closed for business' yet the markets have the best month since 1987, WTF!!? Gates and Bezos making more billions whilst the people suffer. Another 20 million jobless in the USSA with the UK sock puppet Government threatening to cut furlough to 60%. Still think that lives are being saved? Give me a break
#GlobaRobbery #Banks #Economy

A brief explanation of what I have come to understand as the nature of our reality with an attempt at explaining 9 years worth of learning into 8 minutes to, hopefully, help give some people a better understanding. We, as consciousness are being manipulated to create our own prison.
#natureofreality #quantumphysics #lawofattraction Maybe the most important compilation of my life

I'll keep trying, (I think:-) to find a copper capable of some critical thinking. Even though this guy was 'reasonable' he still has no bloody clue WTF is going on...

A short run down of the obvious catastrophe being orchestrated by criminal governments and central banks while they even highlight that a scenario 'worse than the great depression' is coming coupled with our food supply being disrupted.. WTF? Deliberate anyone, it's getting too obvious now surely!!!!!!

Some thoughts which, for me, highlight the blatant contradiction on full display on mainstream epidemiological 'evidence' for the World wide decision to impoverish the masses... could have been avoided for gods sake, which implies deliberate orchestration, at least for me....

I took the opportunity to film the Ghost like scene at what should be a scene of utter chaos given the BS from the MSM. Just nothing going on on the ground, just on the TV(Hypnotist in your living room) = Empty New York Hospital = Empty German Hospital

The numbers of people affected around the world continues to increase due to this MASSIVE overreaction by the puppet Governments owned by the Banking cartel.. James Corbett on USSA protests High impact vlogs on protests

Took the opportunity to record the conversation with two Police officers to highlight this, now blatant, police state that we are living in. So we don't catch a cold, apparently!! If it wasn't for the TV 'programming' what evidence have you personally seen of this plandemic that cannot be explained by normal flu deaths????
#EndTheLockDown #Police #Pandemic #Plandemic


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