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Alien vs Terminator HD

A lot of people made fun of it and the quality.I wanted to see if I could improve people's perception by cutting it down with some editing.
Thank you for watching and check out the full version in the link.

Underdog Via Sambo

Don't Be Afraid of - donuts

Burger Time (Flavortown)

what is a soldiers life?

T2 Arm Reveal

SuperCombo II: Fight It Out

Retro Remix Dragons Lair ACDC

SuperCombo III: How to Escape

Do you like playing war ?

Retro Remix Series Bladerunner Impossible

Atomic Think

Batman and Bane, just hangin

Alex Jones is MAD he got censored!!!

Don't Be Afraid Podcast: Episode 11: My Rant on Bravery

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