Susan Wojcicki ceo of Youtube crimes will not be tolerated

Alexandra Melody Mayers aka terrorist failed porn who're Monica Foster attacks the whole family.These are all the Mayers she attacked Alice Mayers Ivans Leecock Mayers mother, Marjorie Mayers Joan Rucker Mayers sister, Christine Mayers fat singing Mayers, Mitchell Mayers Alexandra Melody Mayers Cousin, Lance Mayers & Laurence Mayers, Sophia Mayers, Christine Mayers, ivan mayers, joan mayers, joan rucker mayers, victoria v mayers, victoria mayers, JOAN MAYERS, joan rucker mayers, Mitchell Mayers Cousin monica foster Noah Mayers Joans brother Sophia Mayers

Noah Shachtman Gay Child Rapist CEO The Daily Beast

Tarpley Hitt bio truth facts exposed official video

PUBLIC FIGURES Criminal Mayers family still committing crime

Happy new year 2019 i always win and libtards and gay mafia

Is Bush Gardens river rapids in USA or homosexual Latin America_ WTF

FAIL_ Big exciting kangaroo petting at Bush Gardens

Bush Gardens Tampa Florida stupid dumb pricing policy - book online cheaper

Play with and hold parrots at Bush Gardens

People at Bush Gardens are 95% fat Latino trash that don't speak english

More walking through Bush Gardens Tampa

The criminals at youtube will pay soon!

Don't stand in line to buy tickets at Bush Gardens Tampa

Bush Gardens Tampa Florida ripoof parking paid 25 dollars

Joan rucker mayers deerfield beach florida

Attacked at Bush Gardens by a

All homos working at social media media will get leaked soon

Donny long im not racist!

Youtube is run by criminal bias homo trash

Instagram is run by homosexual bias criminal scumbag trash

You can say the word “NIGGER” to children through youtube all day and night all over the world you cant say the word “FAGGOT” to a bunch of faggots that work at fagtube aka youtube. The video “Donny Long Im not Homophobe Parody Joyner Lucas I’m Not Racist” got AGE RESTRICTED WITHIN MINUTES!

Joyner Lucas original went viral with over 107 million views and still to this day is not “age restricted” but Donny’s about sicko mentally ill faggots is within minutes of being uploaded! This is clear criminal bias against straight conservatives AGAIN by liberal faggots working at youtube aka fagtube. The “Age restricting” of a video on youtube goes way beyond that! It ghost and shadow bans a video from going into search or going viral or even being played on other sites its embeded onto as you can see below. Its clearly a way to silence a video and stop it from getting out there!

Joan rucker mayers deerfield beach florida

Joan rucker mayers still funding death threats to my children by her 40 year old failed hooker daughter Alexandra Melody Mayers. Ivan Leacock mayers and Victoria V Mayers are also funding it. This is being done out of the Deerfield Beach house at 623 NW 47tr which is public record available on google.

Joan Rucker Mayers, Ivan Leacock Mayers, Victoria V Mayers, funding Alexandra Melody Mayers terrorism online


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