Simple ineptitude or is this the rise of the Rainbow Reich?
Either way, we haven't seen anything yet.

Get learnt some:

Canadians react to the new RUTR format.

How to detect Sinophobia (Fear of or contempt for China, its people, or its culture.) in not only your communities but also yourself.

Upgrading a 2.1 million euro production to combat the migrant rape crisis in Finland.

The race to see who can botch this the best begins.

We all gonna be Kung Flu Fighting soon enough.
Coof, Coof.

Ain't that just a kick in the nuts?

.....and the winner is.....Trump!

Welcome to de Hospital Commiefornia. Don't mind the crows.
Part One:

Robert Bartholomew Ph.D is a fvcking idiot.

"An Introduction To The Mentally Retarded" psa from the 60's for current year.

Justin Trudeau takes on the MSM. The Liberal Party faces a harsh reality.

Pretty much sums it up.


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